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Zilean Build Guide by MstrChode

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MstrChode

Making Dying Mainstream

MstrChode Last updated on March 22, 2012
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Hi guys, this is my first build I've ever made, I have however been playing as Zilean for a very long time, I have put over 100 hours of playing him to get this build perfected, hope it works well for you. :)

If you have any ideas to make it better or to give any pointers to other fellow LoL players please do.


The MstrChode

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The runes I use are all pro AP, its all about AP and Magic Penetration. They initially were going to be AP only but then I tried Magic Penetration out, and guess what? It is awesome

The Runes are:

Greater Seal of Potency and Greater Glyph of Potency = Ability Power.

Greater Mark of Insight = Magic Penetration.

Greater Quintessence of Potency = more ability power !!!

I think plain AP runes are more useful early-game than AP/level, which is very useful when you need to bomb up enemies !!!

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Pros / Cons


- He is a very good support champion;
- Capable of dealing a huge amount of magic damage if played right (that is, if you follow this build :P);
- It's easy to get kills (Just use those bombs);
- Awesome at harassing;
- Really useful in team fights, because he can deal HUGE AMOUNTS of AoE damage;


- Very squishy early game champ;
- Can't handle getting ganked;
- Greatly mana hungry champ;

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I chose these items so that you'll have a fairly big amount of AP while you still maintain a decent amount of health. It's very important to know that while playing Zilean, you should always try to stay away from the enemy, due to him having low armor and health early game.

So first up, you should get Doran's Ring, it gives 15 AP, 5 Mana Regen per 5 sec., and also 100 HP.

Then, the next thing I get is the Sorcerers Shoes, you have to buy them second because Zilean is pretty slow, and even though you can use your Flash to get away, you'll need the extra speed to catch that dude and place that last Time Bomb on him. The Enhanced Movement Speed 2 hat the boots give you plus your Time Warp ability should be enough. But what makes these boots really awesome is the magic penetration effect which comes in really handy.

The third item I get is the Needlessly Large Rod, because of the much AP bonus. It's important that you get this item early so that you can dish out high damage while being protected by your Tank lane buddy.

The next item I usually get is Catalyst the Protector. It gives you that needed health and mana, which is then followed by the Rod of Ages to gain its AP and HP and Mana boosts, also the advantage of its passive.

At this point of the game, you should probably be able to deal a lot of DMG with your Time Bomb, and also revive your mates with a truckload of health. Still, there is place for improvement. Therefore, I recommend you go for Rabadon's Deathcap, because it gives a stunning amount of AP, allowing you to litteraly blow your enemies apart with Time Bomb.

Now, if the game is still going, go for Zhonya's Ring, because along with AP, it will give you a TRUCK LOAD of AP, and at this point, that is what you really need the most.

In the end, you should have enough AP and Magic Penetration to be able to do your job pretty well... However, you can sell Doran's Ring and get whatever item you think suits the game play situation better ! My recommendation is Void Staff, because it gives a lot of AP ( which is necessary, considering the fact that when you buy this, it's late-game already, so the opposing team had time to get some more MR/or life, and the added Magic Penetration will cause the enemies to fall at their feet)

The last thing about the items: if you're having trouble with some fat-*** dude with lots and lots of life, you should consider getting Hextech Gunblade. I know the item may not seem to expensive, but it's a tank-shredder! If the fat dude is not on your lane, you can get it when you see the team-fights are starting to happen, but if the dude is on the same lane as you, try getting it as fast as you can, due to it having an awesome slowing effect, and when used with Time Warp, which then allows your team to shred into him and also do a lot of damage, (make sure to Double Bomb).

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So, in the end, I'd like to thank you all for reading my build, and I hope that you'll give me some feedback in the comments section, or by PM. Once again, thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful and that you'll PWN those n00bs !

Oh, and please remember that, even if this is published, it's still a work in progress! I will be updating this pretty often, improving it, and that wouldn't be possible without your feedback, so thank you if you comment, AND vote.