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League of Legends Build Guide Author El Pinguino

Dat Thresh Q

El Pinguino Last updated on January 26, 2013
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Ad Thresh is uber freakin op that is all you need to know. ;)

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For runes, you can put in hp,armor/m.res, doesn't matter too much cause Thresh has dem souls of everyone.

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Can put 21 in offense if you're feeling hot. If you are feeling cold, put 9 in offense 21 in defense.

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[*] Berserkers Greaves - Alacrity, Homeguard, Captain, Furor, pick one) Berserker's Greaves
Frozen Mallet Frozen Mallet
The Bloodthirster (x2 if you are a bawss) The Bloodthirster
Wits End/Malady (your choice) Wit's End Malady
Guardian Angel (to piss people off) Guardian Angel
Phantom Dancer or Runaans Phantom Dancer Runaan's Hurricane

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Skill Sequence

then max E
then w
Ofc always add a point in ult when you can

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Pros / Cons

Can do alot of damage if used right
Gathering souls is op
Gets natural bulk and ap from souls
Has alot of cc
Has a pull
Has a knockback/knockforward
Can shield/save teammates from sticky situations
Awesome ult for team fights

Not much :D

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How to get ridiculous damage.

OK! So, if you want to do large chunks of the enemy's health with one basic attack, follow these instructions. Well first, in laning, last hitting will be easy, wait for your q passive to charge up and hit the minion when it's low, it'll be hard to not hit last hits because Thresh's attack animation isn't bad and he gets the bonus damage from the charged up q passive. OK so if you are harassing a enemy, wait till your q is charged up and just attack them once and run until your q is charged back up. Top lane usually doesn't have a ranged basic attack. If you have maybe one bt, you might have around 200 damage give or take. If you have maxed q immediately, it takes how many souls you have +200% of your attack damage as bonus magic damage on your next basic attack if fully charged. So if you have 50 souls, you do
-basic attack damage (200 physical)
-bonus magic damage (50+400 = 450)
-bonus damage from items(wits end/malady)
Think about it.
If you are fed and have most of your items and have stacked bt's, you will have 300-500 dmg.
that means 600-1000 bonus mdmg + the souls you have which is probably alot if you kept up on farming. + All the bonus mdmg from items. So each like 3 seconds you charge up, you will do idk a little less than 2000 damage with ONE BASIC ATTACK. ofc not 2000 cause the enemy has armor,mres whatever. All i am saying is, that damage is ridculous.

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ADDITIONAL INFO! Very important

Yea i am wayyy to lazy to get pictures and make it all fancy. I just did this because i saw no one else taking advantage of the q passive. The only ones i saw weren't revolved around the charged damage, only the not charged additional damage which isn't too much. Without the charging, you do dish out more damage in team fights probably but if you want to have high reward and low risk, charge to poke/harass when not in a team fight. Also, i have only played one game with Thresh Heu heu heu. Idk if this will be as good as I say but give it a try. Idk in my head it seems like the most op thing in the world.

I have midterms to not study for. Kbai, no one will probably read this.


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