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Sona Build Guide by Seekhart

Kill Steal Sona

Kill Steal Sona

Updated on August 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seekhart Build Guide By Seekhart 5,100 Views 0 Comments
5,100 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Seekhart Sona Build Guide By Seekhart Updated on August 16, 2011
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Hello, I am seekhart and this is my first build so bear with me. I am making this build because I have been doing extremely well with Sona and have seen some fail Sona's and I want to show people how I work with her. Please don't be hurtful when commenting, thank you.
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The reason I chose Cooldown runes is so that I can use her aura's almost simultaneously. The magic penetration is useful with her first and fourth ability and the greater quintessence of revival so that you can spend less time dead. I notice that later when you do actually die that your sitting there for :60+ so you want to decrease it as much as possible.
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I have the masteries set for her as 3/0/27. The 3 for archmages savy for the slight increase in ability power. the rest is in utility for faster revive, better regen, better exp, more money once again, increase max mana, increase speed for running away(lawls), improved clarity and clairvoyance, more reduced cool down and the reduced cool down on summoner abilities. All of these help Sona in achieving epic kill stealing.
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I like to start out by getting a regrowth pendant and then sitting in a lane till I have enough for a Philosophers stone then going for a second one around level four or five. After that start saving for your sorcerers shoes. With all the gold per second it shouldn't take long. After that go for the Void staff, Rabadons Deathcap, Rylies Crystal Scepter, Lichs Bane, and finally Zhonyas Hourglass should be your last item. I skipped all of the recipe items be cause they are pretty straight forward. Another option for her is to get Thornmail so that if you are taking damage then they will be hurting themselves as well.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I have chosen Clairvoyance and Clarity. Clairvoyance is extremely good early game to see your opponents in the bushes or letting your allies know that they are there so that they don't go off and give your opponent first blood. It is also almost as good late game for finding where your opponents grouping up at say Baron or the Dragon or maybe just grouped up ready to gank your team. Clarity I got because You can never have enough mana regen and if your allies keep recalling because they run out of mana at least you can keep them in the lane a bit longer with this and the mastery to increase the amount they receive as well.
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Early Game

Early game you want to either hang back in the bushes, tower hug or stick close to your laning partner. When attacking from the bushes wait for the opportune time to strike with your Hymn of Valor. If your partner falls back be sure to fall back with them or there is a high risk of of getting attacked. If you see someone enter the bushes at the other end be sure to run in order to get away. If need be pop song of celerity if you have it for that added boost of speed.
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Team Work

Sona is first and foremost a support character. You want to be there to heal, add in a bit of extra damage, stun your enemies to help your allies get a kill and if necessary help your allies run away faster. Do not forget this... or you will regret it. And please... PLEASE do not solo with Sona. It will end badly. I know from experience because if the enemy team sees you alone they will go over and kill you just for the feed. There are rare times that you can solo mid with Sona, in those cases be sure to tower hug to avoid untimely death.
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Farming is actually kind of difficult with Sona due to the fact that she doesn't have a high damage output and/or an ability that hits multiple non-champion enemies. Be sure to farm minions in small groups or go for the neutral monsters like the ghosties, the golems, or the wolves. The Ancient golem can also help if you don't already the cooldown rate capped.
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Is not recommended until late game.
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Well, I hope you have found some usefulness in my build/guide. Credit partially goes to MunchMonkey. If you see him out in play and you liked my build be sure to confuse him by talking to him about it. This build was originally gonna be called 'Sona, Gangplanks first wench' Because of how well she works with a proper GP. Thank you for choosing my build/guide and I hope you get many KS's with this. Ah, one last thing. I never use my power cord with anything but Hymn of Valor. Double damage is what gets my the SK most of the time.
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Pros and Cons


Great healing to you and those who need it.
Decent damage for a support character
Great Ulti & also funny. ^__^

Sona is extremely Squishy.
Cannot gank without someone else either near by or your enemy is low on HP and alone.

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