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Other Ending the Blaming Game - The Solo Queue Adventure

Other Ending the Blaming Game - The Solo Queue Adventure

Updated on July 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe Build Guide By Meiyjhe 137 27 587,628 Views 86 Comments
137 27 587,628 Views 86 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe Build Guide By Meiyjhe Updated on July 30, 2014
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Ladies and gentlemen,

There are many things that affect the result of a match.
One of those things is communication.

But a lot of people do not seem to understand that, so I made this guide.

A guide about:
The Blaming Game
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What is the Blaming Game?

Ever been in a match where someone does bad (or even you are doing bad), and someone starts flaming immensely on that person? Well, if the victim of the flames starts to flame back, we have a blaming game.

The Blaming Game is very simple:
Deciding which one of your team is doing the worst.

This is really bad, because you are a team, you should work together, not against eachother.
If you start fighting eachother, there is a very high chance of losing.

So, like in this situation model, Soraka kept dieing to the enemy Ezreal.

So this is probably what the chat is going to be like:
Lee Sin: Omg idiot Soraka stop feeding already noob
Soraka: Omg, no ganks idiot.

BAM! You see! The Blaming game has started. They start to flame, flame and flame. Eventually, score will be like this:
Lee Sin: 3 - 10 - 1
Soraka: 0 - 7 - 3

Eventhough the people that weren't flaming ( Malphite, Vayne and Ahri) have a neutral score with good teamplay, their team loses the game because Lee Sin and Soraka are so concentrated on hating eachother.

This is an example of a situation where both the Blaming Gamers lose, because they are both failing because they are not playing LoL, they are playing the Blaming Game.
Though, sometimes the Blaming Game can be one-sided, meaning that one give a neutral critic about a playstyle, and the "victim" starts raging because (s)he thinks this is meant to be insulting.
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How NOT to solve it

There are a lot of people with a lot of desperate reactions, we will not want any of these. You need to realise that negative solutions are never good solutions. This chapter is made because to understand the solutions, you must also learn what the results can be of flaming.

Things that will NOT solve flaming:
You should never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever rage quit. This will ruin the game, for both your innocent teammates as for yourself. You will hate yourself and you have an high chance of getting banned!!! I always vote Punish within the tribunal when someone leaves!

2. Troll!!
Almost just as stupid as ragequitting! This will also ruin your game for also your innocent teammates. This is also likely going to get YOU reported instead of the one that is flaming you. I always vote Punish within the tribunal when someone feeds on purpose!

3. Playing the Blaming Game
This is just stupid, this might not always get you reported but this can ruin your day, your game and the your teams game. Just follow on of my options, this is probably the best for everyone.

4. Pass on the hate next game
You basically wait for the match to finish, the match where everyone was being a jerk, didn't communicate or whatsoever. And then the next match, you will rage on your (innocent) team, because last match was such a disaster. That is not fair. You will ruin the expierence for both your team as for your self.

5. Absorb the flaming
No one can absorb all the hate you get without releasing any reaction. If you do not ignore the flamer, you need to release your feelings somehow. Of course it would be ideal the mock the flamer or forgive the flamer, but please, if you will take the flames personally, you need to ignore the flamer as soon as possible, else you might turn up to become a ragequitter or a intentional feeder. This is what we do not want to happen after all.

(The more red, the more bad :P)
Since none of these options are good solutions, please continue to the next chapter so you can find more info about what the solutions really are.
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Solving it

Basically, the Blaming Game is a problem within a relation, and there is always a law of a relation problem:
Relation problems are always both sided!

That means that it is the fault of BOTH participants of the Blaming Game.
So I am going to divide the chapters in 3.
1. What can I say/do when someone is mean to me?
2. What can I say/do when someone plays bad?
3. What can I say/do when my team is playing the Blaming Game
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Solution 1: Victim of the Flames

Everyone has a bad game every once in a while, there is no denying that.

And sometimes when you play bad, there will be a guy who thinks you are an idiot who bought his account on eBay or something.

Of course, this is probably not the case, so what can we do against this flaming?

Option 1: Ignoring
This might seem very childish and very weak, because you do not dare to defend yourself. May I remember yourself that this is the internet, and people will forget about you within 10 minutes after a game.
But if someone seems not to be able to shut up about how bad you are doing, it is best just to ignore the guy, because (s)he has nothing useful to say anyway.
You could "unignore" the guy later on, because then he probably stopped flaming on you because he gets no reaction. If this is not the case, just ignore him again :p
This is one of the best and easiest ways of preventing the Blaming Game.

Option 2: Uncaring
This is basically the same principle as with ignoring, but you don't ignore him :P
You basically mock the guy that is flaming you.
Soraka: I like trains :D
This way he finds out that it has no use playing the Blaming Game with you, because he sees that you won't participate.
If you do this well, then the rest of your team even can think you are funny and you can get Honor for friendly if you do this.
This way is obviously the most fun way of solving it.

