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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jut4325

Guide to Baron

Jut4325 Last updated on February 1, 2013
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Hello, my name is zipyip.

I have been playing league since early in the 2nd season, and I am here to talk to you about strategies on killing the Baron Nashor.

I would like to take this time to apologize for the lack of formatting, as this is my first guide, and I am relatively new to this.

If you have some spare time, don't hesitate in commenting with any suggestions, and other feedback.

I plan to continue working on more champters, such as warding baron, and a few others.

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Although very few players don't know what the Baron Nashor is, I feel that this is a very important part of the guide.

Baron Nashor is the serpent looking creature that is in the top half of the river. His location, as well as the dragons location are the only non-symmetric areas on summoners rift. This anti-symmetric area in the map can play to your advantage, as well as to your disadvantage. (I will get to that later in the guide)

Baron does incredibly high damage, and is very hard to solo without close to a full build, and fantastic sustain. It is commonly seeked out around lvl 12, however in a well coordinated team, it can be done around 10.

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Why get Baron?

By killing Baron Nashor, all living players on your team receive a buff. This buff is called, Exalted with Baron Nashor as well as 300 gold per player, this buff provides the following combat stats.

Exalted with Baron Nashor

  • 40 ability power.
  • 40 attack damage.
  • 3% of your maximum health in health regeneration per 5 seconds.
  • 1% of your maximum mana in mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

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Blue Side

Blue side's has an advantage, due to where the opening to were Baron Nashor's cove is located. It is located with the opening facing the blue teams base.

Why is this an advantage?

  • Allows for easy access to the Baron Nashor, with lower risk of passing an enemy's ward.
  • Less risky to ward, due to the location of the opening.

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Purple Side

Purple side also has an advantage, however this advantage can require a bit more skill, if played well, it can get you a free baron. It also plays off of the opening of the Baron Nashor Cove.

Why is this an advantage?

  • Allows for easy ward access for the baron cove itself, preventing you from putting your own champion at risk.
  • Allows your Jungler to have great access to stealing the baron with a flash, smite combo on the baron itself. (This is extremely difficult to pull off, as poor timing could result in the enemy team getting Baron's buff, and your team being down a player for a time. However if pulled off, this will result in the enemy team having to recall due to the damage the Baron Nashor has done to them.

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When to get Baron

As I said above Baron Nashor is seeked out around Level 12. This means around level 10 you want to start warding around the Baron. This allows you to prepare for baron safely. There are two ways you can do this however. You can have your Support or Jungler get Oracles Elixir, or have either of them Pink Ward.

Times to Consider Baron

  • Your team has aced
  • Enemy Team's ADC, and Jungler are dead
  • Enemy Team is low on health, and has to recall
  • Enemy Team has no wards, and you feel you can sneak it
(List is ordered by risk)

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Stealing Baron

Stealing Baron Nashor is a very advanced technique, and requires near flawless timing, and coordination. There are several ways of stealing Baron Nashor. I feel that all are equally difficult in separate areas.

  • Team Fight
    • The enemy team is already weak from Baron Nashor, giving you a chance at killing a few of the enemy's.
    • You have 5 team-mates, increasing the odds of landing the killing blow by 4.
    • Even if you don't get the killing blow on Baron Nashor, the enemy team will rarely escape without losing one member.
    • Enemy team could be luring you into a team fight.
    • Enemy team could ace, and push to victory.

  • Jungler Flash, Smite Combo
    Occurs when the Jungler places a ward over the edge of Baron Nashor pit, and waits. When Baron Nashor is low enough on HP for the jungler to kill with smite, the Jungler will flash over the wall, and smite Baron Nashor.
    • Your team remains at a safe distance, and receives Exalted with Baron Nashor.
    • Enemy team is low from Baron Nashor, and will most likely have to recall.
    • Suicide Mission for the jungler.
    • Could miss the killing blow, and die for nothing

  • Global Ult
    When a champion such as Ezreal, Lux, or Draven (There are more), use their Ult to steal Baron Nashor from the enemy team. This is personally the hardest for me, as it requires extreme knowledge of your champion's ult speed, and damage output.
    • Nobody is put into harms way.
    • Can never end extremely bad.
    • If Baron Nashor is missed, there is still a chance of killing an enemy champion.
    • Lose your ult
    • Enemy team has Baron
  • Over the Wall
    There are several champions that can cast a spell over the wall behind baron with the chance of stealing. Any champion with a spell range of 1000 can cast a spell at baron, while staying on the other side of the wall. (ex. Graves, Miss Fortune, and Janna.)
    • Enemy team will have to use flash to get over the wall to stop you from escaping
    • Enemy team may have to recall due to damage
    • You got an almost free of cost buff
    • Hard to land the killing blow, as basic spells do smaller amounts of damage.
    • Could end with a chase from a buffed enemy team.

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Laggermeister - Suggested adding that any champion with a range of >1000 could steal baron over the wall, and provided me with examples.


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