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LeBlanc Build Guide by Cupiter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cupiter

Leblanc- no mejai's required!

Cupiter Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Hi everyone and welcome to my first guide on mobafire. Leblanc is a monster in mid, and can generally win the lane against any matchup. She has among the highest single target bursts in the game and is incredibly difficult to 1v1 against. However, I do not like the notion of building mejai's and have found that its possible to make leblanc last a bit later into the game with a bit of a change, which I will explain later on.

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I take magic pen reds along with the 15% mastery to deal decent damage early game against regular mid picks.

AP quints do more than the magic pen quints for leblanc, imo, so I use those also to deal more damage.

A lot of leblanc users prefer bursting them from full hp, but leblanc has a very powerful poke early game, it deals 100 damage but costs a bit of mana. Because of this, I use seals to regen that mana.

Glyphs are mostly your choice. Since I don't build a lot of CDR, I get CDR glyphs so I can use my ultimate just a bit sooner. I get per level glyphs because I really only need them to lower the cooldown on her ultimate, later on in the game. If you want more burst power, I would suggest that you get flat AP glyphs.

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My masteries should be pretty standard mage masteries. Cooldowns, magic pen, a bit of free AP, a bit of mana regen, and movespeed. I do find it useful to get blue buff sometimes for the CDR, and so I get one point in that mastery.

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Now here's where my guide differs from the others. I see a lot of people telling you to rush a mejai's and get kills because you can kill quickly and escape alive. While this is true, I do not believe mejai's is the best option. Leblanc is heavily oriented towards her early game. If she gets 10 kills in a row, she would have won anyway. But when people start building magic resist, her damage falls off. With more magic resist, more damage falloff until she becomes pretty bad late game.

Leblanc's base damage is already pretty high. I say build a lot of magic pen to counter them building magic resist. You should have 49 magic pen +15% with the haunting guise, sorc shoes, and runes and masteries. Generally, people will counter you with a base of around 30 magic resist, and perhaps build merc treads to get a total of 55, which they think is enough. You're gonna pierce right through that and deal nearly true damage.

Consider even later game, when they have a negatron cloak on top of that, and you build abyssal scepter. 69 magic pen (let's just call the magic resist reduction magic pen for the sake of argument as you aren't taking them below 0 and it's a 1v1 hypothetical situation.) + 15%. they would have 55 + 48, just over a hundred. minus your initial pen, they would have around 34 magic resist. 34 - 15% of 34 is 28.9, a huge difference from 103. Besides you should also have a rabadon's. Any carry that builds more than two magic resist items will indeed give you trouble. But then again they have 2 magic resist items and that impacts their gold and ability to damage your teammates.

Late game, you have a number of options. If their team has a lot of crowd control, you can build a banshee's veil to increase survivability. If you need more damage, and they have a lot of AD based champions (or even just one really fed one), zhonya's hourglass is a great choice. If you find yourself in a lot of small fights, you'll probably win. But you can try building some spell vamp (revolver or will of ancients) so you can heal up in between fights. And if nothing else needs to be countered situationally, I would suggest either a deathfire grasp for extra burst (which you will need late game) or morello's evil tome (which functions the same but without extra burst).

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Skill Sequence

Q is your bread and butter. It deals very high damage and amplifies your next shot on them to also silence. Past level 6, whenever you land a Q on them, also land a R, which will trigger the Q's mark and deal massive damage.

The blink should be maxed second because increasing the level of blink also reduces the cooldown, which can potentially save you. It doesn't deal as much damage as both hits of the chains, but it is a lot easier to land as it can't be blocked or dodged nearly as effectively.

get your ultimate whenever possible, it is an amazing ultimate.

Leblanc's main combo: Q + R (This should take down 75% of their hp), then W and land E. If you still need more damage, you can ignite. If you miss E and some of their buddies show up, tap W again to run away quickly.

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Laning Phase with Leblanc

Now this is the part where you shine the greatest. Farming is pretty easy to do with her, she has decent range and a good missile speed on her autoattack. You should be heading mid to make the laning phase of your opponent hell.

It is incredibly easy to outlane most champions in mid if you're using leblanc, and you are basicaly garunteed a kill at level 6. Remember to farm when you can. Generally, past level 6, your full combo should shave off their entire hp bar. But before that, you have skills, so use them. When they get close, a poke with Q deals pretty good damage and you have the mana regen to use it. If they run straight at you, poke with Q and throw chains.

Once you have killed your laning opponent once or twice, push the lane with your spells, then gank. Leblanc's ganks are very powerful due to her high burst, silence, slow, and snare. You should rack up enough kills to make up for the exp and CS loss. Just remember if they come back to mid lane and push it, you go back to mid lane and kill them.

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Post laning phase

If you properly played during laning phase, you should have a good number of kills. This is when people start roaming and do mini teamfights. You'll want to avoid these until they start, because they will generally go for you first. After a mini teamfight has started, blink in from behind the wall or bush you were hiding, chuck your Q, R, and E on the guy dealing the most damage, and land your snare to kill them. You want to stay on the edge of a teamfight while your spells come off of cooldown, comboing one person at a time. Same goes for late game teamfights.

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Leblanc is not perfect and will get in a number of sticky situations throughout the game, however her kit is incredibly great for getting out of this.

Tricks you can use:
W over a wall and when they flash to follow you, hit W again and run the opposite direction.

If you are attacked while all your skills are on cooldown, keep running around a bit, making it hard for them to hit you (use bushes and walls), and suddenly turn around and burst them down to nothing.

The clone is a bit hard to use to decieve them, but they are generally going to assume that you are the person running away towards your base. Try sending the clone off directly at your base for once with alt + click, and you run to the side. A lot of the time people will go after the clone. WITH THE CLONE, however, you must make your movements fast, or it WILL autoattack the nearest target for 0 damage, making it painfully obvious who they should hit.

Note that with your W, your ult, and flash, you have effectively a triple blink. If you use it in quick succession (you will need this to escape from a 5 man gank), it will be very difficult to catch you, and your flash will be used far enough away from them that you should be able to just hide in a bush and go B because there's so many directions you could have gone. Be careful at low hp that you don't set off a minion camp as you aren't the tankiest and if your hp is under 100, they will most certainly kill you.

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Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need the enormous amount of AP mejai's gives you in order to kill. It is safer and better investing for mid to late game to build magic pen.

Leblanc is a very good single target burst laner. Good luck destroying your laning opponent on the fields of justice!