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Pantheon General Guide by McgodiMan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McgodiMan

Pantheon - spear in your ***, shield in your face!

McgodiMan Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Well, people will look at Pantheon with new respect after the latest patch (09-08-2011). He was imho the drag along hero that gets a kill here and there, but never was a worthy opponent or a descent carry! Despite that he was a bit underpowered, people did not understand Pantheon and the role he is supposed to play! Well, let's look at Panth with a whole new set of eyes, and maybe now you will be able to put a spear up Trynd's ***! It is easy to get a double kill even before the minions have spawned, depending on who you lane with......

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Not much to say here, armor pen marks, magic resist glyphs, flat armor seals and Armor pen Quints. The armor and magic resist will help you to stay in lane for longer and maybe get that first blood! The armor pen will help you kill those tuffies quickly!

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Skill Sequence and How to use your skills!

Well, it is quite obvious to max out heatseaker strike first, it will be your main damage dealer early game! Late game you will have so much damage with auto attack you will kill a tank before you can say: "spear up your ***" with the correct skill execution. This will be the skill sequence to use throughout the game:

- W (Aegis of Zeonia), jump on the mother and stun him (pick the most squishy hero first)
- E (Heartseeker Strike) him in the face!!!
- Q (Spear Shot) him in the *** while he is trying to run away, if he is still alive!
- R (Grand Skyfall) This skill is what makes a good pantheon stand out from the rest! It is called MAP AWARENESS, and ask your teammates to ping where help is needed!!! Be on the constant lookout for where you can use your ulti to
1. support a friend who is in trouble
2. jump on the mother who is trying to take out one of your towers
3. jump on the enemy who is running away with 10hp, just time your fall correctly and you will surprise the hell out of him.
4. Jump on a wave of minions who is destroying your turret while your noob team is busy in a teamfight that is going nowhere. Free farm, and xp while the rest of your team is running around at the enemies mid tower, too afraid to tower dive and your team and the enemy team is running around in circles while Brand is trying to land a shot with his W (LOL, I believe you have been in this situation before). When this happens, leave and go jungle or kill minions or something! When the teamfight is going somewhere, you can jump in and smack the hell out of them!

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General Gameplay

Lets have a quick look at gameplay! NB: You are not afraid of no one!! No ways, did you see Brad Pitt run away from a fight in Troy??? NOOOO, He ran in and killed his opponents in 2 secs, that is you!!level 1-3 it is all about patience, throw your spear to harrass the enemy, do not overextend early game! Make sure you get the last hits on the minions, get a ward early on for ganks! When you reach level 3, you can start with your amazing skill order! W-E-Q-W-E-Q. With all the moneys you collected from your first 3 kills and all the minion last hits, you can start getting some damage! Get the BF sword asap! Dorians blade first, for lane sustainability, boots, BF Sword, Black cleaver, blood thirster and then attack speed for mid to late game! You can throw in a [*] Phantom Dancer later if you have like extra cash you dont know what to do with! Use your ulti regularly, but wisely! Dont go jumping into nowhere, at least make sure that you will kill something with it, even if it is a wave of minions. See the section above on skill sequance for more info on this topic. You can initiate a fight, just ping your teammates who you are going to jump on and stun, so that they can follow. Or you can join a teamfight by ALWAYS stunning the damage dealer in their team first, and killing him before he can take out half your team, like a fed Xin, or the enemy Pantheon. Most likely the enemy pantheon will suck cause he will have the conservative noob Pantheon build, with lots of armor and no damage. Remember you have armor pen runes.....

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells I take Ghost, to catch the sucker who just peed in his pants when he saw you coming! Ignite, very underestimated summoner spell, can get you those early kills to get you fed! Ignite is the best thing ever to cc Tryndamere's ulti! When he activates his ulti, wait 2 seconds, ignite and run away, watch him DIE!!!

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Well, I go with offence cause you want to carry your team, deal *** loads of damage and you are not afraid of no one!

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Damage Damage Damage! This is what this build is for! If you want a useless Pantheon that is tagging along with your team, go follow another build! Get Damage and attack speed first with Black Cleaver, then lifesteal and damage with Bloodthirster, then you start stacking damage and speed. I know it sounds strange to get attack speed with Panth, just try it once and then you can come and poo on my build if you it does not work for you! Situational items like forces of nature is obvious if you are facing a AP (Ability Power) heavy team or enemy lane.

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Pros / Cons


    Heavy damage dealer
    can harrass enemy right through the game
    Can stun enemy hero regularly
    Damage through abilities and Auto attack
    Very usefull Ultimate if used correctly
    His Ulti cannot be CC'd

    Squishy with this build, so play with care
    Not the best farmer early game

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Ranked Play

Just a short note on Ranked Play.

Rule no 1: Never overextend early game
Rule no 2: Never Overextend early game
Rule no 3: Always take out the enemy damage dealer first in teamfights, or disable them with your Aegis of Zeonia (W) skill.

In any ranked game, try to stay alive, and work with the team.

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Well, I really hope that you will try this build first before you think it is ****! This build works, I you want, I can send you replay files. I will soon post vids on youtube. Lookout for my next build, it will be on RUMBLE!!


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