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Warwick Build Guide by Drunkwifgunz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Drunkwifgunz

Jungle Magewick

Drunkwifgunz Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide on Mobafire and ever since I began playing League of Legends in the mid of October 2009. I can remember clearly because I had an earlier failed account and seeing the Halloween skins, months later reading about the murder of Urf, the Manateein '10, and up to now with the release of Yorick(fun champion in my opinion). I have never written many guides in my life. Some projects I start are usually incomplete halfway and I give up. I have many unfinished guides in Gamefaqs, etc. While reading through a couple guides upon a favorite hero, Warwick, I am amazed to see how much of a "swiss knife" he was. Much like Master Yi, Warwick can be build Attack Damage(AD), Ability Power(AP), and/or Tank* (as one of my friends call that build "Bloody Tank Wick"). He is the king of jungling, and is able to lane. A pretty awesome hero to me.

Jungling is an enjoyable part of LoL, I was a DOTA player and jungling in DOTA is pretty impossible. To my surprise I found that there was no guide (in MOBAfire) that I tried searching for containing both "Jungle" and "AP Warwick" together. Sadness overtook me and thus, I am determined to make this work.

*: AP Yi with meditate equals a short term off tank, not recommended in the long run, but pretty ****ing hilarious to see 4-5 enemy heroes try to take you down without any Crowd Control (CC) while you heal back the damage they dish out.

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Rune Page

Red Magic Pen x 9 to cut through the MR or whenever is left if they don't build MR against you

Yellow Flat Armor x 9 to provide taking more hits while in jungle and reduce cost on health pots

Blue Flat Cooldown x 9 you are dependance on your Hungering Strike, 6 sec is too long to wait to claw your prey you must take all chances to heal yourself and kill the other champion before they can reach to safety and possibly counter-kill you and gain bonus gold.

Quins Movement Speed: Why? Warwick is fast enough he doesn't need the speed. Oh yes, its true one could provide more MS. I say not because to chase I use the runes for getting in and out of the jungle recalling and ghost back into the action.
After running around and completing your jungle path and such the extra movement won't help with your bloodscent + ghost gank/chase.

Flat Health Quins: Sure these could come in handy during your jungling phase, but they be come useless afterwards the extra 100+ hp is good, a Doran ring with out the AP and Mana Regen effect, but after you jungle it doesn't provide as much assistance as MS while escaping. I never tried using Flat Health... maybe they can provide you wif the cash to not buy health pots and purchase a ward instead that way you can scout sometime soon without endangering your allies.

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9/0/21 is my preferred build for a Jungle Magewick

Offensive focusing on extra AP per lvl, Smite mastery, Cooldown for Hungering Strike, and 15% Spell Pen.

Utility focusing on health and mana regen with Haste to boost Ghost, increased EXP gain to jungle, Greed for gold per 10, more Mana regen, increasing Blue Golem, Red Lizard, and lastly Baron buff by 30%, Quickness to chase and to get from jungle to jungle, even greater reduced cooldowns, and lastly to reduce time on summoner Smite and Ghost for jungling.

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Summoner Spells

Main Summoner Spells

Smite: The main weapon of choice, you cannot go without smite mainly because it not only speeds up the killing or provides +5 gold every time you do use it, but also you to either last hit creeps to ensure death or destroy enemy summons (i.e Morde's Children of the Grave, Yorick's Ghouls, Annie's Tibbers,...)

    However, the bad thing about smite is: the enemy now has knowledge that you are a jungle and will try to take advantage of the solo top. After jungle phase is over Smite is somewhat worthless in team fights (unless up against summoned units) you give up another more promising summoner spell that could help you.

