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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaosDivinity

Renekton tank/chaser

ChaosDivinity Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all sry about the image but renekton isnt available on mobafire yet. I chose Mordekaiser cos for me it seems the closest champ ^^. Everything i put is for Renekton, even the skill order so just ignore the fact it says Mordekaiser. This build is a tank build, it should be noted however that Renekton can also easily be DPS, and I may write that build if this one gets enough votes up. Why do I think Renekton is like mordekaiser? Well mainly the fact that they grow strong by attacking, mordekasier gains shield and Renekton Fury, also they are what I call 'chasers' (tell me the correct term after plz) basicaly they hunt down the running squishies until someone ganks them or you just kill them whilst doing so. Also the build isnt so different, they both need CDR too so the minute I say Renekton I thought of Mordekaiser.

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I'm not exactly sure about the runes, I just concentrate on making Renekton a harrasser, his first skill also helps alot for that. CDR is for the extra boost with masteries to make him almost have 40% with items. You may notice I have chosen flat runes instead of per lvl, this is because the difference isnt great end game and you definitely need the runes at the beginning of the game where you shall harass and feed while the opposing team is healing. The seals are per lvl because the difference is huge, getting flat is just useless. at lvl 4 you have already reached the flat amount given -_-...

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I think the masteries are quite self-explanatory, it's a typical tank build, it doesnt use defense because of Renektons ability to be DPS or tank, this is more suited for both. I guess I should of made a pure tank build, but it wouldnt of had the CDR bonus or exhaust bonus. Plus the armor pentration goes well enough with Youmou's ghostblade.

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Items... This is the long part. Potions, no need to say why. Now the boots, why the boots? Because anything else you need to buy is too expensive yet, and the cheap early game items dont build into what you want. You CAN buy yourself a ruby and build it into phage after but the boots can give more survivability than hp if used well, certainly with all your handy hp regen. Force of nature of course ENTIRELY depends ont he team. If you're up against a full melee team, then obviously its useless and sunfire cape should replace it. If you have alot of trouble with them (mainly thinking of range like Caitlyn and Ashe) then buy thornmail, this works especialy well with mordekaiser, never tried it with Renekton yet, but theoreticaly should work well with his hp regen (armour gives it more value) and he can harrass more by jumping in, attacking, getting hit (hurting them for 30%) and running back, first skill heal, rinse and repeat till they cry. After your first item (sunfire force or thorn) go ahead and finish the ionian boots. I then put Youmou's ghostblade because it's good for exta harassment. If by then you are more into the 'hunt and kill' phase rather then harass phase then buy the frozen mallet before Youmou's. Either case you shall have both. Now you are at the changeable 2 item point, where you can take whatever you want. I put sunfire because it fits in with the build I put but if you had to change it because of one of the many many reasons I said above (and there are more exceptions but not bother to go on) then I trust you know what to take now. If the team is exploding you with ap then get Banshee's veil or more hp with Warmog's. I still recommend guardian angel though, thats just over all good for any character.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence isnt too complicated too understand. 2nd skill for stunning early game during the first gank (yes im one of those people who gank before minions). The stun not only does good damage but...stuns so ya its good. Then the first skill because it has the healing to it. That healing is your harassment trump card, if you get down half hp just walk back, heal, back and heal again and you should have a good amount of hp left now; during this your opponents dont have a handy healing skill and will have to go back soon enough. When you cant upgrade the first skill upgrade the third, this is your second hr***ment friend. Using slice and Dice efficiently is the key to mastering Renekton. You can slice, stun, heal, and dice back before your opponent had the time to say "OMFG".

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Summoner Spells

Don't need to explain do I? Ghost is for hunting down or running (extra survivability or attack potential), great for tank or dps. Exhaust is great for the early game gank where you have stunned the poor squishy victim and your teamates have probably stabbed or exploded every organ and then you exhaust him to rip his head off.

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Most of the builds I make tend to have the same problem, they are very slow. Force of nature certaintly isnt easy to get early game when you need to munch on those little minions. However it needs 2 regeneration pendants (whatever theyre called) and they are cheap enough to be bought early game, even before the shoes if you want (this applies if you are going to buy force of nature of course, in other words with an AP focused team). You can then abuse your health regen for harassing the opposing team and gain some advantage. I recommend not trying to harass until lvl 4 as you will then have all yours kills and lvl2 of your first skill; also the early game bursters like Caitlyn or Ryze will have less harrassing capabilities by that time as they are especialy strong early game.

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Team Work

I don't know any really good teams yet as ive only played 5 matches with Renekton. However I have noticed a good combo with nerffers (slow works well dont really need stun) and ranged. Of course a DPS goes well with your tank Renekton that's just obvious. A good, fed Renekton should be able to run after it's screaming victim, slice, stun, (heal skill), and dice towards them again as they run, with another dps running up and blasting there head off it's a dangerous combo. The slow not only help to chase them down but also gives the time needed for colldown, which shouldnt be TOO much of a problem end game. Having a healer could also work pretty well theoretically, although ive never tried the combo.

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This is a build if you make a renekton capable of becoming DPS or tank depending on the opposing team, of course it concentrates on the tank branch. Renekton is pretty new, and I'm still a noob (just became lvl 20) but using him as a tank/harasser has been a succesful strategy for me (5 wins to date, and only played with him 5 times). I like to compare champions so here is my comparison: Like Mordekaiser, he gains strength when farming, and can hunt down defenseless victims; Like Yi, he has ridiculous cooldwon early game and needs to stay back a bit before destroying his opponents; and brand new, he's a BERSERKER (not stupid wimpy berserker like Olaf), Renekton really has that genuine rage boiling in his blood and likes to unleash it on his victims! Plz say in comments if you want a DPS build by me (i can also make a hybrid build if ya want)! Also remember to pick the bits of enemy limbs out of your teeth, you dont want them to get rotten before the big showdown! xD