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Warwick Build Guide by fieryflare

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fieryflare

New Lanewick

fieryflare Last updated on March 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide Top

Introduction to lanewick

Update! *March 03 2012

With the last patch, Bloodrazor's AD got boosted, it's even better on WW now!

Lanewick should be played solo top.

Why play lanewick?

    • Q does great damage, and heals a large amount. It's a spammable, healing, mini-nuke!
    • Wins his lane in most cases or at least can't lose it
    • Very tanky
    • Gamebreaking ult
    • Great ganker
    • Good chaser
    • Can take on multiple enemies at once
    • Good bait, takes a beating, wasting their spells and then heals it all back as his team destroys the other while they're on CD

Of course he has some drawbacks, but his pros are stronger than his minor cons

    • Ignite destroys him
    • Bad farmer (slow *** AA animation wtf?!)
    • Bad pusher (can be solved with items later, but still no AOE)
    • Low base stats early game, not high late game
    • ^ and no escape makes makes him a prime gank target

WW fulfills the role of tanky DPS, who do everything, sometimes better than roles 'best suited' to something, like AD carry. You'll wonder why even play an AD carry when you dive squishies, taking no damage from their ridiculous items, suppressing them so they're useless, and dealing more damage than they can to you even though you have less damage items.

In-Depth: He is a damage absorber who takes a heavy beating with no problem, while nuking champs consistently, and provides instant CC for his team for focusing enemies and protecting his team's squishies.

Mid game, WW ganks well and tanks for his team in fights. He has some good damage now from his Q, and his ult is great for CCing enemies caught out of position so your team can easily focus them. He stops high damage, squishy targets in their tracks, stops high priority targets who try to dive the carry, and finishes off low health enemies. His ult is amazing because you can immediately take out 1 enemy if your team can focus on them, and it makes it 4v5 for a few seconds against many champs as they can't do anything while ulted.

This is the most fun part for me, when you dive multiple towers and enemies to kill an enemy, your tankiness and Q spamming keep you alive against the odds, and your MS allows you to get in and out.

What he is NOT

A common, ignorant misconception people have about lanewick is that he's AP, or AP is a good option on him. WW's Q does EITHER base damage + AP, OR health %, depending on which is higher. You need tons of AP in order to actually beat the health %, so for a while you will be buying a useless stat. Against high HP targets you need tons of AP to do more damage, it's not worth it to waste your gold on just AP when there's many better items. Against a 3000 HP enemy you would need more than 325 AP to deal more damage than the 20% damage. You are not an AP carry, only of your moves gets boosted from AP and you need ridiculous amounts for it to actually do more damage, it's just dumb.

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Magic pen marks are a must for dealing damage with Q. More damage = more healing too, the MR is factored in. Your ult deals magic damage too.


Either go with flat armor or health per level.

Flat armor is the best choice when facing AD. AD bruisers are typical top. This also helps against junglers who try to gank you, who are also usually bruisers. They can't damage you, they can't beat you in lane.

Health per level is best against magic damage and gives the best late game.

What about mana regen? Mana regen makes for a rough start. You are much less tanky, and mana still runs out really fast. Getting philosophers stone will solve all your mana problems. Defensive seals are simply better.


MR per level. Usually you are facing an AD bruiser up top so flat MR gylphs won't come in handy against them early game. Later on you'll meet the mages in fights and ganking, where your per level MR will be stronger. If you do go against a magic lane however, use flat MR for an easier early game, but a lot of times they're not necessary and MR per level will help so much more the magic users get their damage later.


3 MS. WW's E isn't enough sometimes. I hate how champs like Nidalee, Shyvana, Garen and Skarner all can run faster, and on demand. With MS this should be less of a problem.

MS is one of the most versatile and always useful stats.

-It helps you outrun ganks, which WW is vulnerable to early game as he has no escape in his kit.

-It is imperative you can outrun anyone, so you can finish off any enemy, as this is one of WW's roles.

-MS helps you help your allies faster. It's very powerful to show up as a surprise in a 2v2, saving your ally with your CC and turning the battle around.

-With only 1 gap closer that is on long CD, and being a melee champ, WW is prone to being kited. If you can't reach the enemy you can't do anything. You WILL be CC'd, but MS helps you catch up anyways after it wears off.

Otherwise, any defensive quints you have are good too, the best being health quints.

Magic pen quints are decent too.

Guide Top


Damage Masteries

For masteries, go 21/9/0.

This is the best page in most cases.

