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Tryndamere Build Guide by iAmHKG

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iAmHKG

Junglemere (Summoner's Rift)

iAmHKG Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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*note* this build requires a lot of reading this is a detailed build i believe that is the most effective way. Also if your already good or decent with tryndamere you can summarize this yourself.
Tryndamere is a great player for begging ad carry players. For one of two reasons his ultimate grants him the ability to not die any 1v1 there is not way they can beat tryndamere. And secondly he has great mobility with his e skill and cc with his mocking shout. Also playing tryndamere isnt hard in any lane so i suppose if your team doesnt have a jungler and hes your only viable option he is a decent jungler. His Q as skill really helps with healing the only problem is not many people know whats better? Keeping the redblood and hitting crits for life steal or using the Q. On different situations the situation favours the odds.

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Lets start with rune basics. Tbh i find it unrealistic for someone to have all the runes so it doesnt really matter about what runes you get and on top of that runes arent that much. So people perefer different stuff and i agree with them some rune builds are better then mine but then again i wouldnt buy different sets of runes for every different character. So lets not forget this is a jungle tryndamere. Crit dmg is important but i favour it the least because it is only effective at late game pretend like in the begginging you hit 100 crits and you have 20%crit dmg that is only 120 additional 20 dmg but in the end 1000k+20% is additional 200dmg the affect is greatly enchanced. So why do i prefer cooldowns i did realize in a lot of situtation early game some people do get aware because your e didnt pop up intime or you cant run away and it really is 1 or 2 seconds but i do have 2 sets or seal runes and i noticed that the cd problem was no longer an issue. And flat attack damage is really affective at early game and late game he hits 1k crits man he hits hard enough. And to end with armour penetration is always good on tanks and a little attack speed helps at late game and mid not so much at early. And once again all people usualy just build 3 stats on runes but i realized that isnt as effective especailly cuz of the new lol what i mean by that is like the new masteries and items its just not ideal anymore you may be use to doing and because its the first thing you saw or heard and the pros say it doesnt mean its true. if your a math person figure it out.

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As you guys can see i left it at 21-9-0 simply because that is all you need everything else is once again preference such as flat ap for the q healing or if you decide that flash or cleanse or exhaust is more effective for you then you might decide to invest more on those options there isnt much to explain for the masteries its a basic ad guide and once again he is good for a begginer for this reason your can keep on changing him and he would still be beast.

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I am a begginer at mobafire so i dont know how to shade out or highlight late build items But at the end it is suppose to be berserker greaves, infintry edge, phantom dancer, and 3 blood thirsters. So let me explain a bit for any jungle it is ideal for your to start with ethier a vampiresecepter or the armour and 5 pots. For trynd it works both ways this is the thing tryndamere works really well with both but for begginers i sudjest the pots because you really cant decide to life steal or to use your q so just stick to using your q when ever its off cd. so you may decide to stop the jungle build with just the madred razors if your doing really good but i generally like to complete the lantern for its active which is and ward and it also has the lifesteal so you dont really need that much lifesteal because your damage so at mid game which is a lot quicker then you expect your lantern only serves a purpose of lighting dragon or baron up in a rank game someone is already going to ward it so it doesnt matter if you sell your lantern for completing the infity edge or just buying stuff. So why do i chose infity edge over a lot of items i realized even how fed your are damage> crits or attack speed for example trynd vs yi trynd is more likely for the same reason its damage and also dont forget about the trynd red blood affect. So buying the zeal plus berserker greaves is more then enough speed and as for chasing people with greater mobility then you which is unlikely because you have the zeal extra speed you also have your mocking shout so if someone flashed over a wall and your e is down you can still chase them or if yi turns on his ultie there is no point of chasing him cuz he can actually get away. So then you continue and finish the build rest is self expanditory. Also consider Tanky items or defence items if needed such as if your other team is all ap just get like a force of nature and conside the combo of warmogs and alt. spear this isnt really good because trynd is going to use his ultie anywas so defence or health isnt good but its if your situations is better. And items such as frozen mallet if you do deside to buuild as off tank or full tank. Or last whisper or madreds blood razor on fighting a tanky team or a team with 2 tanks

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Summoner Spells

Some people believe heal is for noobs but i know heal is definatly better then ignite or other bs, dont beliueve what high levels say or noob heal but cmon like think of it heal can actually save you in 1v1 better then exhaust and your mocking shout is basically an exhaust so what is the point of having 2? so whats next ahh yes flash this is actually debaitable because both flash and heal can save you from situtation but just as how your have flash doesnt mean other people dont have it if someone was desperate they can flash over with you the good thing is at late game dont underexpect trynd 1v1 ability if someone flashes over go back for them if its 1v1 you can prob. full heal yourself by killing that one person 75% life steal is alot more then you think 1hit can balance back what they hit you and half there health is gone what tends to happen is they start running i dont know why cuz they clearly cant run away so mind as well him the trynd and hope someone can pick up the kill in time. Cleanse, Flash, and Exhaust can help out but i perfer heal cuz in the end ignite doesnt help with your undying rage they completely counter out each other because diving is pointless if your going to ignite them but the only thing is iginte is good if your going up against life a fed ad sion when he pops his ultie some people may not be aware but it counters the healing of others when ignited most people use it forjust killing but i find it really useful for against sion. So a really recomend heal such as if you mess up a jungle you can just heal or if you do get ignited it works well with the q and cleanse and q after your endless rage ending. or before you hit lvl6 heal does defend a heal at any level. flash does help but sometimes it isnt as good as heal and if your jungling smite is a must on tryndamere. I actually dont recomend exhaust for its slow or the damage reduction because its not usefull only time you want damage reduction is on ad carries i dont believe in a 1v1 there is a possible way that another ad carry can kill a tryndamere with endless rage and slow if your attacking you have the mocking shout for a reason use it.... and running away if your going to plan to run away with exhaust why not just get flash beecause exhaust can be canceled or higher possiblity to catch back up but flash even if they can catch back up to you they stop because they feel that you are gonna get away or your team is comming also if your flash over a wall there is a 80% chance that you lost them or you can run to a turret or you just actually out ran them. same with ghost chasing people its pointless and both running away.

