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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by VampireXboy1214

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VampireXboy1214

Fiddle - Bringing halloween to Summoners rift.

VampireXboy1214 Last updated on August 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know my build isnt as in depth as i wanted it to be but i still need to test some things that i really didnt think of until now. I'll have a huge update by i wanna say.... saturday or sunday that makes this guide in depth. I will add the following chapters... Main build, optional items, How to ult the right way, summoner spells, and skills Along with the pictures where they belong, and im thinking of redoing the whole format of my rune chapter and doing the same thing for the rest of my build that i havent done. I really need your feedback as well, even though my build is half done.

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So this is my first build ever on mobafire. I just felt like I needed to share this build with everyone after using it for over 4 months. It's been a complete sucsess for me, winning most games i play with him and carries some teams that just suck. I've seen fiddlesticks play, and they either lack ap, health, or overall skill ,but this build teaches you how to play him, and what items to get.

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The reason I get 2 sets of clarity runes is because early game, you'll need as much mana as you can get. If in mid you're against someone who has mad poking like caitlyn or ashe or ryze, you're gonna get low health and they can finish you off with ignite if you're out of mana and can't use your Drain to heal quickly. The reason i get 9 marks of insight is for the magic penetration which is very important against enemeis that get magic resist. You do wanna take out the enemy champion thats doing the most damage with your ult, fear, silence, and drain but if they have magic resist, are you going to deal enough damage? I get cooldown reduction quintessences because in early game, they go well with your clarity runes (mana regeneration) and you can spam your Drain and fear, or dark wind if you go off skill sequence. The cooldown reduction quintessences are helpful in mid game because during teamfights, you can chill to the side, and wait till the enemy team groups up. Then, you ult in and you can Almost use drain endlessly. The same goes with end game

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ALWAYS, AND I MEAN ALWAYS FARM UNTIL YOU REACH LEVEL 13. Every minute, youre supposed to level up at least one level up until id say level 8. Once you reach level 13, farming isnt going to be AS MUCH of a priority like in earlier levels. You're supposed to have sorceres boots and and rabadon's deathcap by 18 minutes.

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Skill combo in 1v1s

When you mid, you wanna destroy the enemy thats midding, whether he harassed you big time or just really deserves to die. The perfect way of doing this is leveling your Drain,Fear, and ult in this order. DRAIN,FEAR,DRAIN,FEAR,(ult). The reason you're supposed to level it this way is because your ult has a 1.5 second channeling thing before it actually casts so when you level your fear to level 2, it has a duration of 1,5 seconds.. Perfect for casting your ult. Then, youll want to exhaust and flash right infront of the enemy, then silence... then drain. What you dont want to do is DO THIS IF YOU DONT HAVE YOUR SORCERES BOOTS.

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Skill combo in team fights

This one is a bit tricky. You'll wanna hide in a bush, somewhere where no one can see you. Once everyone in the other team starts fighting and is all grouped up or against one of your turrets, youre gonna ult in and fear either the cc or Damage dealer (And i mean someone like trynd that rapes you in 2 hits) and silence the CC or someone who can screw your process up like kass and his silence. THEN, you'll drain whoever you want to kill (squishies are recommended but they cant be low health if not you'll kill them and where else are you gonna get your health from?)and after everyone starts running, exhaust anyone you wanna get thats low health and flash infront of the running enemies to get a triple kill or something.