The damage tree gives you the best stats in terms of gold worth, and getting both magic pen and armor pen is awesome.

9 in defense makes you tanky early game, which solves WW's weakness of squishy base stats early game, keeping you safe and unable to lose a 1v1. The armor and MR make each point of health you heal worth so much more.


Go 9/21/0 if you're the tank of the team, gives you an extra safe early game. Best choice against big CC + damage teams. You get max CDR with just SV and FH and Englightment.


9/14//7 is an odd build, but it gives you a nice balance. This is best against a tough lane, such as Riven, and/or if they have a good jungling ganker.

9 in offense gives you damage and CDR, so you can spam Q more and use your game breaking ult more often.

14 in defense helps make up for WW's low defense early game. You will be safe and have good sustain.

7 in utility helps WW as you need to keep using your Q, which takes a huge chunk of your tiny mana pool. He is very mana hungry early game, so the mana masteries help a lot before you get Phil Stone. As long as he has mana he can just Q, so you have health sustain from mana sustain, and you can't lose your lane. The flash CDR of course is awesome too.

Guide Top


Grab a Doran's Ring first for the mana regen, health, and bit of early damage.

On your first trip back get a philosophers stone and boots.

Philosophers stone should solve all your mana problems and the health regen makes you have even more ridiculous sustain. Now you can just Q like no tomorrow.

Your next trip back, or if you afford it on your first trip should be a defensive item to counter your lane.

If you're taking lots of AD damage, cloth armor. Magic damage? Null magic mantle. You will be getting both for your core anyways, but get the one you need to best counter your lane.

Complete sorcerer's boots after your defensive item. They boost your damage and healing so much that you need these boots. It really hurts to get merc's treads or ninja tabi instead because it lowers your damage output extremely. If they have tons of CC on their team then you'll have to get merc's treads unfortunately, but in that scenario, merc's is better than sorceror's.

Buy kindlegem and glacial shroud when you can, then complete both into spirit visage and frozen heart. This core with CDR lets you spam Q and use your endlessly useful ult (unless it fails) more and keep your W up more for better pushing and fights and makes you tanky against both AD and magic.

You should grab a Madred's Razor before completing SV and FR if you're going to build Bloodrazor, helps your farm so much faster and great for dragon which is key at this point. Build Bloodrazor if you have a tank or your team or another tanky DPS, and if they don't have that much CC.

Frozen heart drastically reduces the enemy's DPS, which helps your entire team since they take less damage too, and you should take no damage from AD allowing you to stick onto the AD carries and take them down (until they get last whisper, but even then FH is still good for still slowing their DPS, as opposed to thornmail which doesn't). Plus it gives you more mana and WW still has a small mana pool.

Spirit visage increases your healing, which adds up, and gives you some much needed MR.

Grab a wits end for some cheap, cost efficient DPS and more MR. It procs with your ult for more damage. If they have no magic, grab a Malady instead.

Your core build should always look like this:

Doran's Ring -> Philosopher's Stone -> Sorceror's OR Merc's -> Spirit Visage -> Frozen Heart -> Wit's End

You should be significantly tanky against both AD and magic, and dealing good damage with your Q.

Ideally you want to finish off with Bloodrazor and another damage item, but a lot of times you need more health, so Frozen Mallet and Bloodrazor are your 2 ideal last items. Here are all the options for any situation:

For your 5th and 6th items here are the options:

If you're sure the game will end soon, you're stomping, and want to spend all your gold because you don't have enough time to farm up and wait for better items:

1) Complete Shureyla's reverie if you aren't taking significant damage, and need more MS. Very useful if there's some annoying **** kiting you, and/or if your team has champions like Skarner who could really benefit from MS. You will go over the 40% CDR cap on this however.

It's better for a support to get this, tell them to use the active when you engage someone.

2) Zeke's herald is great in conjunction with another tanky DPS and an AD carry, but also your support should get this and not you.

3) Malady is a cheap quick fix for damage, procs with your ult and enhances your Q after you auto attack them because of the MR debuff. Your ult is very powerful with this and Wit's End, you become much tankier as you ult them and then your Q does lots of damage.

If the game will go on for a while more, and/or if it's serious and you could lose:

1) You're already so tanky, it's time for damage!

a. Bloodrazor has the best synergy with WW: AS for his W, and makes is ult hit for crazy damage, shredding tanks. Disadvantages is that it takes very long to build, and takes up many slots to build, but it's the best damage item for WW late game, and ideally, should always be part of his late game build. Malady in combination with this is amazing cuz of the MR debuff, causing Bloodrazor's ult to be even stronger. Get this combo against tanks with MR.

b. Bloodthirster, big damage, gives great survivability from lifesteal too.

c. Only get Black cleaver if there are heavily armored enemies like a tank with FR.

d. You can even get Phantom Dancer, it's actually a great item on him if he's already tanky enough. MS helps, crit makes your damage much stronger, AS is amazing.

