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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChArLeH

Ryze the Ultimate Rage

ChArLeH Last updated on August 24, 2010
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Ok This is my first build, im gonna try my hardest to make it one that can help you, i would greatly appreciate it if you gave me input and tips on how to make this build better and what i can do to improve it.

If your more comfotable with getting mejais soulstealer than rylais scepter or a deathfire grasp then you can do that too this is just what i use. But i might add soulstealer to the item list and take out one of the others, thankyou!
1. Best nuker in my eyes with massive dps
2. Has snare, who doesnt like snare?
3. Spell Flux bounces dealing masive amounts of dps
4. Overload, great finishing spell with damage linked to your mana and AP
5. Desperate Power is a great AP boost along with AoE damage

1. Squishy
2. Being silenced is a major downfall
3. Almost always targeted first

Early Game Items:
Ok, so i start off with Dorans Ring for that extra bonus damage in early game. Some go the sapphire crystal way which isnt bad but the dorans ring will hep your damage and it deffinetly makes a difference in early game especially in a gank. Once you get a Dorans Ring work on catalyst of the protector, get sapphire crystal first,then ruby crystal and then the catalyst. so once you lvl you will be replenished alog of mana and hp for a lvl 4 or 5. next work on your sorcerers shoes, these will help your damage by more than you think.

Mid-Game Items:
Once you have the catalyst get the rod of ages as soon as possible its a great AP boost. once you have gotten that first start off by getting a fiendish codex that will help your cooldown reduction, once you have that work on getting deathfire grasp which if your fighting tanks is an awesome item to have. on this next item i would save the extra 440 gold and get the blasting wand before the tome just for an extra boost of AP while your farming gold for Void staff. void staff is another great item like sorc shoes because of the magic pen. which does is increase yoru damage more than you think.

NOTE: you might not get void staff in mid game might be start of late game before you get the void staff

Late Game Items:
ok so now that you have a good build for damage and can kill people fairly well especially if there not a tank, try and get a zhonyas ring, now usually id say get needlesly large rod first but this isnt just 400 gold to upgrade its another 800 so get a blasting wand unless your close in gold for the rod, then get the other item that you havent bought and finally upgrade to zhonyas ring, amazing AP boost its 120 plus 25% which is alot of AP, now that you have zhonyas go ahead and get to about 1000 gold and sell your dorans ring and get a giants belt i mean yea its not AP but ryze being aquishy it helps him stay alive. once you get the gold for rylais crystal sceptre, get it. it might seem a little late in the game for it but its just that extra item that i was looking for once you get the main build down.

Early Game Strategy:
Ok so if your going to gank make sure they there are 2 of them next to each other or stand next to them using spell flux, at level one this is alot of damage, as long as you have a teammate with you the enemy wont last. Now if they are runnign and its by themselves and they have 25% hp and u think u can take them with spell flux yoru wrong because it wont do that much damage with one bounce i mean if they have low hp u might as well give it a try but conserve your mana, once you get a catalyst and sorc shoes and hit lvl 3-5 area you can start dealign massive amounts of damage and your enemy wont last unless of course they are a tank. even early game a tank cant defend it yet until they item upgrade.

Spell Combo for lvl 3-5:
1. Spell Flux
2. Rune Prison- make sure you get this of within a second of casting spell flux
4.Spell Flux- even if this one is necessary

Mid-Game Strategy:
Ok now that you have your ult and AP and magic pen you can really get down to business.
But keep in mind that you need to get your zhonyas so dont get greedy and tower dive if you think you can kill them. Make sure that if you can stay by a teammate or preferably a tank so he can taunt them so you dont get ganked because in a 2v2 or 3v2 they will shut you down first.Plus if you have your Deathfire Grasp your gonna really dominate. if your looking to kill a solo and they are a semi squishy character, you can do it with this, use your deathfire grasp, then desperate power,then spell flux then rune prison then overload and if you can get another spell flux off again if its even necessary.

Spell Combo:
1.Desperate Power
2.Spell Flux
3.Rune Prison
5.Spell FLux again if you can

Late Game Strategy:
Now that you have Zhonyas your set but still get rylais scepter lol. i never use zhonyas acitve but sometimes its helpful. if your in the middle of a gank you might want to actiavte it, it will save you. just make sure not to waste it and that while its active you cant move or attk, just remember that. once you have zhonyas and rylais your build is complete unless you want to swap items out and do whatever but that would be a long match.
Also for alot of the new players, remember to sell dorans ring once you need an upgrade and dont have the room.
Same spell combo as mid game unless you want to switch it up and do rune prison first.

Thankyou for reading my guide and using my build if you do. This is my FIRST guide so it probobaly isnt the best you've seen but i will be updating it as i work on it. Please vote on the build if you would like it will help me on how i am doing and i would greatly appreciate it if you gave me tips and suggestions to improve my guide so that it can become better. Thankyou all for using my build.