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Kog'Maw Build Guide by steeve

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author steeve

Kog'Maw Snipe

steeve Last updated on June 22, 2011
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This is my 1st build so i expect the criticism.

This is an AP guide for Kog'Maw, main focus is early game harassment, and long range damage.
In this build you play very cautiously, staying at max range almost at all times of the fight.
Using Living Artillery to always check your surroundings.

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I did all of my runes with early game in mind only. Because after that you have your items to carry you through the rest.

The magic penn marks, mixed with boots early on will help with more damage early on for harassment.
The reason i went with a set number of mana/5 instead of the at mp5 per level is after you get the tear of the goddess you really never have mana regen problems. Its better for early game harassment.
The glyph's and quint's give you the exxtra little bit of umph you need for the harassing.

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Just like my runes i did all of my masteries geared mainly for early game.

I like the utility over the offensive tree because i like the mana regen and move speed over raw damage that your already going to be doing.
You're summoner abilities are you're back up and ahving them more often is better chance you have of not dieing.

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I like to get the boots after i get the tear because i like the mana early on over the mobility. I got summoner abilities for my escape. once you get AA staff you can really start doing more than harassing. I get the Rageblade for fights because at the rate you spam abilities and attack it works wonders with Bio Arcane Barrage. Once you have Rylai's scepter you can nail them with with living artillery with ease. once you get rabadon's deathcap you really start to walk over all squishy's from a good distance away. At this point you shouldnt really need it but having the Bloodrazor really just seals it, mainly stacking with Bio Arcane Barrage your doing around 16% of there total hp with basic attacks.

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Skill Sequence

Its really about Void Ooze and getting the last hit on creeps as you harass enemy champions. Use Void Ooze not only to attack, but in a defensive manner to get away. Really don't push, more harass and creep from a distance. Once they start getting close Void Ooze and harass with Bio Arcane. I dont use Casustic Spittle till end game, because they shouldn't be close enough for you to use it on them. At level 5 your Void Ooze's slow really starts to be a problem on them. once you hit 6 you Void Ooze then immediately Living artillery were there going to be running. It's very good burst, most champion's will try to run, chase and finish them off with living artillery. You can use Living Artillery to push them off you're own tower and off of theirs when pushing towers. Also can be used to push enemy champions out of creep range to slow if not stop their gold and xp farm. It has a huge range, abuse it. Also use Living Artillery to check bushes for enemy champions. It is an excellent scouting tool, to help prevent those unnecessary ganks.

As for Ithican surprise, you still get the gold and xp for the kills you can create with it. So if you know your going down do as much damage as you can so you can still get the kill even after "death". If you cant snag a champion because there a ranged champion, or for whatever reason go after creeps if you can.

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Summoner Spells

Honestly you can swap them out for anything you want for your summoner skills.

I like having the complete mobility since Kog'Maw is pretty squishy till Rylai's.
The only other spell i might suggest would be cleanse.
Because that or Flash is just nice for a good getaway.
Exhaust and Ignites rages are to small, they shouldn't get that close.
I don't put much faith in heal, and clarity. shouldn't be up in the fight for heal. And after you get Tear of the goddess it becomes useless.
Revive is also pointless to me just because you shouldn't be in the fray.
Rally, Fortify, Promote, smite, and teleport are pretty much useless as well.
Clairvoyance is nice if no one else on the team has it. Always nice to be able to check on Baron anytime you need to.

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Pros / Cons


Great damage for the range you posses
Overwhelming early game harassment
Excellent farming ability


Cant really take the longer team fights due to the overuse of Living Artillery
Doesn't have good escaping ability
Blink strike champions will give you a hard time

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Creeping / Jungling

Because of Bio Arcane you can jungle almost anything.

For creeping purposes Void Ooze after a certain point will take the whole wave of creeps out.
Till then a combination of Void Ooze and Living Artillery will do and excellent job of creeping.

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Team Work

For the most part in team fights you want to stay behind your team and wreak havoc with Living Artillery. Once they start to loose or gain position use Void Ooze to slow to slow the transition. Mid to late fight you would pop Bio Arcane Barrage and move in.

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Most of the farming you'll be doing is from the waves of minions. Void Ooze, and Living Artillery will do it for you every time. From time to time is good to go into the jungle to get the extra little bit of gold to help get that item. For this portion Bio Arcane is the best for this area due to the damage as a percent.