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Warwick Build Guide by Aufll


By Aufll | Updated on February 21, 2012

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This is my very first guide. So before you vote on this, just give me a few comments on what i could improve to make the guide better. After the most recent patch, Warwick has become a complete monster. His base attack speed has increased and his passive now does magic damage per hit. Ive played Warwick alot before the patch but now I am having much more success. His recent buff makes him do more damage without having to rely quite as heavily on items.
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Pros and Cons

    Fast jungler
    Great Sustain with life steal in the jungle
    High ranks with his E gives you free kills
    controlling the jungles change games

    vulnerable to CC
    Build can be pricey
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I pick Arm Pen Marks for 15 total armor pen. Armor pen marks work great for giving you more damage against the enemy when ganking all through the game. Armor seals just make you tankier during the jungle/ganking phase. Magic Res Glpyhs are for the same reason. I take AD quints because the extra damage they add just makes jungling a little quicker. I have also done straight Armor pen marks and quints, this also works better later game. I have also had decent luck with AD marks and quints. But having a balance of the 2 has given me the best luck so far.
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21/0/9 is what i use due to the amount of damage it gives you. with the runes I use I dont feel defensive masteries are really needed. I like the movement speed in the Utility tree because it makes you cover ground faster during ganks and it works really well with your Blood Scent. I pick up Magic pen masteries in the offensive tree because this makes your wits end and madreds bloodrazor more effective. I dont get crit masteries because they do not benefit Warwick. If you want to ditch the damage to minions and get extra Life Steal that help as well
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Skill Sequence

I TYPICALLY get 1 skill into W at lvl1. I do not get this skill until blue buff spawns and the enemy team hasnt invaded. If they do invade I grab 1 skill into my Q. I like to have 1 skill in each by lvl 3. I prefer to have 2 ranks into my Q and E before I start ganking at lvl 5 so i can run people down much faster incase a good gank opens up and i dont have boots. If you want to gank at lvl 4 get 2 skills into E and you can cover ground much faster. I level W last because as the game gets later (25mins in) and you have 5 ranks into your E, the 40% movement boost will let you see injured people all the way across the map and you run up on them and if your Ult is ready 9 times out of 10 it will turn into a free kill.
To get the full use out of your passive during jungling you would go Auto>Q>auto>W>auto...this will give you the maximum amount of Life steal with the passive since it stacks 3 times
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Summoner Spells

Flash- It gets you out of a tight spot or it can help you cover some ground in combonation with your ult to really ruin someones day. This is my new favorite summoner spell
Smite- is a no brainer for junglers.


Exhaust- is also an option. be careful if they have clense.

Ghost- isnt really needed if you level E right away. But if you want to level your Q and W first then this is a good option

Teleport- never tried could work for split pushing or if you need to set up a gank on a ward somewhere.

Heal- Ive never tried it but it would be a nice utility spell for team fights late game
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Creeping / Jungling

I start out at blue with cloth armor and no pots. with the runes and masteries I have chosen you dont NEED a leash but it does help. Then go Wolves-->Wraiths--->Red-->golems--->wraiths. I jungle till i am level 4 and when i hit level 4 and I see ganking opportunities i will get my 2nd rank into my E and gank. If not I will get a 2nd rank into my Q and keep jungling. At level 6 ganking becomes even easier! *NOTE* if a lane calls for help drop what you are doing and go help them so they dont die!
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Counter Jungling

The key to counter jungling relies on wards. Every time you go back to shop always buy 3-5 wards to place in defensive spots (river bushes, dragon, baron) to prevent ganks. It also pays to place wards in the enemy jungle around their red and blue buffs constantly so you can gank them in the jungle and steal their buffs after picking up a kill or 2. Ward placement can shut down their jungler in a few ways. They will give you sight to keep their jungler from ganking and getting kills. It will also open their jungler up to be ganked in the jungle while he is isolated from the rest of the team.
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I start with Cloth armor and 0 health pots typically. You can also start with the long sword for a bit more damage and clear the jungle faster and hit harder during ganks. Warwick has built in Life Steal and doesnt need potions to effectively run through the jungle. The Masteries also give life steal. If you are finding yourself having trouble in the jungle buy as many pots as needed. When you go Back the first time buy boots and madreds. *NOTE* ALWAYS BUY WARDS EVERYTIME YOU GO BACK TO BASE, IT WINS GAMES. Boots and madreds alone are enough to gank really well. I buy wriggles and wits end ( i buy wriggles and madreds blood razor if they are a team of really beefy tanky people) The rest of the build is for surviving. Frozen Mallet works great on Warwick with the slow it adds. Spirit Vasage early on helps make you more tanky. Banshees if they are AP heavy. Randuins if they are AD heavy
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Team Work

The biggest thing I can say..YOU ARE NOT THE TANK! DONT INITIATE WITH YOUR ULT! Use your ult to punish someone who gets out of position. You will be able to do good amounts of damage during team fights but dont initiate. Wait until your tank initiate and your team is in good position to fight. then proceed with R>W>Q>Q>Q. If you make your way into the jungle after a team fight you can flash over walls to find weak enemy champs and finish them.
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Situation Items

If the enemey is really squishy i get Malady+wits+madreds bloorazor and then respected defense items.
I like thornmail to counter heavy ad carrys like trynd and cait and MF
Banshee+force of nature or spirit vasage work great to counter lebance or other burst AP champs
Sorc Shoes work really well with Malady+wits or madreds for extra spell pen
Merc Treads is nice for CC heavy teams
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Because this is my first draft, any advice people can give would be appreciated. I am not very good with grammar. Sometimes I talk my self into circles. So if there is anything that I can do to make the guide look more presentable that would be appreciated.
Also if you have any questions about the build in general feel free to ask!
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