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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author okorwa

Ranked 5v5 build

okorwa Last updated on March 5, 2011
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General About Tryndamere

As you all probably know, he was a kid, his tribe or clan got attacked, he raged and killed everybody, typical berserker, but, a Barbarian King, this makes him the strongest of Barbarians, he has good base stats(mr though could use some love), nice passie, good skills, but, he has completely no cc besides his slow, hes got no attacks(who the hell uses spinning slash as main?), his ult goes only for 5 secs(nerfed from 6, WHAT THE HELL RIOT?), hes the most vulnerable to cc's, his early gameplay is like a lottery, you either win and crit 5 times in a row, or dont win and enjoy 30 in row normal attacks with 50$ crit chance... My build is a ranked/normal games build, doesnt work so well in 3v3, but change 2 items into trinity force and bloodthirster and you know what happens.

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Pros / Cons

-High survivability
-Huge dmg
-High move speed
-Ultimate making enemies faceroll
-Easy farming
-Late game undefeatable 1v1
-Good heal
-If lucky, scores tons of easy kills(i lack the luck)
-Run away by walls with E
-Stacking armor? just take last whisper, no armor probles anymore
-Very weak versus cc(that is outcluded due to my build)
-Luck dependant early game
-Bad ganker
-Horribly hard to use
-Horribly hard to survive with early on, especially when being harrased
-Cant be a tank
-No cc
-Item dependant
-Really raw dps(i like unique chars like swain, veigar, teemo, and trynda? just a farm boy who has a strong hit).
-Focused hard so with ult on cd, youre as good as dead

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Pretty much basic, ASAP max bloodlust, then mocking shout. Sometimes i take mocking shout at lvl 3, but thats when their team has a REALLY killable lane oponents, you see, if your enemies are tristana and poppy, low lvl you wont have much problem killing them when laned with someone like sion or other stunners, but if trist is good, she will harras harras harras and drop your hp, thats where Q comes in, i usually tend to go for another lvl of Q on lvl 3rd.

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Now here, is the place where people always have their "good" ideas, to be honest, never seen people with bad rune setup for trynd, all are good, besides some, f.e. low elo crit chance helps early, late game its still no difference what you take, but high elo, when runes get strong... thats when problems appear, my runes are crit dmg marks and quints, hp per lvl seals, cdr per lvl glyphs, you could take any other glyphs and quints, but seals best as they are...
With these, you are the UNDISPUTABLE highest dps in the entire game combined with 8 bloodlust stacks and masteries and infinity edge you have pretty much over 300% crit dmg, like it? This makes your crits feared throughout the game but... There's always a but, isn't there? You can get "unlucky" and hit 5 times in a row with no crit with even 70% crit chance, but as a Master Tactician said,

"It was a risk, but even a master tactician has to play against the odds sometime."
even though youre not going to be against the odds late game, the luck might visit you really rarely... Thats pretty much it about why these runes.

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Tactic and Strategy

Your strategy is to spin in unnoticed, kill everyone in 3-4 hits a person, spin out(after rage ends and you are focused) hopefully living. Tryndamere is the most simple dps in game, even Yi is more unique(Alpha strike makes him take no dmg for a while, heal is totally a lifesaver if AP Yi, ulti is great for escaping) but what he lacks of, is survivability and damage, thats what makes tryndamere so good, no matter how strong skill you use, if he goes in rage, you wont kill him, 5 secs of that, make every second count, thats why the best is to concentrate in ANTI CC build... Yes, you will get pwned by another trynda in 1v1 if he has exactly the same runes items etc. but no mr and countercc, but, your mate stuns him ONCE and he has completely no chance, on the other hand YOU, cleanse, get another stun, LAUGH AND KILL the cc'ers, their 3 sec stuns will go on for less than 0.5 sec, and thats enough for you to take them 1k hp, another second, 2khp, another second, 3khp, and so on, for 5 secs. This char major feedback is when people take guardian angels, f.e. anivia takes guardian angel on top of zhnoya, you now ignore her cc, but still, killing her and egg takes about 4-5 secs counting she uses zhonya and thats the only armor item she has, she revives (about 10 seconds of waiting), even if you get lucky enough to be undisturbed when she revives(not happening at all), you will now get stunned and killed easily, thats why you run, your team should be there in time and stun + kill her. You have to time your ambush PERFECTLY, stay in bush if available and enemy will be coming, or at best possibility, slash in by a wall when there are tons of chaos and ults going out, you will not be noticed by all, kill 2, then get focused and forced to ult, cleanse from stuns, kill more, and more, and push, i often happened to last hit all 5 enemies, thats kinda ks, but without me they would lose, so dont care if anybody tells "kser", youre autoattacked for christ sakes, not a karth with global ult... About other dps... xz basically > this build, but why the hell would you focus half tank half dps xz? Focus ezreal, urgot, veigar, any squishy they have, though i dont recommend focusing kassadin, and ezr that much (flashes out and chase him? hell no, aim closest squishy instead). Sometimes yes, this build wont be usefull at all, f.e. they have 1 cc, being irelia, why the hell would you buy mercury and bv for her? you can easily outdmg her, even if not, you have rage, by those 5 secs she will die, believe me :D. So basically, you spin in, shout if there are any ad champs to make your team live longer, chase the survivors and push lanes. But DO NOT UDERSTIMATE your spinning slash or mocking shot, f.e. i had once an encounter with eve, i had around 1k hp, she was full, i had full bloodlust, no ult, what i did? she dropped some hp, i healed immedeatly, used shout, and then pwned her incredibly, her base ad was 250, mine 200-250, she had more as, more hp, after the shout, her dmg went to 150 dmg, without any crits... so you see, she hits 150, you hit 600-750(300% crit dmg). Against invisichars, i recommend, no, i ORDER YOU to buy wards or oracle, it makes killing them a butter sandwich, they dont focus armor and hp(what for? theyre invisible...). Spinning slash, this ability helped me often in killing enemies, 1v1 vs other trynds or other situations, its useless tbh if you mean dmg, but when you hit, see the enemy has 100 hp, just spin on him, its faster than auto attack. This guide got long... But all i have written are my experiences in games. By the way, if you have a chance, remember to use your youmuu, either to run, or chase, or kill faster, doesnt matter, just use it(i forget all the time)