    Warwick can go without Smite if provided with enough runes. I dare say that my jungle time lasted about 1 to 2 minutes longer when I didn't have smite to elmimate the creeps faster when i was around lvl 23 i could do without Smite

Ghost: Speed. All there is about Ghost is the speed. Used to Chase, Flee, or to get around the map quicker. I prefer this skill over flash because I rather run than to flash over a wall I can't save an ally with a flash because I may flash into a trap whereas ghost i an able to turn around quickly

Flash: Useful, flash in to close a gap to last hit Q, or flash away to avoid a certain death AoE spell or flash over a wall to escape. Also you can Flash and Ulti if needed to ensure a strike with Q afterwards. Flashing over a wall takes some practice as one may be accustomed to right click over the wall instead of walking to the wall and thus underpredicting the jump and failing to escape properly.

Possible Summoner Spells

Maybe later...

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Eternal Thirst - Each of Warwick's attacks will heal him for 6 / 12 / 18 health. Each successive attack against the same target will stack this amount of healing to Warwick up to a maximum of 3 stacks per strike. The stacks remain for 4 seconds.

    This skill is a mini lifesteal that is flat and not percentage based. The greatest thing about this skill is that it does not stack and switching in between targets will not effect the heal that you gain.

    The bad thing is... it doesnt stack with Bloodthristers and is only healing at a maximum of 18 x 3 or 54 per hit. More like 18 + 36 + 54 then + 54 x 2.5 Attacks per second or assuming that the battle will last about 1 min is 8.1k of hp healed.

    But that's not possible since: A) you are being attacked, or CC'ed, or nuked from afar and B) You must've been really rich to afford all those Phantom Dancers and do not need your Hunters Call to boost your AS any further.

    Magewicks are in great dependance upon this skill seeing how during the early jungling or laning phases, you are as fragile as a mage would be. The passive heal is surely important.
Hungering Strike - (Active): Strikes an enemy for the greater value between the flat magic damage and a percentage of the target's maximum health (can only do flat damage to monsters), and heals Warwick for 100% of the magic damage dealt.
    Your bread and butter, this skill is the reason magewicks were born, raised, and sent off to to leave bloodied bodies upon the maps of Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. This skill is the reason by people run from a duel challenge by a Warwick. This skill is 100% lifesteal, regardless of poor chap's health. If this skill says 350 + 275 (base) = 625 it will do and heal 625 flat, period. Against a heavily HP stacking champion will result in
    20% of the maximum health instead and withering him or her until your flat damage base takes over and rips them open.

    However, all good things must have a bad side. Although it is perfect seeing how it will either do 20% or flat damage and heals for 100% of damage dealt in the very short duration where it is on Cooldown you will get painfully hurt, sadly enough since you are dependance on this skill to dish out your damage and save your life.
Hunters Call - (Active): Warwick lets out a howl that inspires all allied champions, increasing Warwick's attack speed and all friendly champions' attack speed by half of the amount for 10 seconds.
    The attack speed boost is very nice. The fact that it helps your allies makes it better. It makes jungling faster and save about a few more health pots as your Eternal Thirst will proc.The more attack speed the better! The skill is pretty self-explanatory.

    Magewicks don't have much use of this skill rather than to help fellow teammates, especially the DPS and Carries to push lanes and destroy inhibs to buy times or to provide the final assault on the Nexus as the respawn timer ticks. Therefore this skill is last to be maxed.
Bloodscent - (Toggle): Warwick senses enemy champions under 50% life within a certain distance of him. Upon sensing an enemy, he will gain movement speed.
    This skill makes Warwick dangerous. It is the gap closer, and seek out and destroy skill. Bloodscent allows you to see limping prey, or to finish up the job that your allies failed to clean up. A free Ghost summoner spell that is constantly on the moment your keen sense of smell picks up.

