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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Means2end

Resilient Fighter

Means2end Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, and welcome to my visually sketchy Kayle build. This build is not for those who are only convinced that the game is all about who has the most kills at the end of the game, but who are willing to sacrifice their glory to do the more important job of actually keeping the other team from receiving too many, if any, kills. I do believe that the greatest part about this build is that it is flexible. If there is hardly any damage being dealt to yourself or your team, instead of maxing your heal, get some points in Reckoning, or Righteous Fury. You do not have to bend around this build in order to harvest its maximum potential. It is 100%, in my eyes, user friendly.

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Skill Sequence

Skills may differ between game to game, so instead of always putting one ability into my skills at the beginning, I wait until I see what I'm laning against. Most meele heroes are easily separated from their creeps, thus making it harder for them to gain levels, so I put points into Righteous Fury and Reckoning to greater use this flaw that they have. Other games I see, involve a huge push to my tower, so I start to put points into Righteous Fury and Divine Blessing to fend off the push and still be able to stay in my lane. Lastly, situations where you have a carry to do all the damage for you to get the assist, use skills like Reckoning and Divine Blessing, which helps your carry live and easily close distance with the enemy hero your trying to kill. Like I said, the game play is all up to you, I just choose to play total support, which is why I avoid getting Righteous Fury until late game.

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My runes are high in variety. That is because, like the guide says, she is Resilient, which means survive. I make sure to use every color to its fullest extent and not sacrifice any bonus in which the particular rune receives. Greater Mark of Insight, to harass players whom may be pushing your lane too much. Greater Mark of Desolation, because everyone runs out of mana every once and a while, although I do strongly recommend you try to avoid. Greater Mark of Strength, because of Kayle's passive ability, she receives 30% of her total attack damage as ability power, and she receives 15% of her ability power as attack damage. Greater Seal of Vigor, used to sacrifice your own chances of surviving in order to keep one's legendary streak still legendary. Greater Seal of Warding to keep harassing targeted at yourself to a minimum if it does so happen. Greater Seal of Resilience, because not everyone uses nukes to get kills. Greater Glyph of Replenishment to keep you in lane longer, thus making it easier to gain access to your endgame items. Greater Glyph of Potency, also to help your passive and dish out greater heals. Greater Glyph of Focus, to have faster access to your spells beginning game where survivability is key. Lastly of all three Greater Quintessences of Refreshment, because MP5, mana per 5 seconds, can mean the difference between a kill or a save, either or depending on how you want to play Kayle.

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I have tried to keep my masteries in the offensive only because it maximizes Kayle's passive ability, and added points into Utility in order to make the laning phase as easy as possible. I put more points in abilities more than physical attack, because of Kayle's Righteous Fury skill. All other points I tried to spread out evenly throughout the Tree.

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Items are greatly needed for a Kayle to be successful. Reasons for that, are to try to not only boost one side, AP or AD, but to hybrid and keep an even balance, that way, it is easy to survive a 1v1 and assist if needed in team fights, tower pushes, ect. In the beginning game, I try to just survive until I can obtain my Mana Manipulator and a few potions, using my summoner ability Teleport to make a quick comeback as to where I lose as little time as possible earning experience. After which, I tend to not keep building the same item, but try to build parts of my endgame items, to keep the enemy team guessing and trying to counter, although I highly recommend finishing your Hextech Gunblade. Great for any role you decide to play as Kayle. Like I said in the Introduction also, do not try to get exactly what I get for endgame. Games are different. What is good in one game, may not be good in others, so try to decide for yourself what to get, maybe go get a Banshee Veil instead of Stark's Fervor for survivability.

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Team Work

Being a Kayle, your ultimate can greatly decide the winning of a team fight, provided that you can detect who it is that is going to be your greatest asset in the fight. If people are being completely stupid and focusing the tank, it should be your greatest interest to make him live with your ultimate, provided that he needs it and not just a few heals. I notice that the initiators of a team are more likely to be killed, because everyone wants to be pro, ult, and get a kill to look good. Don't let them, ult a friendly target to utmost piss off your enemy team, and make them waste their abilities, while your team powerhouses through them.

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Pros / Cons

As I see it, there are many pros in this guide. That is, if you are able to notice what your team is lacking and fulfill that role, other than that, GLHF!