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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonicle

µmbra - Jungle Nocturne

sonicle Last updated on March 19, 2011
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This is my guide on how to jungle with Nocturne.

As for every jungler guide it is very necessary to actually have the runes unlocked and to be lvl 30 for maximum benefit from masteries.

If you are lower level and missing some skillpoints as well as missing some runes you might end up dieing to jungle creeps harvesting laughter from the opposing team and flames from your own.

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Im using an all attack speed set up since it gives the best jungling and once you've purchased Last Whisper you are making up for the lack of flat armor penetration marks and quints. Also last whisper helps killing armor stackers like rammus or malphite or in general if they try to counterbuild you. Also im using armor runes which are used to boost your defense to survive the neutral creeps in jungle.

Now why am i using armor seals over dodge seals ?

The fight with the lizard is a very close one and you need a static damage reduction rather then a luck based one where you might end up at half health one time and dieing humiliated in jungle the other time.

Why attack speed over armor penetration since his abilities are all physical damage ?

Attack speed makes your passive proc more often giving you a more efficent jungle.
Early game you will suffer a little from lower damage since you wont have the nice armor piercing effect a armor penetration jungler has when ganking but once you bought last whisper you are off way better then when you used armor penetration runes.

Why ? Ill explain.

Using Armor penetration runes will get you to 31 armor penetration with masteries. Now late game champions tend to have 80-140+ armor depending on champions and items purchased.

While early game your 31 armor penetration will grant you true damage to hostile champions it falls of greatly late game.With last whisper you will have a better effect against armor late game and also you can shred the hostile tanks/armor stackers HP. Aside from the better armor piercing effect with last Whisper, also your attack speed is boosted on top of that.

Now why not 31 armor penetration and last whisper ?

Simply because last whisper is applied after the armor penetration reducing your 31 armor penetration to 15,5 effectively.

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For masteries, im running normal 21/0/9 jungling masteries, i prefer the 2% attack speed over the 2 attack damage but that is pretty much a personal choice. It isnt a very big difference...
Also, even though nocturne has only one magic damage spell, im going for the 15% magic penetration because of Madreds Bloodrazor.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is sort of obvious. (jungler doh)
As for ghost it helps when you miss your duskbringer to get close to a target as well as a speed boost when you want to surprise someone.

Also its a good "OH F*%$" button when you accidentally...

You could exchange ghost for ignite or exhaust or even flash but you will be very reliant on getting close to enemies with Q and R as well as them not having a speed boost ability or spell to get away from you.

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Creeping / Jungling

As for my jungling route im starting at the double golem camp and position me to the corner thats close to my own base. Im then aiming my Q the way that i can hit both golems and then instantly engage them in melee combat, standing on my dusktrail to get my damage buff.

Open up with duskbringer and instantly afterwards use smite on the golem you are about to engage in melee. Pop a health pot once you got hit.
Then use Duskbringer again once its off of CD

The Next camp is the Wrath camp. get close to them and shoot a duskbringer right through them, attack big wrath and finish of smaller wrath afterwards. Dont forget to pop a pot.

You then move on to wolf camp. Use Duskbringer and attack the big wolf, then finish off the smaller ones. Dont forget the health pot as usual.

You might get out of this fight with pretty high health and health pot still ticking. This is why you hurry to blue golem buff camp and position yourself that way that you are in the middle of them all (this way your passive will heal more), use your duskbringer and pop a pot and smite golem once hes low enough.

You then move on to the red lizard. You will most likely get there with 1 Health pot and your health at 1/2 to 3/4ths.

Position yourself beetween the two smaller lizards and pull the big one by using your Duskbringer. This way your passive is healing the most again. keep on spamming your Duskbringer and attacking till hes dead.

Now you will go back to base the first time.
This is the time to make a decision. Is there an opportunity to gank or should i rather continue jungling.

If you can gank buy lvl 1 boots and use the rest of your money on health pots and go gank the champion of your choice.
If all other champions are rather high HP or pushed towards their own tower or your own teammates beeing low, buy vampiric scepter and some health pots and continue jungling.

As for the dragon you can solo it with health pots, madreds, smite and vamp scepter at lvl 6-7

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Skill Sequence

As for the skills... you want to maximize duskbringer as soon as possible. The attack damage buff as well as the movespeed when chasing or getting chased is simply amazing.

Im leaving W (Shroud of darkness) at lvl 1 until late game simply because i prefer a double duration stun on E (Unspeakable Horror) then 20% attack speed bonus.

In general its R>Q>E>W. but make sure to take one lvl of W at lvl 2 since first rank already grants 20% bonus.

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As for items, im starting with a cloth armor and 5 health pots.
Once you have to bluepill to base the first time you have to make a decision. Are there enemies low enough for you to gank them or would it be better to return to jungle and wait for an better opportunity.

[*] In case that you can gank, you buy mobility boots and put your remaining gp into health pots and gank the summoner of your choice.
[*] In case that everyone is to high health to ensure a kill you buy vampiric scepter and 1-2 health pots and then you return to the jungle.

After some farming or successful ganks you should be able to upgrade your cloth armor to madreds razor and your boots to lvl 2.

As for boots i like the attack speed boost altough if the other team has 1 strong Croud Control champion like Morgana, Amumu, Galio, get mercury treats.

Now for your first big item you want to finish madreds bloodrazor. The on hit combined with the increased damage you get from beeing able to hit more often with your duskbringer attack buff is just lovely.

After that you might want to build towards your first defensive item.
Either phage if other teams casters arent as dangerous yet, or banshees veil.

After that either turn phage into trinity force or turn vampiric scepter into bloodthirster.
The game is most likely ended by that time though.

Also if the enemy team happens to have only 1 or weak casters and strong dps characters, you might want to get a thornmail over banshees veil.

Now why do i use trinity force on him.
Trinity gives additional HP, additional attack speed, but the main reason is the speed buff (nocturne is slow), the on hit slow and the extremely strong proc when you used an ability. Since your duskbringer buffs your attack dmg, the 150% proc is even more usefull. Also his skills have a fairly low cd (8-12 seconds) you will get quite some off the procs in.

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This was the first time i really took my time to write a complete guide on a champion simply cause im having so much fun with Nocturne and i hope now you'll have too :) .

If you want some help, or that ill show you ingame on how to play Nocturne, feel free to add me ingame (satsujinsha).