    Many people keep this skill on constantly, problem that I find is that, sure I see you hiding in that brush recalling to the safely of your shop. Sure I see you attacking that dragon and is almost dying and I can simply jump out at you and steal both the dragon and your pitiful life. But, keeping it on mean that they also see it. The enemy can hear your reckless howling echo warning them of a homing warwick that might be coming at them with speed and precision. The element of surprise is drained, and they will always make a run back to base or hug a tower. I don't want to spook a potential kill into pinging the map full of flashing blue dots to surprise myself into walking into a baited trap. I don't want to scare away a possibly good gank because I decide to leave the toggle on and find the prey retreating away tucked safely between a high HP tower and supportive champion.

    In short: Keep your toggle off, unless otherwise, stay map aware if a champion or two suddenly becomes MIA turn your toggle on, buy small amounts of wards and place them at your buffs or at dragon. Do not seek out and expect to murder the spotted enemy, chances are another map aware champion will come to his aid and hold his hand along the way until he is safely out of your way. I have been killed many times because I chase down and destroy then getting myself handed in a silver plate with my head grilled and seasoned.
Infinite Duress - (Active): Warwick lunges at an enemy Champion, stunning and suppressing them for 1.7 seconds. While they are stunned, Warwick quickly strikes the target 5 times for 33% of his attack damage plus some extra damage, and gains 30% lifesteal.
    Now this is a great ultimate, It is one of the three other ultimates that suppress an enemy. It acts as a blink (flash if you're not familiar with DOTA) and causes the enemy to stay still while you swipe your claws at him. THis skill with apply hit-on procs such as Madred's , Wit's End, and Malady, etc. You swipe 5 times, that procs 5 stacks. Lich Bane works wonders as you cast your ulti that procs Lich Bane meaning your ulti has one hard hit in the beginning. so say an average 250 AD warwick against a 162 AD plus 550 AP Warwick following my item build. Does an ultimate and hungering strike combo:

    AD Warwick would deal (((250*.33 AD)+80 Mag)+80 Mag[lets say 2k hp enemy])*5+275 Mag or close to 400 (20%), or
1487.5 ~ 1612.5 dmg.

AP Wicks would have ((162+550 AD)*.33+80 Mag+80 Mag)+(162 AD*.33+80 Mag+80 Mag)*4+(275+550) Mag or 2073.8 dmg.

But this is assuming no MR or AR

Lets say the target has both 50% reduced damage in MR and AR...

AD is reduced to about 743.75 ~ 1006.25 dmg
AP is reduced to 1036.9 dmg

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Skill Sequence

Warwick can either jungle with his Hungering Strikeor Hunters Call. Most jungling guides argue that Hunters Call is preferred since it works with Warwick's passive: Eternal Thirst, which will "heal Warwick up to a maximum of 3 stacks per strike (6/12/18)" and "allows Warwick to jungle from lvl 1 very efficiently". I always get Hungering Strike first as I wish to deal more damage not based off of my Attack Speed (AS). This guide is for AP based Warwick and therefore has no AD to power through the jungle with AS and Armor Pen Runes.

Start by putting your first point into Hungering Strike. By lvl 2 and 3 points should be placed into Hunters Call. Reaching lvl 4, the point is added into Hungering Strike and by lvl 5 is your first point into Bloodscent. Lvl 6 is where you can lvl up your ultimate Infinite Duress.

Lvl 7 to lvl 11 should be spent maxing Hungering Strike and raising Bloodscent when Hungering Strike cannot be raised further. At lvl 11 Infinite Duress is ready to be raised once more.

Between Lvl 12 and 16 Bloodscent is the new important skill and any other points into Hunters Call. And don't forget to max out your ultimate by lvl 16.

The last two lvls is used to max out Hunters Call.

Now if your team is doing unusually well, or is just plain dominating and the main goal is to push lanes and towers switch the order of Bloodscent and Hunters Call. This means that you will lose the chasing and sighting ability of Bloodscent early on, but allow the team to plow into the enemy nexus by sheer force and AS from Hunters call. This is only situational and should not be taking unless the game is well in your favor.

BTW don't attempt to chase with lvl 1 Bloodscent unless Flash is up and your willing to take a few hard turret hits, or expecting a counter chase where you are unable to escape or become executed.

