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Build Guide by Needaree

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Needaree

Needaree The Jungle Queen

Needaree Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide on my favorite champion Nidalee , or how i like to call her Needaree. She is a fun support/AP carry. This build is an AP build, which is what you should be getting when you play her. ( Btw, i just started using MOBAFIRE so i won't have that many pictures or anyflashy colors and such until i figure it out LOL)

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Pro / Cons

Very Mobile
Great Heal/As boost
Nice harass and Poke
Really good ganker

Very mana Dependent
Fed tanks are a problem

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Prowl: A decent passive that helps alot in the jungle.

Javelin Toss/Take down: A really high massive damage poke when you start getting your AP items. A nice Garen type ultimate that requires no mana. Sadly it doesn't scale with AP.

Bushwhack/Pounce: A nice trap that detects invisibility and does damage. Not the best compared to other traps ( Caitlyn,Shaco etc.). Pounce.. what makes her the most mobile champ in the game. With a tiny two second cool down you can be pouncing away from any ganks with ghost and flash. It also does some decent damage.

Primal Surge/Swipe: A really good heal that scales well that makes Needaree a liable support. Also gives the target you heal a little Attack speed bonus.Really nice AoE damage that also requires no mana. This combed with pounce will clear a creep wave in no time.

Aspect of the Cougar: This is what makes Needaree fun to play. It gives her an extra three abilities that require no mana. It turns her into a fierce cougar. It also gives her extra dodge% and move speed.

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Skill Sequence

Self explanatory, W at first level for putting in brush or lane to prevent ganks. You really don't need Q because you won't be using it that much at level 1. You won't need your heal too much because at level 1 they aren't going to dish out tons of damage. They will be farming carefully watching minions. They might auto attack you but thats okay. After that level 2 heal is the best choice. That's when they start to take bigger risks when they have a second skill to combo up with. From there you go usually a spear level then heal then spear then ulti. After that there are typically two build sequence you can go with. Maxing Q out first if you really want to dish out the hugest damage but i find that going with Q isn't that great because you really want to be in your Cougar when ganking and only switching to human to heal and maybe throw that last spear to finish the enemy. The other build is what just going Heal it's really nice because after you gank you get really low so you can just power heal back up to full and start farming or for another gank because cougar requires no mana.

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Marks: Greater Mark of Insight/Greater Mark of Desolation
Also Self Explanatory, for early and late game penetration. Magic pen for tanks that stack MR. Armor pen for cougar form.

Seals: Greater Seal of Evasion/Greater Seal of Replenishment
Dodge seals for extra dodge that work really nice with her ultimate's dodge bonus
I particularity flat mana regen because early game she's really mana dependent

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Focus/ Greater Glyph of Force
I like CDR alot on her Q because you will be spamming that, but if you aren't like me then go AP Per level. It helps a bit late game.

Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Desolation/ Greater Quintessence of Insight
Any of these two are fine AR PEN OR MAGIC PPEN. Like i said before both help out late game.

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Summoner Spells

There are typically 4 Summoners you should be getting

Flash- I love this summoner spell. Probaly the best one our there. Escapes gank's gets you that kill, jukes hard. This should be the first priority you want.

Ghost- With ghost/cougar/pounce/brush .. hey i said she was mobile ^^ . You will be running so fast it'll be like your driving they are walking, enough said.

Exhaust- Slows them so your team can get them. Reduces some damage that may put you up in the fight. I just don't like it because its only for a couple of seconds.

Ignite: removes that little hp needed to kill your target. Helps you in fights against mundo or Vladamir.

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Item Explanation

Finally the ITEMS :)

Starting Items

Dorans Ring: Probably the best starting item for Needaree. Just because it gives her extra HP that she needs. Extra mana regen that really helps early game, and a little bit of AP.

Merc Treads: Everyone needs boots, these are probably the best boots for her . Nice tenacity and Magic resist.

Sheen: really good item on nidalee that gives a good bonus after activating one of her cougar or human abilties.

Core Items

Guinsoo Rageblade: my favorite item on Needaree. It is really easy to keep the stacks high with her cougar moves because they cost no mana. When you get 8 Stacks you get 90 AP, not bad.

Lichbane: Really nice burst with it's ability. Also nice extra movement speed that goes with all the rest of move speed she gets. Extra MR that helps her also and a little bit of mana.

Rabadon: Ap enough said.

End Game/Situational Items

Guardian Angel: nice survivability for both armor and MR. Really nice revive ability

Banshee Veil: A sheild that protects from a spell every 45 seconds. Extremely useful that waste of their spells that targets you. Extra MP/HP too.

Void Staff: Helps with a tank that gets lots of MR.

Morello's Evil Tome: Extra CDR , also some AP and some mana regen.

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Conclusion ( The End)

Well thanks for reading my guide. Hopefully you learned something from this. Please rate the guide no troll votes though thank you ! If you want to play with me add me i play NA server