Any combination of these damage items, like BT + PD or Malady + Bloodrazor will destroy them if they can't kite you, don't have much CC, and don't have powerful nukes.

These next choices are defense. Sometimes they do have extreme damage and CC that requires further defense. This shouldn't happen if you have a dedicated tank like Malphite who's initiating properly. Unfortunately, you'll have to forego damage, and get this tanky stuff.

2) Sometimes you're still taking too much damage. You need health now, great with the amount of armor and MR you already have.

In this case, get Frozen Mallet OR Warmogs. You probably don't need THAT much tankiness, so get FM with the slow and damage which is much more useful than more health and regen.

3) Taking too much magic nuke specifically?

a. Quintsilver Sash is a cheap fix, tons of MR, and an amazing active that counters CC, great if you're focused.

b. Force of Nature gives you the most MR, so if you just want to survive that nuke, and have the gold/time, get this. With FM or Warmogs makes you indestructible, and the MS is great.

c. Banshee's veil is your 3rd option that I suggest if they try to CC you to stop your ult.

4) Taking too much AD/DPS damage still? This probably won't happen, but it can, because of champs like Kog'Maw or Vayne who excel with AS, or because the enemy gets Last Whisper.

Get Randuin's Omen. Slow their DPS even more. Health helps against all types of damage. Regen health like crazy. active slow works so great with his E and MS quints, and you got the passive AS and MS slow too! You also have max, 40% CDR too, spam your Q like never before and ult every fight! The 5% CDR is wasted though if you went specced Enlightment.

Other choices, not recommended, but still significant:

-Guardian angel would be a good item for WW, and it's the 1 of only items that gives you armor AND MR. But, the passive takes so long to come back it's not actually useful, it's very situational. Chances are if you get revived by GA you'll just die again. In a well executed fight, you get focused, revive, heal up, while they had focused you your DPS could easily blow them up from safety. But this will rarely happen because of many factors. The MR it gives you is pitiful, and you already have FH for armor. More health in conjunction with FH would make you way tankier against AD, doing it more cost efficiently too, and the enemy can get Last Whisper to make GA obsolete. Just get Randuin's.

-Thornmail same thing with GA.

-Void staff by itself doesn't give enough AP to do more damage with your Q, but the magic pen will still make your Q and ult hit like a truck and counters tanks hard. WW naturally is a tank killer because of his health % damage, but since a non-idiot tank will get MR too this is rendered useless, but with Void staff you cut right through their MR and nuke them. Problem is that the wand and book are useless by themselves, wasting your slots.

-Trinity Force isn't that bad but WW doesn't have a large base damage. It's decent on WW, but it just costs so much while you're building it you're vulnerable without defense. Nothing about Triforce particularly is great on WW. If you want perma slow, get Frozen Mallet.

-Gunblade amd Will of the Ancients were viable, now with the nerfs they certainly aren't.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

• Ignite allows you to deal with the sustain meta top lane and gives you a nuke, so you have so much more damage output. With ignite, Q, and your ult, you can easily beat just about anyone in a 1v1.

• Flash is just a versatile and amazing spell. Escape. Kill. Surprise. Counter their flash with your own. For example some low health enemy chilling at their tower, surprise them with your flash and ignite + Q.

• Ghost is the other option for escaping and chasing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages is many situations.

• You can replace your escape with heal also. Heal + ignite is a great way to get FB 1v1:

You can bait them with heal as your jungler is coming to gank and you get low in a 1v1 fight and they think they can finish you. This is dangerous though if they got a sudden nuke like Volibear or if they have ignite. Always analyze things thoroughly, this is key to being pro at LoL. You can turn ganks against you around too with this combo.

• Teleport (ignite replacement, because you NEED your escape spell!) is great for WW early game because he needs to get his Philosopher's Stone, boots, and null magic mantle/cloth armor quickly. It's good for a tough lane where you won't be as aggressive. It also allows his to be in fights if needed. A lot of times being top will result in you missing a lot of fights, but not with teleport, and it makes securing dragon much easier. You can set up awesome ganks too by teleporting to wards that your enemies are in the vicinity of, waiting, then ulting them. However, this makes 1v1 with your top lane more difficult in a straight up fight.

