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League of Legends Build Guide Author penguinstuxedo

Nocturne - Jungle Vision Gank

penguinstuxedo Last updated on March 20, 2011
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I use Nocturne to jungle as he is intended and it works. I used the basic runes Riot had in the spotlight video. However I find that filling my Q if far more useful than the W because it allows you to drop multiple minions then use your passive to finish the group. By the time you get to the wraiths on the first jungle rotation you should be able to wipe them out in a matter of seconds. I go into more detail in the "This Build" section.

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This is for a jungle Nocturne with a focus on ganking on the side and using clairvoyance as a fear technique alongside assisting your ult. The runes are basic so you can build your own if you like. Mine are identical to Riot's spotlight build. The first three built items are the most important.

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This Build

This is my first so if something is missing let me know. I think clairvoyance is essential with Nocturne. If you've played him and wasted an ult because they bush dive you know how that sucks. It also isn't a dead giveaway as to who you're going after if you activate it after your ult. It also helps with jungling to save useless trips to missing enemy buffs or getting ganked on your own. My rotation is Golems -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Red -> Base -> Blue. I pop a health potion immediately after the first golem hits and then another during wolves so that I can get my health up before going after Red. If you I have enough heath I will go after golems again but after that you should be low enough that you need to base for mana and health. Buy Vampiric Scepter for the jungling life steal so you can stay out longer. I use my clairvoyance for the solo lane in the beginning so they don't get ganked and also to instill a little fear of my ult. It's easy to burn your W entering a fight but if there's a champion, like Karthus or Caitlyn, who's ult can fire long range but slow it can cancel this and save your life (Lux especially).

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The mysteries are aimed for jungle/gank. Never underestimate a Nocturnes Duskbringer. I was picked off of towers a few times at 1/4 health before deciding to ignore Riots full Shroud first idea. Attack speed is nice which is why you start with it. That is a 20% boost which is a lot. However minions aren't going to be activating it with their attacks so after that the 5% boosts per lever aren't such a big deal. Duskbringers cool down is short and its damage is high.

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Wriggles is nice because when jungling wards help (or just as a whole for the team). You should know where to place them yourself. I normally ask my team where they want them. If you're nervous use the clairvoyance I recommend. Short cool down and it also tends to scare off potential gankers. After Bloodthirster the items I put are completely interchangeable depending on the needs of your team. Madred's if tanks, Banshee if casters. I even build a Guardian once just to be rude because it was a bad team and I started diving a little much.

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Summoner Spells

These are perfect for jungle Nocturne! Before you have your ult use the hell out of Clairvoyance!!! It will save you from possible ganks and not to mention use it to help keep the person you have forsaken to a 1v2 lane alive. Smite is self explanatory for jungling...

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Beast farmer. That's how I think of Nocturne at least. I use my Q through the middle of a herd of minions bringing them to little or no health and then attack the back center minion (they like to form into a 3x3 when attacking) to use your passive to wipe them all out. Similar for wraiths, Q through the middle of them then attack the blue one. The other three or all four should die.