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League of Legends Build Guide Author Glass


Glass Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Mid?

It's my belief that Morgana can be one of the best solo champs out there. This is specifically because of three things: her excellent lockdown, her spell shield, & her survivability.

She can be one of the most versatile casters in the game, able to offer terrific support, push lanes with tormented soil, initiate with a lockdown, and nuke with her ult.

Hope you like the guide and be easy on me --- it's my first one!

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I choose this rune setup because it gives her good AP and survivability for the early game, which can be very defining when you're midding or solo laning. You can go mana regen with her, but I think it's best to just not be frivolous with your spell casting and wait for the perfect moment. HP is key with Morgana, it keeps the enemy from focusing you, allows you to pop your ult without immediately dying, and keeps you a step ahead of most mids you'll face (expecially AP opponents, which Morgan specifically excels at taking down)

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This should be pretty straightforward. I think you can shoot 9 onto your defensive tree instead of offensive, which would be up to a particular player due to their play style - or in a ranked game where you can see who you'll be midding against and want to specifically counter the kind of damage you'll be taking. Otherwise, spell pen is great for Morgana and her long cooldowns can be countered a bit with the offensive masteries, because taking cd reduction items doesn't really contribute to her as well as pumping up her AP for the late game - her spell shield and pool become specifically ridiculous with 500+ Ap.

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I think as most players who have been playing LoL for a while know, all you can do is suggest items. You should be responding to the game you're playing. One thing I see that I specifically disagree with is buying Rylai's with Morgana - the only thing it's really good for is her ult. You don't need it. Don't buy it.

You can go Archangels instead, but I find that Rod of Ages gives you a tankier build which I'm a fan of. You can also up her support capabilities if that's what your team needs by replacing the Void staff with either a Spirit Shroud or The Will of Ancients. This can be a particularly great choice if your opponents don't have much in the way of MR - making the pen for it fairly useless.

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Skill Sequence & use

For the longest time I took Tormented Soil first. I then witnessed a fantastic Morgana use Dark Binding for a jungle gank and never looked back.

Dark Binding: Early on try and lure an enemy into overextending near your tower and hitting them with it for an easy kill, deny them position or prevent a gank, it's also great when you go in for a gank and allow your DPS friends to annihilate them. Don't forget you can shoot it through walls, which can be devastating when a low HP enemy is trying to b near their tower and you nail them through the wall for the kill.

Tormented Soil: First of all, one of the greatest uses of this spell is the fact that you get incredible spell vamp. If you're low health and need to get away, if you have time pop it off on some minions and you'll continue to gain health as you run. This also works if someone gets ignite off on your or you're poisoned. It can save you. Seriously. It also works very well for farming lanes and it's most obvious use: the Dark Binding>Tormented Soil combo.

Black Shield: This is great to shoot off on yourself early game to prevent your mid opponent for stunning you (or whatever they're trying to do) so you can get in close and get your nuke on. Late game, use it on your tank or DPS friends. Too many Morgs continue to just pop it on themselves, but its best use is support because if you can get someone to focus your friend - they'll be standing nice and still while their spell effects are denied and you can nail them with your combo.

Soul Shackles: This is a pretty great ult, but not an incredible one. It can get you out of sticky situations, allow you to chase very effectively, but at its best - its her nuke.

The combo goes: As you run in, Shield yourself > Binding > Soil > Shackles > Ignite if needed. Make sure to stay with them until your shackles stun them, and don't forget to auto attack... Don't just dance around them.

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Pros / Cons

- Great HP/Mana for a caster.
- Farms like a pro.
- Excellent supporting shield and lockdown.
- Can work the mid spot if played correctly.
- A Nuking Support.

- Looong cooldowns mean: if you don't have your spells: run.
- Skill shot is not the fastest and can easily miss. She's also very reliant on it.
- An ult that won't find a use in every fight.

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Team Work

The key is to know your role. You are not Annie or Malz. You don't have an EPIC nuke (well, late game it can be pretty great... but even so) it's important to enter situations where you can aid your team with a lockdown, shield, and stun. Morgana can really turn the tide of a team fight or shield an escaping ally earning big points with the people you're playing with.

Her balance between support and caster is, I think, misunderstood often. She has to fill both roles fluidly and be capable of nailing people down with her lockdown, spell shielding, and then nuking for cleanup duty.

-- get good at that skill shot! Try and anticipate your opponents moves, wait for Yi to teleport, use your spell shield and then let amumu bandage you, anticipating your specific opponent is key to skill shots that aren't super quick --

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I've been playing Morgana for longer than any other champ. I don't claim to be a 'pro' or anything, I'm just a regular player - but I can affect a team positively when playing with Morg and I think that's the key to winning more games - not always going for a champ you're great at, but getting great with a wide variety of champs to fill any teams needs.

Happy hunting. Make sure you get Mid Lane and give this build a shot, let me know how it works. Play carefully in the early stages of the game and when you get that ult use the combo above to annihilate anyone you're midding against.

Midgana ftw.