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Playing, Laning, Fighting, STRATEGY

Alright, here's actually how to play him.

Early game laning: harass and heal with your Q. You can zone them out of XP and last hits as they fear your Q, make sure you don't lose farm and XP yourself from this though. Farming is most important, you need to get philosopher's stone and boots ASAP.

A few champs can be some trouble however, such as Riven, don't expect to roll over them, play more safely.

A ward is necessary against a strong early ganking jungler, especially if you don't have boots yet.

Q will you win most exchanges, and usually makes them low while you're always higher HP and they have to play passively; this is WW's strength in lane.

Once you hit level 6 your enemy will probably be constantly afraid of dying. If they're dumb enough to try and 1v1 you, free kill for you!

Important is the moment you ult them. Let them think they can win against you still or that they can escape, ult them, suddenly gain way more HP than them, you can ignite while you're ulting, and Q them once your ult is done to finish them off, otherwise keep chasing and using Q. Don't be afraid to dive, but don't push your luck too far either, especially if champs are mia and you could get ganked, another reason why wards are so great.

Your ult will also make your jungler's ganks so much easier.

Whenever your minions are pushed up go attack your enemy's tower. They can try and attack you but just ignore them as you can heal up, you can even Q them and run back, the 1 tower shot you get won't be much and you can Q them or minions afterwards, or just Q a minion after you've taken some damage from the enemy protecting his turret. A ward makes this very safe to do, but it can be very risky doing so without one unless you know their jungler is bad, can't gank, or nowhere near you any time soon.

Remember, map awareness wins games!

As you can see WW does everything to win his lane. He zones enemies out of farming, harasses them to low health, make them afraid especially once you hit level 6, sustains himself, because your health is always higher ganks are less scary and you can just Q as you're being ganked to back up as you make way for your tower, wins in a 1v1, easy kills, and destroys the tower quick, while being able to do well under his own tower.

Sometimes the enemies underestimate WW, trying to gank you and you can get a kill or a double kill because of your instant heal. "We can do it, he's low" they think, them you just get all your health back. Of course, if they have CC then they'll probably win, but WW's just 1 of those champs that can be difficult to gank, he just needs a few levels and items first.

You should get your jungler to give you blue buff when they can, especially if your mid doesn't use mana. You insta win your lane if you have blue buff early on.

Once you win your lane go gank others, or just when the opportunity comes up as your lane is pushed. If you're on the bottom team, you can have a big advantage, you can counter jungle when your lane is pushed, steal their creeps while losing no HP, even gaining back your HP that you lose in lane. Only do this if you're stomping your lane of course, but you should be.

Mid to late game secure objectives with your team and focus the squishies in team fights, pretty straight forward.

You shouldn't use your ult to initiate, nor should you use your ult at full health unless you're sure the target can be killed. Sometimes your ult can secure kills as you catch overextended enemies but only with your teammates you need their damage output.

Talk to your team, designate a target to focus so when you ult your team takes advantage of the helpless enemy. Ping targets when you want to engage them!

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Items your TEAM should get to synergize with you

    • Will of the Ancients is amazing as it increases WW's spell vamp so your Q and ult will heal even more, especially with spirit visage. Q to make them QQ. Your AP carry and/or support should get this.

    • Abyssal scepter works great with WW because it lowers their MR to give you much more damage. Great if you went merc's treads, suggest your AP carry or some supports, like Soraka get this.

    • Aegis of the Legion increases your entire team's tankiness and damage, amazing item in any comp. Especially helpful for WW, making every point in health you heal or regen worth much more because of the armor + MR buff, and the extra damage is just icing on top. Your support or tank should get this, but a lot of times you are the only tank. Sometimes tanky DPS get it too, like Nasus or Skarner.

    • Zeke's Herald is amazing with WW because you will have ridiculous AS to proc your passive more and heal, plus the lifesteal makes you heal even more, and more DPS! Support item.

    • Randuin's Omen in combination with your FH (the best 2 anti-DPS/anti-AD items) will completely destroy the enemies DPS and AD. Great against those built up/fed Trynd's, Vayne's or any AD carry relying on AA. Tank/Tanky DPS item.

    • Shureyla's Reverie gives you speed so you can chase even better and get within ult range fast. Make sure to tell them when to use it, ping, or tell them before a fight.

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Kick *** with lanewick now!

Thank you for reading my lanewick guide and I hope it helps you. Give me your suggestions and opinions in the comments below.