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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intoccabil3


Intoccabil3 Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Chapter 1

Let's start: why play Shyvana? Easy: she's pretty fun to play, she won't ever run out of mana and she has a nice innate magic resist and armor and she can dominate against all champs apart kog, graves and karthus till lvl 6, then u have no problems.

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Chapter 2

For runes I take armor penetration mark, armor seals, magic resist glyphs and armor penetration quintessences. Even attack speed marks and quintessences are good on her, and if u already own them, even ability power per level glyphs are good.

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Chapter 3

For masteries I take the classic 21/0/9, improving the spells I use if I can.

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Chapter 4

For summoner's spells I take cleanse and flash, the fist cuz I've seen she becomes an easy target with a bit of crowd control, the second doesn't need explanation, I hope. I even take exhaust and ghost or ignite and ghost, they're good on her.
Which spells never take: fortify: let it to tanks; smite: u r a good farmer, u don't need it; rally and clairvoyance: let it to supports.
I let something about the incoming spell, surge: it could be a great choice in team fights and before using your ultimate, so when season 2 comes, at least try it.

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Chapter 5

For build, u can start with a doran's blade, but if u don't have problems not having up take boots. I play her as a midder(I'll explain why later) if there isn't anyone like karthus or kennen or cait in my team, so if u mid don't think at boots. After berseker's greaves I go for an hextech gunblade, for some extra damage in all and an ap boost to maximize the damage from my ultimate. Then I lead for a madred bloodrazor if they have some1 that builds a lot of hp, or a black cleaver. After that I buy a guinsoo's rageblade and I end with an infinity edge. If u still have money buy a last whisper, or what u think u need. Some reliable's items are banshee's; guardian angel; sunfire cape. In dominion I take berserker greaves, sanguine blade, trinity force and phantm dancer, if u still have money take what u want.

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Chapter 6

The skill sequence is the same on the spotlight, so w q e maxing w first then q then e taking ultimate when I can, but if u feel like it u can take w q e then max q then w then e, but don't do that if u'r the midder, cause u need the move speed burst from w for ganking.

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Chapter 7

Why I go mid? 1 I'm not good jungling, but if u want do it till lvl 6 then gank and lastly go back in your lane. I don't go duo lane cause I always kill all minions, and it isn't good 4 my mate, and cause I am a great ganker, after that, do what u want. In teamfights, go back your enemies and activate your w, then your ultimate and then spam all your abilities, prioritizing e before all others cuz your passive and the armor reduction. Remember that u are Shyvana, u can double kill 2 v 1 if u have ultimate. What about ? U can easy solo the dragon and all monsters when u have your hextech gumblade, expecially red buff, but don't stay too much away from your lane.

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Chapter 8

Please leave a comment, and try to leave it after u tried the build. Thank u 4 reading and good luck!