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Kayle Build Guide by VitaLzzz

Kayle - For Noobs

By VitaLzzz | Updated on December 13, 2011

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Hey, here is VitaLzzz and I hope you enjoy my new guide. I don't have much to say so that's all. I really hope you like it. Please, leave a comment and rate. Peace.
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(Magic Penetration Marks): I run MPen marks on kayle because ALOT of her damage ends up being magic damage (from not only AP but madreds as well). These give you just a little bit of an edge going into the fight.
+(Mana Regen Seals and Glyphs): I run flat mana regen because most of kayle's mana problems are early game. After you get your nashors the mana problems tend to subside. You could run Mana regen/level if you wanted, it makes a clear early game difference early.
(Flat HP Quintessences): Kayle is not a very tanky hero. Actually on the contrary, she is a 4bar mage early game unless you get some sort of HP, and since i chose to get the meki pendant as opposed to the dorans, i feel as though getting health quints is necessary. You could go dorans ring too if you'd like, its all preferential.
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Pros / Cons


- Great Support
- Very maneuverable (She
moves very quickly
due to her heal/speed buff)
- Great ability to not only
carry but have a double
carry (ability to sustain a
2nd carry due to invuln)


- Slow early game
- Need to have a good farm
- Can't single handedly carry
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(Guinsoo's Rageblade): As of when you pick up this item, your damage hits a huge spike. This item is great because as it stacks AP, it stacks part of that as AD as well, making you hit much harder.
(Boots of Swiftness): The boots of swiftness are great on Kayle because when combined with her speed buff, they give you that edge you need to catch up and slow your target, then keep yourself in range as you whack away at them. You can also run Mercury Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes if you want. Sorcerers Shoes will give you an early 30 MPen, which is enough to get by most heroes base MR.
(Nashor's Tooth): This item is good for many reasons. 1, it provides more AP, which contributes to your overall damage output. 2, it provides attack speed, which contributes to your damage/second. 3, it gives you mana regen AND cooldown reduction, which just provides to your overall ability to support and attack.
(Banshee's Veil): The banshee's veil is in my opinion the best item for any mana using champ in the game (defensively). Any champ which has mana should get either this (or if they are melee, a randuins) at some point in the game. It will provide health, mana, and a very convenient shield. You can get this at any point that you feel you would need any more health (you are feeling squishy) but i tend to get it after my nashors tooth.
(Madred's Bloodrazor): When you pick up this item, you will notice another large spike in your damage output. This item can be replaced with the new + improved black cleaver, but i still much prefer the bloodrazor. It provides more attack speed, more damage, and a killer passive.... Literally. Great end game damage when people are starting to bulk up. Also, if you throw your Q on somebody, the % damage done by the bloodrazor is also amplified by the % that your Q will bonus. The madreds would proc for 4% of their HP then add (x)% of the damage of the madreds on top of it.
(Hexxtech Gunblade): The hexxtech gunblade (if you get this far) is the tip of the iceberg. At this point you will have a tremendous damage output, you would do ALOT more damage. The active and spell vamp (along with lifesteal) are also nice.
(Righteous Fury) Will gain from both spell vamp and lifesteal (because it does magic AND physical damage).
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Skill Sequence

A good initiation is popping your Slow (Q) then using Righteous Fury (E) to shred their health as they run away. I would always save your ult for your carries (or yourself) when they get low, dont waste an ulti on a tank unless you HAVE to. Use your ult on the person who will do the most damage with it in the fight. Ex. if you have a twitch and an alistar in a fight. If the alistar is dying and 4 of them are in a row, when twitch pops out and they switch, use it on twitch, not alistar, because it is likely that he can kill more than the 1 that died in the fight, when alistar couldnt.

Use your W as not only a heal but a speed buff. If you see someone chasing the enemy, pop it on them for a huge speed bonus, use it on yourself to get away, etc.
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You should be able to get decent farm with your, but you may want to grab a gold regen item to help you out. You should also avoid killing most of an entire minion wave, since you should be sharing XP and gold with your laning partner. , , or will help you out quite a bit.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VitaLzzz
VitaLzzz Kayle Guide

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Kayle - For Noobs