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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deem3n

Jarvan IV - Baby Don't Hurt Me

Deem3n Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build ever on mobafire, so ill gladly take any and most recomendations to heart, no matter how much of a jerk you make it seem....anyway the reason why I was motivated to post a build was because I was seeing success, jarvan's a new character...and hey maybe ill have one of the highest ranked build's out there *drool*.....well i can dream can't I.

This build is AD OffTank....I have no idea what offtank means, but well yell at me later.

This is a very offensive Jarvan early game, so if you're not confident or if you're used to running away because you like playing squishy's and not tanks, this build is probably not for you. If you're more or less acquanted with tanks then you should be good.

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Summoner Spells


This really helps early game with your harrassment. Really comes into play when you get your ult. Do the combo then do this and wam bam...or do this before the combo and wam bam bam.


This is more to help you early game, since I don't go for boots and go pure AD early game, this really helps pick off that lucky champion that somehow survived my onslaught.

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-9x Greater Mark of Desolation

This is pretty self explanatory. Jarvan's Ult and Dragon Strike are both physical attacks. Early game with this lets you harass enemy champions with the long sword.

-9x Greater Seal of Clarity

If you harass as much as I do, you're going to find yourself mana starved almost all the time after going mano a mano with enemy champions. These seal's ligthen up the burden of recalling back to base just to get some mana.

-9x Greater Glyph of Focus

The cooldown glyph's help you spam your skills a bit more often, however pick your battles, Jarvan's initial mana pool is very very low.

-3x Greater Quintenssence of Fortitude

These bad boys let you tank a bit more, and raise youre survivability because you are not going Doran's Shield.

It's been brought to my attention that ever since they nerfed the HP Quint's people don't seem to like them anymore. A good alternative for this would be Quint's of Desolation(Armor Pen). However the reason why I chose these runes is to make up for the lack of doran's shield in the beggining of the game.

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The 9 in offensive because of magic penetration. Demacian Standard sadly is a magic attack, so if you want to do the most damage with your skill combo I find it to be worthwhile.

However for in some games I find myself underleveled by 1 or 2 levels compared to everyone else. So im thinking -0/21/9 would be a nice way to go. Since it would help with the mana starvation and the exp gain would help you get your skills even faster.

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The core item set is as follows:
-Youmui's GhostBlade
-Frozen Hammer
-Mercury Threads
-Randuin's Omen

The way I usually item build ingame is:
-Long Sword > Pot > Long Sword > Brutalizer > Phage > Boots of Speed > Mercury Threads > Heart of Gold > Warden's Mail > Randuin's Omen > Frozen Hammer

After this i'm either supposed to go negatron cloak or bf sword...but the game usually ends with the enemy surrendering or somehow we pushed far enough to kill base. I wouln't usually go youmui's ghostblade because by around this time i don't really need to atk speed, my damage isn't insane, but i need to tank for my squishy's to do their dirty work while i try to ks...i mean kill enemy champions.

Situational Items:
-Banshee's Veil
-The Black Cleaver
-Guardian Angel
-Atma's Impaler

The usual build has great survivability in terms of HP and Defence, not to mention your attack is decent. However if facing a AP heavy team you might want to get some of these items earlier, preferably after randuin's assuming you've been fed early enough, but youre a big boy/gal you can determine when's the right time to get what. If you're doing fine and people can't seem to bring you down I say get the cleaver, it is a bit overkill. Your ultimate trap both friend and foe alike and you hammer them like crazy for 3.5 seconds. I've seen a malphite ult his *** inside, I've seen fiddlesticks, akali, katarina all jump in with me. My job is to initiate, kill if possible.

- Lately I find myself that right after Frozen Hammer, I go for Atma's Impaler. It has very good synergy, it adds def, to your already tanky Jarvan, however that unique passive works wonders for jarvan. Because of Randuin's Omen and Frozen Hammer's HP gain, you also get increased atk dmg. People may argue this is not the way to go specially if there is a fed AP champion, but what I like to do is let my lane partners take care of the champions that pose any threat to me, while I go harass the champions they don't want to deal with. Not to mention that with your combo, you can pretty kill the AP champions before they do anything significant.

Also if you wish to have a safer early game, doran's sheild is a viable option. Consider however that by going doran's shield this build will take a bit longer. The reason why I rush brutalizer, is because Jarvan is amazing early game, or at least the way I tend to play him. Totaly annihilates opposition when he has brutalizer and phage....but no boots...but boots aren't really needed since your Ult can trap them inside and take em out.

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Skill Sequence

The reason I chose to go between Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard is as follows.
Both of them are a nice attack combo. Demacian Standard near the enemy then Dragon Strike, makes you hit the enemy and all obstacles in the way and let's you knock up the enemy as well. I take this second to exhaust/ignite the enemy if needed. Also in the beginning people might say I'm lacking armor...however the passive on Demacian Standard gives you bonus Atk Sped and Armor, so early you're pretty beast with the quint's of fortitude, and full 21 def masteries. Not to mention that with the long sword your dragon strike totaly obliteartes the squishy's early game. Jarvan is a very supportive tank, the Demacian standard gives you and your lane partner an additional atk spd boost.

Early game I start off with Demacian Standard, then Dragon Strike and harrass with DPS and lane partner.

Mid game its more like Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike, Ult...rinse and repeat.
Or Ult, Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike.

If you're feeling like a jerk you activate your Ult, then you demacian standard outside your ult and dragon strike to it and you've pretty much trapped the enemy champion there for ***** and giggles.

Late game it turns into Demacian Standard, Dragon Strike, Ult...and if they are still alive by the time ult finishes I go with Golden Aegis to help me and my lane partners either kill them off or run away.

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