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Build Guide by xX Doubt Xx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xX Doubt Xx

Nasus - Egyptian Juggernaut

xX Doubt Xx Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

Ok well my name is Doubt. at the moment i am only lvl 28 but i have played nasus for 5 days recently and i have won 90% of my matches this way. This is my first guide so please be gentle :P

For summoner spells you can chose rally if you wish, it helps in team fights but is not the best choice although highly helpful. Ghost is good for chasing and casting your wither on those people who think they can run away. smack em with your Siphon Strike and power that sucker up! Flash, Ignite are good too. Heal, Clarity and all those others are useless. Dont pick exhaust cos you have wither :P But once again, try whatever works best, dont replace ghost though it works wonders. Cleanse might be a good one to pick too...i have never tried it though.

Let this be known that nasus is NOT a tank. you probably think "this guy is a noob" but truth is you are blind. Now: Siphon strike is nasus's bread and butter move so only 1 level is required at the start. Spirit fire is how you can get a trinity force in the first 10-15 minutes.

Truth be told, once i get trinity force i get halfway through stark's fervor and the other team has given up already. thats how good this build is. It delivers quick and fun wins. With abilites timed right you can wipe out an entire team yourself on 3v3. You can even kill a jax 1 on 1 with this build. Face it, the dog rocks :D

First order of business would be our masteries. We put 21 points in havoc because it amplifies our Siphon Strike (or SS for short). We want to level up as fast as possible so we increase our experience gain by 5%. Masteries add to your awesome power and keep in mind, mine aren't fully done yet and im doing very well. last 10 matches were winners all with either 1 or 2 deaths.

Now for the items, the key to victory: You need your sheen ASAP to start killing people. Buy a sapphire crystal with a mana and HP pot. if your in 5v5, take the top lane with a ranged partner preferably. If your in 3v3 follow your team's directions. Once you gather about 900 gold go back to base, refuel your mana and grab your sheen then return to lane. from here start working on your mercury treads. Dont buy any other shoes because you will likely get focused mid game if you play right. With more farming you can grab a Phage and this will help you again for killing. You should have at least a kill or 2 by now so build zeal parts when you run out of mana and you blue pill back to base.

With your trinity, your SS hits 150% harder. My usual SS by this time is a base of 110 + 115 + 42. 42 points from last hitting, 115 from attack damage and 110 base damage. amplify this by 150% and you can almost 1-hit-kill a poppy :D And your not done yet either. because your going DPS build you need something to make you hit hard and fast as well as weaken your enemies armor and boost your allies in ganks. Grab the emblem of valor and start on your starks.

usually the other team cant kill you because of your untimate and with your lifesteal almost 30% you are a juggernaut already. If the game goes on longer however consider buying a frozen heart or any item with slowing effects or cooldown reduction so you can spam you SS. Criticals with a high powered SS will devestate your enemies.

Although you are a beast, you cannot take on many people at a time. I know i said before you can...but thats because with a starks and your ult active. When spirit fire is cast almost everyone because your personal chew toy since their armor is so low from starks and Spirit Fire.

Drop the heat in team fights to give your side that boost and unless they have a extremely badass Dr Mundo or Xin Zhao on their team, you will not be stopped. But as the game comes to a close and you get more attack damage, more last hits and more armor, they wont be able to stop you either.

This is my first guide i have written so please be gentle :P if you got any questions post below and i will answer them. But as i said. the runes and masteries are not yet finished and any item past starks is purely your choice depending on the situation you are in. Guardian angel helps too incase your ulti didn't go off so you can revive, pop it, kill the person (people) who killed you and run to the jungle and lifesteal your way back to 100%.

Now to use spirit fire...

To get maximum effect out of this ability, when the minions stop and fight with each other, ensure that the circle covers all the enemy minions and it will set up 1-2 last hits for you early game. late game it will set up at least 5 because of its level. Mid game its about 3-4. Avoid spamming it since it costs a lot and your mana pool sucks. Use this to grab your sheen ASAP!!

Hope it works for some of you guys out there.

Please rate, comment and ask questions if you got any.