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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suprunarmand

Growing your ELO

Suprunarmand Last updated on February 17, 2014
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Hi all! My name is Suprunarmand and I'm a summoner in EUW of about 1,2k ELO. I started to play LOL in season 2. After hitting lvl 30 I got placed in silver league, falling down to 400 ELO. Recently I got a deserved promotion to silver league. Almost all guides in mobafire are from-and-for high elo players, and I want to share my knowledge about growing in the lower part of the ladder.

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ELO is a number result of a formula. It's used by riot to pair you with other players. Actually, leagues system eclipsed this stat, but it shows your playing potential. You can see your ELO in named as "lolking score".
ELO is used in a lot of competitive fields. Chess professional players rely absolutely on it. You can expect your average game knowledge is similar to players with close ELOs.
There's a human tendency to don't recognise self mediocrity. I'ts explained in depth in a guide titled Psicology in league of Legends. But believe it, your average winning impact in a game is not better than your teammate's one. ELO hell doesn't exist. You can't carry a game, but you improve your winratio with your knowledge and your ELO rises. I'm an awful player, I dont feel angry about it, and I think that's why I'm rising.
Leagues (Gold-silver-bronze...) group summoners with similar ELOes. You can be, like I was, wrongly placed in a higher league by placement matches. Your ELO will fall and youll be stacked at few points unable to grow. That's when you should matter more about ELO then about leagues.

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That's the more important skill in the game. Being humble and positive does not only grow your winratio for itself, also is a conditio sine qua non for going up in the ladder.
Doesn't matter how angry you feel. Doesn't matter how obvious it seems to you the reason of being defeated. Doesn't matter how much they flame you. Be positive. You ALWAYS can do something to make things going better.
I'ts not easy to understand. Only strong players are positive. You can be a toxic superskilled player and grow up, but it's fairly difficult and it will become too heavy to carry. You should NEVER argue negatively, you'll feel angry often but you've to be strong. It's easier after hundreds of times doing it. It becomes natural, and game starts to be pleasant. You don't need to close chat, just relax, smile and give positive responses to every negative behaviour you see.
This will not make you win everygame. There are games a pro player can't carry, you're only a 1/5 of your team. But your winratio will rise when you're patient.

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If you take yourself out of the equation, supposing ELO is pairing you with correct players, you'll be 50% of the games in a winning team and 50% in a losing one.
You've to know how to snowball in your favor the winning ones. Abusing on the winning positions with drakes, stealing buffs, farming, towers is the key. Dont overextend trying to get a kill when you can safely take an objective. Drakes, for example, give your team a lot of gold, almost as much as 3 kills.
The losing ones are much more interesting. Strong players give positive feedback to theyr teammates, encouraging them to fight. Comebacks happen often.
When youre in a losing lane, you should take health and MR/armor and give your opponent minion avantage if farming under tower is not allowed. You can stand close enough to minions to gain experience, and take an ancient coin to make your gold income not that bad. And fight as well as you can, trying to provoque your opponent to overextend. Try to get out of CS but dont die.
When youre winning the lane, you should help yur teammates ganking theyr lanes and giving em the kills if you have the chance. Aa 25 kills yi can still die in a matter of seconds and make his team lose.
Think about what your team lack, play and build accordly. Think about theyr source of damage and theyr burst potential.
And always fight. Doesnt matter if your teammates stand at nexus and enemies are finishing nexus, still encourage your mates and give the best of yourself. U learn much more in losing games.
Hope is the only common thing to every human, those who have losed everything still preserve it.

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If the key about this game is coming to mobafire and copy the best all-terrain build for your favourite champion, this will be a close game. And that's not.
I used to play champions in odd roles, as soraka top. I was wrong, in this way i can't give the best of myself. Think about what your champion shines at, and try to exploit this potential. Game doesn't end in lane, if your team lack in engage and you go soraka top u'll fail hard.
Try to learn the concepts in the guides. Don't memorize pro builds, they are the best ones in a particular game with particular players but not in your game. Try to understand why they have build this items.
I think the most important key in my keyboard is the TAB button. There's a lot of info there, use it all time you're free to do it.

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Thanks for reading. Beat me in the fields of justice.
See you!


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