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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telsi

Jarvan, The Flag Bearer

Telsi Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I would like to start by greeting you all, this is my very first build with this new character I thought I could pitch in my thoughts.

This is making Jarvan more of a Support character with very high damage output towards endgame.

This build will focus on damage Jarvan IV, but not only damage but I would like to think a good team fighter as well since the main goal of this build is to keep up the Demacian Standard at all times. I thought it be a different way to play him from what I seen in games and from phreak's youtube video.

The standard will give your whole team 26% attack speed which could easily change a tide of any team fight which why I wanted to focus on it. The sad part getting your Cd down below 8 seconds is pointless since you can only have one standard out at any time. I tested it out in a practice match to see what I could do with it. You want to get it to 8 seconds, maybe 7.5 for lag to kick in.

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Runes are pretty generic for any melee with long cooldowns and mana issues.

Marks: Flat Armor Pen

Marks are needless to say why I choose them, but just incase because it helps penning through a players base armor.

Seals: Per level Mana per 5

These are great towards end game but little rough at start. I choose them because I felt the flat Mana per 5 runes didn't do enough end game. With a strange champion like Jarvan he can easily get blue buff early on to make up for the lacking of Mp5 till later.

Glyph: Per level Cooldown reduction

Now it doesn't really matter if you go flat or per level they both will get your Standard about a 7.5 cooldown and that the goal. I myself prefer per level since it helps with his other cooldowns more later on. It gives cataclysm 1.4 seconds less of a cooldown which isn't much at first glance but when every second counts I would like to think it does help.

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Now the Masteries have a lot of room for user to change at their own but let me explain why I pick the things I did.

I chose the attack speed since even though were supportish we still a high output on damage.
Utility Mastery - I found useful when you have blue buff. But it could hurt you if you have a jungler on your team since they would get blue buff over you. But From level 5 on I try to have blue buff as much as I can even at level 18 since putting the flag down every 7 seconds cost a good amount of mana.

Archaic Knowledge - I didn't think it would be good at first but when I tried it out it made harassing during the laning phase much easier since your standard will do much more damage to them from a good range. I found that I could smack them at their turret and take out a bar or two out without getting hit by the turret when before it did much less.

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Pros / Cons

This champion can be many things such as an off tank or a pure damage and I tried most of them but I found this one to have more beneficial pros and less cons late game
Great in team fights
Great late game
Strong attacks
Great cool down reduction

Mana issue early game
Weaker than other build(s) early game

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My first item Doran's Shield was chosen because it helps with the harassment you could be faced with during the lane phase. I keep it throughout the game until I build for Infinity Edge, the 100 hp and the health per 5 really helps.

I would get boots next but do not upgrade them till later on. Next item I get is Averice Blade, the gold it gives it will help you till you upgrade it to a Ghostblade. You want to get The Brutalizer and upgrade your boots as fast as you can to a Ionian Boots of Lucidity. With all of that your standard cooldown will be 8 second or less depending on your level and runes.

I take the time to farm gold at this time with easy kills on caster minions with the spamming of standards and Dragon strike while getting 5 bonus gold every 10 seconds. I normally hold on till 1,200 gold before getting the ghostblade and a Vampiric Scepter.

You should be in mid game now and the pace changes form farming to turret bashing and team fights. You need the ghostblade active buff during this. It will wreck turrets and champions alike. My personal favorite is activating the ghostblade then use Cataclysm on a single person they will be dropped by the time the walls fall.

I get the B.F. Sword as soon as I can since it will change your damage output by a great deal then follow up with The Bloodthrister when you can but team fights and turret killing can be placed first over it.

Now Next I build for Zeal and upgrade it to a Phantom Dancer since I find the attack speed is much need at this point of the game. To end it all I would build for Infinity Edge if the game would last that long.

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Other Items

Depending on the game certain items show great value item such as
Banshee's Veil

And other items that give armor and magic resistance. I would hold up on upgrading the Ghostblade to start building parts of these items depending on the match needs.

Other good items

Stark's Fervor could be a good replacement to The Bloodthrister but normally someone has it and it lacks damage output.

Frozen Mallet for those game the little buggers getting away from you or even for those games you want more HP without being too tankish.

Last Whisper incase every one of the other team and their mothers are stacking armor but between talents Runes and core items you will have about 50 armor pen which is more than enough for most cases.

Tiamat is a decent item that can fit in this build and with the mana regen it helps with keeping the standard up at all times. Also has a nice passive that helps dealing damage

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a good spell for any fight, you can use it to help get a kill and to save your own or an ally's life.
Plus Cripple will increase the usefulness of this spell for any fight weather's a 1v1 or a team fight.

Flash is a powerful movement spell now even more so with the recent nerf to Ghost. It helps you run away from ganks and charge into fight and ganks. Also its great when you want to use Cataclysm as a form of slowing down the other team. Jump in and flash out forcing them there for the duration of the skill.

Other skills can be used but isnt as good as these two.
Teleport is a good skill that has value in any 5v5
Cleanse is great but can be lacking depending on the other team comp.
Clairvoyance good to have one on any team

Skills not to get
Ghost is now less than par to flash do to the recent nerf making it only last 10 seconds from 14
Clarity which might sound odd since it will help early game but it lack late game when your mana per level runes are reaching their peak.
Ignite this isnt good for this build since you are a Support with a high damage output
Heal I just never like the debuff it gives, it hurts if used wrong.

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We will have a hard time early game with this build but playing defensively at the start you shouldnt have any issue. Remember you need to look at this from the point of view of a support not the view of a damage dealer. Stick with someone, use you ult to gank or save yourself or teammates. And the most important thing keep your standard down at all times.

In team fights if you are the one to start its important to kill there carry quickly. Normally a caster in that case it pretty easy if you have flash and your Ult off of cool down. You run out flash pass there melee and Ult yourself onto their carry. If you are lucky and they don't have flash or a flash like spell you can Standard, Dragon strike, to knock up in the air and kill them. If they are still alive when the wall falls use your shield to slow them and if possible dont let them get away once dead help your team with every one else.

Thank you all for reading my guide and I hope it helps at least someone out there. Hopefully I will update this guide as I continue to play Jarvan through out buffs and nerfs.
You can leave comments below or contact me in game. Telsi is my summoner name