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Ashe General Guide by MstrBoJangles

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MstrBoJangles

Gothic Farmer Ashe

MstrBoJangles Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Ashe build is something that I have been tinkering with for a little while. And for not being the best player in general, my team generally assumed that I had no idea what I was doing. My team typically consisted of players far outside my skill level. Yet for the duration that I have been playing, i have been getting better and have since found a well tuned Ashe build that I really enjoy. I won't promise you that death won't happen, you are going to be very very squishy.

Overall I have found this build to be a very different way to play Ashe, and it has worked in my favor.

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Pros / Cons


    Plenty of gold
    Lots of damage
    Capable of laning and team-fighting at the same time
    Tons of fun

    As always, Squishy
    Not advised for new players
    Defensive throughout the early game

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Early Game

At game start, pick up your Doran's Blade. It is a great item to start and works very well. However, your first skill should depend on how and where you are going to be playing. Mid, Solo, and Leash should all pick Volley instead of Frost Shot first for the farm. Otherwise, the build level will be as above. I have a tendency to play with better skilled players and who love first blood. In the bottom lane in particular. Depending on how aggressive your teammate wants to be, activate the frost shot and prepare to fire on the weakest of your opponents. Be sure your teammate will focus too and just start wrecking. After the kill (or death) deactivate your Q to save your mana and farm. Last hits are key. When you get your Volley, keep on pushing the lane while watching for the gank. The Early Game will go pretty normally until you have your Ult and their turret down.

But note however that you have Promote. Why? Gold. You can't constantly farm all minions at once, especially in the early game. Your promoted siege minion, and your 1 point in utility will guarantee additional farm, gold, and also help to harass the enemy champs while tanking the bottom turret for you to kill. It is very efficient if you pay attention to when you have it and how best you can utilize it.

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Mid Game

After demolishing the turret, recall. By now you should have plenty of gold (if you haven't died already) to start jumping to your Boots of Swiftness and Zeal, possibly a Pickaxe if you farmed like crazy. Next you could go around Jungling or farming as needed. Or grab your buddy from the bottom lane and take Dragon quickly. Be quick though. You want the kill for the extra gold and you don't want to die either. Get in and out faster than they can make your sandwich. By now, you should have your Volley at max, and Hawkshot up a bit. follow the team and push in the first turrets each before quickly pulling back and buying more damage. A B.F. Sword is your best friend here (pun?) and it will give you the damage you need right now to keep harassing your opponents.

You see a team fight? Aim your arrow carefully and throw it. If you get close enough to the enemy, regardless of hitting them, you will force them to disengage your team long enough for something vital to happen. And depending on how close you are, you can jump in like lighting and slow them long enough for a hard hitter to take them or for you to knock them down. Any additional gold you receive is a wonderful thing don't you think?

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Late game

Boots of Swiftness, Tiamat, Phantom Dancer, and a B.F. Sword (or your Infinity Edge if you were diligent). Excellent. No doubt by this time you have noticed that your team is fighting theirs more often than not. Take the time to clean up the lanes. Spiking in your Promote would be fantastic as well. Clean out the enemy minions and get ready to help your team, but before you do use that promote. You will continue getting extra gold for each minion it kills as you farm another lane of help your team get some serious kills.

Your team is confident enough to Baron right? Good, but be careful. as you get him down to half, throw your arrow out over their jungle or down the river. If they are all MIA, then odds are they are about to try to steal it. Did you spot them? Even better. Decide quickly if you want to run or fight them off. Recall right after Baron if you can. Use your gold and throw down some serious hurt on their team. Infinity Edge of Bloodthirster (if you already managed your IE). Sell off your Doran's Blade now as well. you will need the gold/ slot for your Black Cleaver shortly.

Take on some more farm and fight their team. You should be moving fast enough to be getting in on any enemy they kill, and snag some yourself.

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End Game

This is it. Full Build. Black cleaver. Now you can start running in and mowing down their supports or their DPS without much problem. Be wary of their tanks though. And be sure to use your Hawkshot often. Fall back if you feel it will get too hot. Don't be afraid to waste up your mana on slowing them. But save that ult. If you have some nice friends, They might stage in the bush to jump the gank. If they do Arrow fast and hard. then exhaust. Even their tanks won't stand a chance.

Roll into their base and finish it off. If you played well and had more kills than deaths, congratulations. But as long as your deaths aren't in the double digits (or just so) then well done.


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