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Item choice

Depends, if their team is REALLY not going to let you farm, go for 3 avarice, shoes, infinity edge and then youmuu, then sell the avarices when you get enough money for better items, i mostly buy 2 avarice and a zeal when enemies are a pain, normally i take zeal, shoes, crit cape.
Item choice is a very very very, no, its the MOST important about trynd, no items = **** trynd, you dont need a frozen mallet, just use W or get red buff. You could focus pure dmg, but no move speed, no resistance, low crit chance, no attack speed makes it a bad choice at high ELO.
ALL melee chars need at least 2 tank items, randuin and banshee, can be exchanged for warmog, atma, force of nature(dont take it with trynd for gods sake...). For example yi would do good with tanky items being warmog and atma, or abbysal scepter and zhonya.
For jungling, i go jungle only when theres no jungler, and i do it without smite, but i go jungle on lvls 3-5, and only if lane can deal with 2v1, probably not the best choice to leave tristana(dont lane with tristana :D) on lane vs sion and lux...
Remember to buy your infinity edge without selling avarice blades if youre using the 2nd build, its very important that those avarice earn gold for themselves.

BUILD OF ITEMS IS ENTIRELY YOUR CHOICE! Dont take ALWAYS EVERYTHING like in scheme, take situationally items, f.e. randuin if they have heavy dps, banshee earlier if tons of caster with tons of cc, if full tanks, last whisper after infinity edge, people tend to get full dmg builds, thats horrible, think of a yi, barely 2k hp, 400 dmg with 2+ attack speed and high crit chance, falls to trynd in 2 hits, he dmgs trynd for maximum 70% his hp, and then dies, trynd has ult to use even if losing, so completely no chance for Yi, but if he had Randuin, he would take hp down, slow, kite him, kill him after rage ends(never succeeded on me, but still a good tactic :D)

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Summoner spells

Now the real deal, part of our core, Flash and Cleanse, 2 most useful ranked games summoner spells you can take, unless there is no cc in enemy team, i prefer those 2, but not always, i often take to take teleport if i need to LAUGH AT THE ENEMY focusing you and you safely tp to nexus turret, it makes me laugh, but its no use ranked games(when you are going to tp, be sure to monitor your hp, and FIRST get to the base with your mouse, then rage and IMMEDATELY TP to it, otherwise it will fail, often they wasted 3-2 ults trying to get me, but i tped, healed, and lived hapilly for a while). Using exhaust is good, dont get me wrong, same with ignite, but exhaust why? youre still the highest dps in both teams, have a good slow, nice chase spin and rage, ignite on the other hand is good, can finish off fleeing champs and easy killing vlad, swain, mundo, but what for? you will kill swain and vlad easily enough, and a teammate usually has ignite. You dont want to lane with early kill chars like sion, xin-zhao, becouse early on, youre like a "one handed bandit", the gambling machine, you can crit the **** out of them, or crit none and die :D, sad but true, tryndamere gets owned even by gankplank, le blanc, sion, nunu, pretty much everyone.

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DO NOT let the enemy team kill you, even if it means getting no gold, get just the exp and live, you will be happier living with 1k gold less than a dead trynd who fed other team giving them firstblood, turret kill, and tons of creep kills. You will often NEED to go top or bot, youre the char that that should go for it, you are fast, have heal, need the gold more than most champs(f.e. urgot can pwn at 20 min with 5 meki pendants and shoes more than ryze with shoes, Archangel and RoA. You on the other hand... No gold->no items->no dmg->no kill->wasted ult->death->feeding enemy->failure and falling down from scoreboards. Trynd is the most USELESS UTILITY CHAR after Master Yi and few other champs, he has only a slow, besides that he slows, he doesnt help the team, only dps, but thats a pure statistic, not utility.

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Not finished yet

This build has not been finished, becouse im a ****** and dont know how to place images in :D