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Mordekaiser Build Guide by SilentBlade

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilentBlade

Mordekaiser epic AP/TANK

SilentBlade Last updated on July 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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G'day, this is my first build guide, whether you agree with this guide or not i don't mind, but please try it out before you write this build off.

Make sure you read the full guide before you vote

Mordekaiser is a tanky AP champion with some decent abilitys, a great passive and a good ulti. when mastered he can be one of the deadliest champions in the game.

This guide is focused at playing with morde in a 5v5, however this does work with a 3v3 (perhaps with some changes).

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Pro's and Con's of Mordekaiser


Possibly one of the best farmers in the game
Great Survivability
Great Pusher
Carries most game's with ease and doesn't need middle to do it
Easy to play and not terribly difficult to master
Ultimate lifesteal + ghost = epic which can then easily turn the tables in a team fight
Almost unkillable when fed and can take on multiple enemys with ease.
Your Freaken Mordekaiser!


Prone to CC early mid game, and even late game if enemy is fed.
Can be squishy if having difficulty in the lane due to bad teammates and ranged enemys.
Doesn't have great escape methods from ganks unless replace exhaust with ghost/flash
Will often be called OP by enemy team

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Greater Mark of Insight: Must have for most AP characters, great for early game if enemy has MR runes or MR items, even better for just shredding them with siphon.

Greater Seal Of Resilence: extra armour early game always a help, meaning that you can just build health and AP, obviously it won't be able to cover for an item but its useful.

Greater Glyph of Warding: same reason for the armour runes. bit more tanky morde early helps.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: Extra movement speed helps chasing enemys down and running away, early speed edge over your oppenents is very useful for a mordekaiser.

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9/0/21 with morde simply because extra cooldown on his ignite and exhaust makes a bit difference, on top of the 11% cooldown on the ulti makes life easier for morde. Extra movement speed helps as explained with the runes. also the 15% magical penetration is epic for taking out a tank ontop of your runes and sorcerors shoes.

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Summoner Spells

I always use Ignite and Exhaust for Morde, Ignite is a must have and i suggest to never replace it for another spell no matter what. Ignite + Children of the grave = your tools for mass murder.

Exhaust can be replaced for a few other spells if you so wish.

Ghost: good spell if Morde needs to run in/out of a teamfight or chase an enemy but your runes and masteries can cover this fairly well.

Flash: some prefer this over ghost, i dont mind it, its helpful but its up to your preferrence.

Teleport: Good if you want to get Morde back to the lane quickly and defend, probably a little redundant as morde is in the lane 90% of the time, however if you need to defend a lane then not a bad choice.

Cleanse: Not a bad idea if you want a reliable escape method and not into the whole "zomg lets leg it", you should be okay for speed so this is actually a good spell.

Spells to NOT take.

Fortify: if you need to resort to this then your not a good morde, you should be able to survive the lane and push it without problems, also know when to bail rather than using this to cover for your death.

Heal: Morde has health regen and mass health, heal is not necissary

Clairvoyance: this seems to be redundant for a spell, morde isn't that prone to a gank.. and if you do get attacked you should be able to leg it.

Rally: not only is this never used, its AD, morde is AP. nuff said.

Revive: no.. just... no.. if you consider this spell then your not a good player, if you must take heal over revive...

Clarity: If you take clarity with morde, i will have to kill you. if you need an explaination as to why you don't take clarity with morde, i will have to kill you.

Smite: Don't make me hurt you, Morde will never jungle, ever, even if he was any good he does so much better in the lane. NEVER EVER EVER EVER TAKE SMITE, otherwise i will stab you.

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Skill Sequence

Mordekaiser has some great skills and a killer passive.

Iron man: Mordekaisers Ability's charge up his shield, this allows mordekaiser to lane and farm forever. It is also useful for saving your hide in a fight. charging this could mean the difference between life and death.

Mace Of Spades: This ability isn't the best of Morde's options, i level this one up last as it is outclassed by Creeping Death and Siphon Of Destruction. It is still a good ability to use.

Creeping Death: Mordekaiser unleashes a protective cloud of metal dealing damage to those who are in the cloud and also gives the ally increased Armour and MR, this is an epic skill if you want to try look after your teammates in a team fight or yourself, its also useful for slowing an enemy whos trying to get away and your not close enough and you have a fast character chasing them down, use creeping death on them and they will have a hard time getting away. (must be a fast melee character, range distance isn't close enough for the skill to work, a tryndamere or yi whos built a phantom dancer works nicely.)

Siphon Of Destruction: The name says it all, this move damages enemys in a cone radius, this move is your bread and butter for farming minions and great in a team fight or 1v1. max this move out first to ensure easy farming and easy killing. also useful with crystal sceptor to chase down enemys who think they can get away. hit them with this and show them whos boss.

Children of the Grave: One of the best ultis in the game IMO, Morde steals life from the enemy and if the enemy is killed while children of the grave is used on them it creates a powerful ghost and gives morde some of the AD and AP from that ghost. this ulti ontop of Ignite is an epic DoT combo and helps Morde and his team greatly in a fight.
When using this move aim for a good ghost (preferrably the most fed enemy or a good DPS) However be very careful of any healing items/abilites, Guardians Angel, Some character ulti's or passives (E.G Zilians annoying ulti and Anivia's painful egg passive.) don't aim for these characters with your ulti if you can avoid it, the ghost will be able to kill these guys for you.

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Items: Build 1

Regrowth Pendant and Health potion is a crucial Morde start. All of Mordes moves (except the ulti) cost health, so having the regrowth pendant helps, it also allows morde to lane for the best part of forever along with the health potion. This allows morde to be a bit more risky and try pull off an early kill.

