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Kayle Build Guide by Lucifiel-Sama

Flames of Justice

By Lucifiel-Sama | Updated on August 30, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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This is the first build i have every posted and i do not play ranked matches so i don't know how viable it is but i have had much fun playing this build. i hope you enjoying this build as much as i have. the main focus is to be able to use your abilities as much as possible to support instead of building items for it. this way you can help your teams damage output while healing allies and hitting hard with your slow and auto attacks. you should be going bottom lane with the carry and should avoid getting minions. you purpose is to harass with your slow and weaken waves quickly for the carry, or to wipe waves out when the carry is attacking the turret. i will try and more as we go on, hopefully it answers any questions you may have about the build.
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i have taken up what i consider a very generic AP rune page. we have 9 greater marks of insight to help out your "reckoning" ability (since this will be quite a heavy hitter by the time you have the death cap). the greater seals of replenishment are obviously so you don't run out of mana as quickly. and the greater glyphs of force and the greater quintessences of potency are for your damage output.
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the masteries are again what i consider a generic AP build so i wont go into pointing out the obvious as to why i picked what, again.
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now this is where i feel i should begin explaining things. the boots and three pots seems to be the norm for starting out and i like it as well since it helps you move about and not die, the healing from the potions also means that you can use your :divine blessing" on your carry more often and keep them going even after they have used up their potions. whenever possible upgrade the boots to "beserker greaves". since the build works up your AP, your heal also becomes more efficient along with your overall damage output. You want to rush "Nashor's Tooth" ASAP, starting with the "fiendish code" opposed to "stinger", reason being is the code helps you regenerate mana and gives ability and CD, this allows you to heal more and harass with your Q. after get stinger to weaken waves for your carry faster than before. once you have the tooth get a "vampiric sceptor" then the "hextech revolver" to help your personal sustain and allowing you to save you W to heal this point you want to build "rabadon's death cap" and your slow should be hitting for a little over 500 damage and your auto attacks should have an extra 200 damage per hit when using your E(the CD from the tooth should garentee you can have it attive at all times). this is usually the point that games tend to end for me or maybe sooner, but after words build the ghost blade for the extra CD and its active to help you dish out damage in team fights, finally get the hourglass to finallize your damage output and to allow your ult to save others with you use the hourglass' active(again i cant seem to be able to keep a game going long enough too finish since one side tends to lose before getting this far.) this build is extremely useful for getting kills early game since you have fairly good damage as soon as you get the fiendish code(and if you let your carry feed and focus correctly you can take out the enemy carry quites easily)
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Skill Sequence

you want to start with your E to weaken minions as fast as possible and allow your carry to take the last hit, the better fed they are the better the lane and better your team. you will take either your Q or W next depending on whether or not your carry needs the extra health or not(i prefer the Q just to get a hit on the enemy and weaken them little by little till you are ready to take them out). once you have at least one point in all your abilities max them out in the folling priorities. R > Q > E > W , so take your utli when ever possible but max your Q first as it's scalings are the best on a 1 to 1 ratio with AP. then your E for stronger auto attacks, and your W willend up serving you better for its movement buff because of your CD while still being helpful heal both in and out of fights.
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Summoner Spells

as for the summoner spells i take flash for the quick set-up by blincking closer and then slowing with Q, but also for the escape it offers(i have yet to test if ghost would help more when closing in on others than flash so if you try it and feel its more useful be sure to leave a comment of some sort), the ignite is used to harass more then anything, i have always used but as a finisher but i've noticed when i do that i tend to forget i have it late game, so instead i use it to peel away some health along with my slow. basically its used to hit the closest enemy and damage them a bit before you engage.
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again this is the first build ive ever made and i dont really know how great this will turn out for you. ive had great games using it and i hope it does the same for you, or at least inspires you to build something similar or better than what ive come up with. have fun, league is a great game just hope you dont end up with someone you just complains the whole, because league's community is always the friendliest >.>
well have fun everyone and see if you like the build or not.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Lucifiel-Sama
Lucifiel-Sama Kayle Guide

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Flames of Justice