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Skill Sequence

Q? why not e... YOUR ****ING JUNGLING i dont get it when people ask this question no one is going to gank you because for any good ganker or jungler knows tryndamere can start anywhere. So y q as i said your suppose to use your q whn possible when jungling. So i personally have someone leash perferablly like stuff like cassacopia poision or morgana soil turmoil those are most affective at leashing. so my first q is actually after the second hit of the buff monster if you decide to start at ethier buff if you ask me i sudjest blue buff for a variety of reasons i will explain more at my jungling box. and then i chose e for 2 reasone your jungling at this point and nothing else if helps with the red blood and damage all creeps and traveling because of the nerf you actually need it if you dont want your redblood to disapear. So why do i get my mocking shout at lvl 3 by the time you clear your jungle or stopped 75% of the way your generally lvl3 when you got to get out of the jungle etheir to defend or help push a lane its all about lvl 3 trust me at ranked or normal this always happens so just get it instead of improving that q.

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For jungling always start at a buff for tryndamere it doesnt matter where you start but i sudjest blue buff why? this isnt a guide for begginers often times ganking top can usually wait and if your bot is losing its more important then top and for the bot players as well before everyone goes everywhere usually you get 1-3 ganks which is 1 gank in everylane dont forget mid can also gank and your only job isnt ganking its protecting a lane aswell. so i like to start at blue buff even you have no mana for the cd. after i finish with blue you can practise spining over walls if your not use to it but my tip is you really dont need practise just make sure the point that the skill ends and if its over the wall then you can spin over it common sence and if it is touching the line and you absolutly cant move and mroe not even an inch i sudjest still spinning because your getting chase pretend your in that situations its obviously much smarter to try and not to try i realized the spin can get over any wall but if you do decide to do something stupid thenits still worth trying. So as soon as finsih i dont spin over the wall because your generally still in the wall zone of the blue buff but i wait till i walk to the left top corner where the wolves spawn you spin at it or into it you can usually hit 2 of the wolves mostly you should be concerned that you hit the brown one. you shouldnt waste your time alining your e to hit all the wolves but jsut spin and roughly hit the brown one. if your finding a health problem then try this use your first potion as soon at you get hit by the blue buff golem and 1 as you take your second hit and use smite when it can be killed in 1 hit if your a begginer jungler just use it right away i doubt anyone is going to try stealing so what that does it shortens the cooldowns. use all your pots except for your last one y? because if you do end up messing up and you used heal already use your last pot and push the bottom lane or mid lane and just q and full heal your self or if you finish ganking and your health is low i generally save my last pot for that reason. so then i move on to my wraith's and then depending on my health or if people need help i or you think your going to need help (map awareness jungling is also harder then you thing) do the 2 golems instead of grabbing the redbuff. but if all is well same conditions apply smite last minute and open with a sping make sure you tag 2 creeps to make full use of the spin. for killing the golems early game smite can kill the small golem 1 hit so smite the small golems. usually by the time you finish your jungle you should have someone to gank and if your really dont look for a push or counter jungle. and in lane the ideal thing you want to do is hit the first minion and wait for both team minion to aline and then spin and hit as much creeps as you can this time lining it up is important but also dont waste too much time on doing just hit about 4 of the creeps and its good enough. also if you have roughly 80% health dont use a pot let your q heal you early jungle the thing i like most about tryndamere jungle is that you always have about 60% health.

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Ranked Play

Tbis box is pointless because if the other team has a brain they would ban trynd and also trynd shouldnt be jungling. Also he has a much better poistion in bot. If your team has a brain they wont make you jungle.

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Unique Skills

So some common techiniques i like to discuss is opening with your w any time it is affective. you can decrease other atk dmg with mocking shout early game any characters are going to use a basic damage. also dont abuse it if you think your going to win the trade off and save it as a slow.

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Pros / Cons

-snares and stuns kill undless rage
-not a good jungler( a jungler should atleast have 1 hit that can hit all the monsters, also he doesnt finish jungling quickly).
-1v1 get at me theres no possible way anyone can beat a trynd 1v1
-if you dc and your underlevel he is the quickest at getting the lvl back because he is able to abuse the q and endless rage for running away or attacking.

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Trynd is a great basic player but dont stop using trynd just because the pro's call you a noob or saying your op.
Also try to make some sence out of this think like a ****** if you dont understand what am i saying for 1 of 2 reasons im dumb bad at english and i also dont proof read i did this all at once regardless i didnt even read this twice or i might mix up the skills e and w.