If you have done well in the lane you might be able to go back and buy a Giant's belt rather than a rubys crystal and boots. The movement runes and masteries will be able to cover you if you want to get a giants first and boots later.

If you haven't done so well and haven't gotten the 1.1k gold needed to get the belt then settle with buying a ruby crystal and boots.

Ideally on your second return you should be looking at buying either your warmogs and have boots or have shoes and a belt and be looking at warmogs. (depending on the order you bought the items)

Next you need to start building your Crystal Sceptor, you should be buying this around mid game and try and start with the giants belt. Crystal Sceptor really helps Mordekaiser with AP and more health, bumping him up close to the 4k health mark and starts him on his AP. 80 AP and a nice passive for chasing enemys is really great.

This is Mordekaisers Core build, after this point everything is completely Situational.

Situational Items.

Abyssal Sceptor: Almost makes the Core build and 80% of the time is my fourth item, nice ability power and MR also reducing enemy MR is helpful especially if you have a team of casters.

Rabadons Deathcap: Normally my 5th item unless i'm doing very well and just want more and more AP. Its a Great item for any Caster.

Zhonya's Hourglass: If you want some armour and lots of AP then grab this for a 5th/6th item. depending on the enemy team.

Thornmail: Great cheap tanking item, if the enemy team is mostly AD and are fed then this is a good item. 100 armour and a good passive makes this item great for taking on a fed Tryn or Yi.

Force of Nature: I only ever use this item if the whole enemy team is Full AP, otherwise i get an Abyssal Sceptor. Force of nature is great but i'm a very greedy AP Morde which does work but it depends on your playing style. if the enemy is full AP however i do suggest rushing this item instead of a crystal sceptor. I suggest that you don't replace this for the Warmogs as the 1.35k health is great early game especially if your team has no designated tank.

Hextech Gunblade: Not a bad item if your looking for AD as well as AP, great hybrid item however i rarely use this simply because i like to go full AP more. Spell vamp does make your ulti heal very well so if your in a teamfight and starting to look like your in trouble, drop your ulti on a tank and get yourself healed back up again.

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Early Game Lane

Mordekaiser is a great farmer and easy to use in the lane, farming with him should not be difficult unless you have a dodgy teammate and difficult long ranged enemys.

Mordekaiser can take middle or can lane with a partner.

1v1 Mid Morde

If you have taken the middle due to the fact that you either called it or no one else wants it then your in luck. Morde in the middle makes for an epic carry who can dominate the late game. Start off in the normal fashion with buying your regrowth pendant and health potion.

Most likely the middle is going to be either a long range dps or long range ap caster, make sure that you just farm with your siphon and keep out of there range when you can. it is helpful to keep your health as high as you can. harass the enemy with siphon at every opportunity and take advantage of the fast cooldown and morde's lack of mana. make sure you knock over the enemys tower when you can. at level 6 your ulti + ignite makes quick work of any squishy dps characters such as ashe. use your ghost to knock over a tower or take out other enemys, DON'T ever waste your ghost, it is one of the defining points of morde, and can turn the tides of a battle.

2v2 Lane Morde

really its not much more different to 1v1 for morde, farm, get kills, push tower, win. however this time your not going to have a massive level advantage unless you get more kills. as morde i tend to get greedy and use my teammate as bait. (not my fault so if you lane with me... erh.. my bad). however if you do well in your lane you can become a second carry for the team. most cases i've tsken bot, got a few kills, stay in the lane for as much as i can and then get to mid game and either be the same level as the carry or sometimes be the highest level in the team. by the end of the early game with morde you should have bought Warmogs and Sorcerors Shoes.

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Mid/Late game

as Morde i don't often go around and gank very often, if a teammate calls for one sure, otherwise stick to the lane and farm and push all the way to the inhibitor if you can.

In team fights you will be considered the tank and the initiator. unless you have a second tank on your team try your best to keep everyone on your team alive while doing as much damage as you can. Try and pick out the most powerful on the enemy team, ping them and drop them using your ulti + ignite combo. once you have your ghost proceed to kill everyone else and make sure no man escapes alive. if your team aren't doing as well and a few start to die, try your best to save people while your retreating using siphon and hopefully by this time your Crystal Sceptor will slow the enemy a bit more, also creeping death on one of your allies who are squishy can help them escape with the added MR and Armor and the slowing down passive of the Crystal Sceptor.

By late game you should be one of, if not, the strongest champion in the match. feel free to do as you wish and take on multiple enemys, depending on how well your doing you should be able to take out 2 or 3 at a time, dropping one with your ulti, then using the ghost to kill the remainders.

If things didn't work out and the enemy is fed then try and play defensive (in my case that doesn't work because i'm very aggressive) and keep the enemy off the turret, if you are doing well then you should be able to keep a whole team off a turrett by yourself, if you have done so, then you have permission to tell everyone that you are god.

Ideally you want to finish the game with a win (obviously). by the time you have your six items and recently just killed an enemy with your ghost. you can attempt soloing the baron, giving your team a big bonus, you should be able to knock off at least half of its health without too many worries if your doing well and are fed. if your team have just spawned and your at the baron, ping it then get started, you should be fine.

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Thankyou for reading my guide on how to play Mordekaiser

being my first guide i will come back and edit it later to make it better and any new ideas i'll add to the guide.

above all just play morde the way you like, please try this guide before you decide to rage at it. it does work.

Lastly i will be adding more builds for Mordekaiser, i'm sure that i might receive some flak in the comments about putting a Warmogs in the morde build, really its a prefrence but to keep everyone happy i'm trialing more builds that consist of different items (FoN for a starter in the core build for example) otherwise trial this and tell me what you think.