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Jungle Path

Start out with cloth armor and around 3 Health potions AT MAX <

Run to the Blue golem and wait

You may have heard of the Golems to Golem path or the Wolves Path or the Wraith Path. All these paths are proven to work. However I once saw a jungle path that I enjoyed and have practiced many times.

Similar to the Blue Golem path, but you do not kill the big wolf first. Go straight to Blue and call for a leash. I do not leash because it messes up my plan. Most people would target the blue golem first then kill the small creeps. I disagree with this plan because you will be taking more damage than you should. Instead kill the top small creep then the bottom creep, this is better because if you were to kill the bottom creep first, the top would be hidden behind the Golem. Afterward, smite to last hit the big golem.

Q only when you have taken 6 hits, after you Q You drink the Health pot and Q to damage and/or last hit the creeps after both are dead you will Q the Golem as much as possible and pop another Health potion after the first is gone. This should be easy.

After smite last hit, run to wolves and kill all of them, I target the big brown wolf first.

Run to Wraiths and if smite is not ready it is alright.

Run past the Elder Lizard and to the two small golems

Hungering strike then Smite the first golem you attacked and Hunters call and Hungering Strike the second until slain.

Finally run to the Elder lizard and just as the Blue golem before, slay the smaller creeps FIRST before the big guy. If you manage to last until Smite is back up of the Lizard manages to Last until the Smite is back up Smite the Lizard as quickly as possible only as last hit.

From here, two choices are given: Gank bottom, or run up to the wolves and slay them instead.

If chosen Gank, then go gank and recall if either failed or success and purchase boots and not madred's razor.

If you choose to go kill wolves then run up and kill the wolves, blue buff should be over by around that time, after wards you are done recall and buy your Razor. After purchase run to the Wraiths (ignore the wolves if you chosen to gank) and do not smite you will need it.

Kill the Wraiths and run to the OTHER jungle's Golem

THIS IS DANGEROUS BUT A MUST you may get ganked because SOMEONE might've warded the dragon path if you are fearful then hug the path to the wolves and if you want slay them then slay the Golem

This time however you can target the Big golem first thanks to your Razor after ward Red buff should be low and you have to choose between Ganking top or bottom

You should be at lvl 5 and if you are "ball-ez" enough go try your luck on dragon.

I died many times and only managed to kill it once during a co-op match because my Razor proc-ed 5 times in a row where as the other times nearly once or twice and I died.

You should be lvl 5 by the time you get the golem buff the second time. Try you luck and lvl up in lane or in jungle

Once you hit lvl 6 help your team by Ganking and stealing the other team's lizard and golem buffs.

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Important Notes

You are a very fragile hero in when in team fights, this may sound like you are worthless but you can shred glass cannons and fleeing foes with ease. Do not engage with your ultimate and thinking you can get as least one kill and wasting the other team's ultimate. You can become suicidal only if you purchased the Zonia's Hourglass.

Plan>Ulti in>Hungering strike>If the enemy is either Slain or Survive pop Hourglass> wait for backup or Hungering Strike the nearest target>Ghost/Flash away and> (Optional) Chase down the prey you failed to kill.

Magewicks are best when placed against a team that spreads out thin, instead of having the entire team follow the carry into murdering a lone hero, Magewicks can leave the safety of his teammates to kill the one or two heroes that decides that "wolf packing" isn't important yet.

Try to kill the champions that decides to handle the lane being pushed by the minions and goes without his team, that is a perfect chance to express you chasing and Magewick abilities.

Two champions may prove to be a challenge seeing how you can only focus upon one target. Problem with two is that the other prey can stun you and both may overpower you.

Three or more champions should be left for you team to handle as seeing how it may either be a 4vs3, 4vs4, or a dangerous 4v5. depending on the assassinations you've done or how spread the other team is.