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Pantheon Build Guide by hugh j booty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hugh j booty

Pantheon: dropping down death since 2010

hugh j booty Last updated on August 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I. intro

This build is going to explain how to rock your enemies with pantheon. This is my first guide so dont kill me. Pantheon is a very strong melee dps caster, if that makes any sense? He wrecks with his stun then AoE burst. Its all about timing. His E can clear whole waves of minions with the blood thirster, and he can kill champions quickly. Early game is all about who u lane with. If ur laning against someone like GP then you should play defensive. But if you play against a squishy champ then your in for the time of your life!

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II. Runes

The reason I take Armor Pen. marks and quintessences is so u can go through 25 of there armor! u cut through anybody in the early stage of the game. And with attack speed runes it just gives a bigger damage out put through out the whole game. Pantheon is made for breaking the enemies formation by rushing by the tank and targeting the squishy dps champs. Ive played many games as pantheon and you can succeed if u attack the tank, but u will die alot more and you lose more games. It also helps to break off from the team and quickly push a tower.

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III. Masteries

I take a 21/0/9 mastery page. 21 in offence so you can put out more damage and 9 in utility to get my ulti back quicker allowing for more ganks, and i need my W and E back so i can dominate my lane. Pantheon also runes out of mana uber fast so it helps to have a little mana regen.

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IV. Items

Everyone thinks im crazy for taking regrowth pendant first. But aggresive players will love it. it allows u to lane so much longer. instead of having to go B with 200 hp u can be careful and tower hug for a minute and have full hp and be ready to fight. It also quickly upgrades into a Philo stone for mana regen, which on pantheon is vital. He runs out of mana like i said UBER FAST!!! on your first trip back pick up the philo stone and if u have farmed well a brutilizer. This gives u just extra armor pen, for a huge damage output early game.
If u are doing well in your lane and ganking with ur ulti correctly it shouldnt be long before u can go B and get boots and a BF sword. If not just go get boots and a vampiric scepter. As soon as u have enough finish the blood thirster and start killing the minions with E to get the stacks up.
At this point u should have at least 100 minion kills if not WAY more. Go B and grab the ghost blade. Its the best item for any AD carry when its active. It allows u to hunt them down, push towers faster, better armor pen, and crit chance!
If the game isnt over yet you should be nearing the black clever and phantom dancer.

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IV. Items cont...

once u have these two items its GG for the other team. u shred through tanks armor and crit 45% of the time. u should be able to go 2v1 unless theyre total gods and destroy everything in 1 hit.
Here sell the philo stone. You dont need it anymore and u can trade it up for something thats more fitting. Well thats if your still in the game. Its situational from there. If its a mostly magic team id say get a force of nature. But if you just want some armor get thornmail. It really just depends on what you want. Personally i take frozen mally, it just guarentees the kill on anyone, and it gives you 700 hp

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V. Early Game

Be careful! you have your regrowth pendant but thats it! Try to lane with someone with a heal because you can be WAY more aggresive. But if not just last hit the minions and before u attack the other people make sure your laning partner is ready to go...otherwise u will die. and it wont be fun

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VI. Mid Game

You should have your BT by now, and should be finishing the ghost blade. Once the ghost blade is done towers should fall no problem to you. All you will need is 1 wave of minions to tank it so u dont die. When u see minions pushing into a tower, get in range with ur ulti and go in for it, a pantheon that can push towers is a pantheon that will win games.

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VII. Late Game

Finish the Black Clever and if u can finish the phantom dancer your in for some fun. You should be able to go 2v1 and if the BT has its full stacks you should get out of any teamfight with 2 or 3 kills and full health. Usually if your dominating all the lanes and jumping around the map the other team will surrender and its always fun to hear some noob get mad and yell OP at you.

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VIII. Skill Sequence

I take my W first so that i can get 1st blood if my laning partner is decent. We get off a stun, and exhaust. I max E as soon as i can making me a scary person to stand in front of. But pick up a rank of Q at lvl 3 so u can harass. Get ur ulti whenever u can use it to gank any lane u can. Q is only used for harassing so max W after E for a longer stun. For his ulti its easy to jump on someone but most of the time they see it coming. How do u fix that??? If u jump into brush, and someone is standing near the brush they cant see the area of the ult or even that ur jumping in.
If your quick enough, right after your ult u have to jump on him with W and use E. If that champion doesnt die, hes an all out pro whos going to wreck your team.

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IX. Spells

I take Exhaust and Ignite because im a agrresive player. If you dont want to go so offensive take Exhaust and Flash or ghost. Exhaust almost always guarentees a kill for you. You can also take teleport if you want to be able to get around the map faster. With teleport u can push towers that minions are at without having to run to them, you can get into teamfights, and you can defend your own towers. With his ulti u can teleport around the map as is giving you 1 gloabl teleport and 1 semi global teleport.

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X. Summary

Pantheon is a pro champion who breaks enemy team formation and destroys squishy with this build your not very tanky so be careful. But early game u have philo stone giving u nice health and mana regen. Mid game you should be getting your BT (blood thister) which is when u will get the majority of your kills. This is my first guide so please dont kill me on the comments. Feel free to rate it also. If u want to add me just send me a friend request and ill check ur record and what not then ill add you or decline u.