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League of Legends Build Guide Author turnipturnip

FULL Heimerdinger Guide

turnipturnip Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my FULL guide on how to play Heimerdinger. I've taken a long time in creating this and perfecting it, and I hope you learn a lot. Please, if you plan on downvoting due to length or the fact that you just suck at the game- don't. I can't make you not suck, but if you have half a brain, I can turn you from a "Herp-a-Derp-er" into a "Heimerdinger" (SeewhatIdidthere?) Review the ENTIRE guide and enjoy, feel free to comment and please give me feedback. If you need more info, you're probably out of luck. I plan on making this very in depth.

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Like I said, this is going to be very in depth, and get used to restatement, because I'm going to be explainging A LOT. After playing many games as Heimer, you can notice that spell pen does NOTHING for your turrets. So I didn't waste my time going max spell pen runes. In my opinion Heimer is a character that is useful at all stages of the game, and to be honest, because he can't pull of super easy early game kills most of the time, I went mostly "Per-level" runes. I focused in on his squishiness and need for ability power. I also play Heimer as sort of a beefy/ap champ. Unlike most casters, Heimer does fine even by going slightly more defensive- this has a lot to do with his amazing utility. Follow the runes I chose if you like, its obviously what I think is best.

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Pay attention here folks, this is when the fun starts. When playing as Heimer, understand... you are very squishy, you do little damage early game, but- you are an AMAZING pusher at all stages. There are two differect mastery builds I find useful, one of which is above, taking as much mana regen capabilities as possible without reducing my AP from runes. You can switch them around very slightly if you feel more comfortable with not taking extra XP, and maybe going for buffs duration. BLUE BUFF = HEIMERS BEST BUDDY!!! (No, this does not mean go jungle heimer, although it can work it is very slow and useless unless you are a pro with your concusion grenade. Stick to the lane, watch your mana, you'll be fine.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I find it very needed to go clarity and teleport, however, if you decide that XP masteries are enough, feel free to trade it for something like heal or flash.
Flash- Helps you get into fast range for an easy stun or rocket launch
Teleport- Helps you stay in lane and push, this is the best for Heimer in my opinion because it allows him to teleport to turrets like teemo to mushrooms
Clarity- This works better with a laning partner, but is great for staying in lane at ALL times
Ignite- Straight forward, hard to get off sometimes due to Heimers lack of mobility
Rally- Actually do use this sometimes, great for pushing and catches people off guard, the standard can actually help take turret hits too if you NEED to push.
Ghost- Great for mobility, similar to flash.
Heal- Great for helping turrets and pushing and laning
All others I do not suggest, but it is your own choice

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The Meat of it All

I know this is a wall of text. But, it must go on. In the next few sections I'm actually going to get into gameplay. Pay attention, because this **** is gold.

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Pros / Cons


-Great farmer
-Good all game
-Great pusher
-Great farmer
-Scales well as an offtank and a nuke


-Terribad movement
-Seems like he has 40 mana until full build is done
-Legendary skin looks like a ballsack

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Creeping / Jungling

If I see another Heimer jungling, imma cut someone, your job is to push, not have your turrets kill little lizards. GTFO

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Team Work

Ok so- heres where your **** comes in. You want to place turrets ASAP, BEFORE you cast your ult, slow those kids down. Recognize that your grenade is aoe, and it now is faster with your ult. Throw it right before the carry on the enemy team, or someone thats chargin' a lazar, ie. karth, fiddle, soraka. (LOLJK) SPAM your rockets, with no minions there (thanks turrets) each rocket should hit a person, this is great for teamfights, once the carry is dead, throw grenades like crazy, doesnt matter, they blind, they stun, they do damage, just SPAM. Recognize when a turret is dead and throw another one down, with the cooldown reduction you should have another one up in a teamfight, and even if its not dead- throw another down for possitioning. Your job is also to make sure no one escapes. Your grenade reveals like Kog'maw's ult so throw it and if it is near someone it will show them- use this to create an ability to lock on with rockets and blast them. Make sure your auras are in range of them and spam abilities and make sure placement is ok. You will win teamfights.

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Pretty straight forward. Throw down turrets, make sure to have 1 in the field and maybe 1 as a ward, doesn't matter. Once you get the AOE turret you can clear waves with 1. Drop a grenade on the casters then hit rockets. He's easy to farm with. Honestly, I still struggle with last hits. Got "greed" in utility, to deal with it. Your auto attacks deal like... 2, maybe 3 damage late game, so it helps < another reason not to jungle. Let the turrets get last hits.

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Ok people, thank you for reading my guide, I hope it helps. Message me on LoL if needed, my username is turnipturnip. Good luck, summoners ;D And seriously, watch the champion spotlight. Sadly it probably did a better job than I did now.