Option 3: Forgiving
Imagine that Soraka gets killed all the time, Lee Sin is again flaming like a volcano.
Lee Sin is in a very dire situation and needs help very rapidly. Eventhough Lee Sin is constantly harassing Soraka, Soraka helps her teammate anyway, because Soraka shows the good example of being a good teammate.
Also try to apologize for your bad playing, a lot of people find that mature and will respect you for it.
This way is the most rewarding way of solving it and you can also get a nice extra Teamwork Honor.

The Options are in order from easy to hard, you will not likely coƶperate well with someone that is harassing you all the time, but Forgiving will be the best for your team.
If you also want this Blaming Game to end, then follow one of these steps.
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Solution 2: Victim of the Feeds

The guy with a bad teammate is just as much as a victim as the victim of the flames. However, flaming is obviously not the option.

So Meiyjhe, what are our options?
I am glad you ask:

Option 1: Forgiving
Same thing as withing the Solution 1 chapter. When someone makes a huge mistake, you just forgive them, and hope it will not happen again. Forgiving is easy and ideal if someone makes a single mistake, though when someone starts to make multiple mistakes, it can be harder. Try just to forgive someone that (s)he makes a mistake, but if he keeps doing so, go to the next step.

Option 2: Understanding
Like said in the previous chapter, everyone has a bad match every once in a while. If someone else makes a mistake, say it like this:
Lee Sin: Relax, it is okay, we will win this :D
This will either add confidence towards Soraka, or she will think your an idiot. Anyway, you will be doing the right thing, and that is all that matters no? :D
This can grant you a Friendly Honor but will also ask you for optimism and patience.

Option 3: Carrying
This is the hardest one obviously. Someone makes too many mistakes, that it is pretty much 4v5.
If Soraka doesn't ward, you as Lee Sin for example, could ward instead of her and maybe gank her lane a bit more so it is easier for the bot lane. The earlier you will carry, the easier it is for Soraka to get her deaths low and her assists high.

You can do multiple options at the same time here, because this depends on the situation. Some of you probably get angry already when someone makes one mistake, those should learn to forgive.
The more forgiving you are, the easier it is to carry and/or understanding the ally mistakes.
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Solution 3: Victim of the Blaming Game

Soraka and Lee Sin are flaming eachother like their lives depend on it. You know as being, let's say, Malphite that this will probably ruin your game, and you want to create peace. How do you do this?

Option 1: Understanding
Basically the same as with Chapter: Solution 2. If you make understandable comments about how Soraka could improve in a positive/neutral way, Lee Sin will be just the jerk and will get the report he deserves if he continues.
So we have a chat like this:
Lee Sin: Stop feeding noob
Soraka: I can't help it, this Blitzcrank is so good.
Lee Sin: No your just bad
Malphite: It is possible that Soraka isn't bad, but Blitzcrank is just better :P
This way you stay neutral while trying to understand Soraka. This has a chance that the Blaming Game will continue anyway, but at least you tried to help.

Option 2: Words of wisdom
Again, Soraka and Lee Sin are fighting, this time, the fighting comes from both Soraka as Lee Sin.
Lee Sin: Stop feeding noob
Soraka: Well you never gank noob
Lee Sin: Omg I totally will report you
Malphite: Stop fighting already, we are a team, not enemies. You will win nothing by fighting eachother.
If they actually have a bit of reasonability, they will shut up for at least 5 minutes. Try to keep this attitude, try to be reasonable and the Blaming Game will probably be onesided, and the one that continues deserves the report.
There is a good chance of getting a Friendly Honor with this one.

Option 3: Carrying
Same as with the last chapter, but this solution is just so awesome. If you play very good, and carry it for your team, they will shut up anyway, because you are probably winning. Lead the team and coƶperate with them to reach the shared goal.
This way is the best of course and you probably get a Teamwork Honor if done well.

None of these solutions are certain, because you are not in the fight. At least trying is always nice, shows that you are a good person :D
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We saw various ways of how we can solve the blaming game.
All in all, it is very important to realise that if you play a team game, you need to work together as a team, both physically as mentally.

Using these tips succesfully, will help you survive the LoL community!
This way, you can really enjoy the game towards the potential it has, because it really is a fun game :P

If you still have any problems, please, feel free to comment in the discussion or PM me any time, I will read your comment and I will try to help you in an efficient way :D

Thank you all for reading, I hope if I was helpful.
Feel free to upvote and +rep me if you liked what I did.
Also feel free to downvote or report me if you think I am an idiot :P

Anywayz, thank you all for reading!

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