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Sona Build Guide by Crossofdefeat

Sona Aura Support

By Crossofdefeat | Updated on October 12, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


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This build focuses on supplying auras to fully support your team in team fights, with this build you can support your team with short cooldowns for your heal and speed auras, as well as providing the basic auras to make the enemy team more vaulnerable.
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I go for the 0/9/21 build specing into reduced cooldown on CV as it saves me having to ward constantly.

I take 3 points in Health and mana regen and 1 point in reduced death timer as i find the hp and mana regen is vital and the 1 point in reduced death timer is really a filler point but does come in handy.

I max out the mana regen and experince bonus in the tier 2 of the utility tree, this allows for a heavy sustain and quick lvling once again with tier 3 i only take the mana regen as the sustain it provides is nice.

I take the 1 point in base move speed increase for early game, but with flash and having speed aura maxed rather early it isnt a necessity.

Tier 5 i max out the reduced cooldowns and the CV cooldown reduction as this enables me to spam my heal and speed auras as well as have crescendo on a shorter cooldown for those hazy situations. Having the CV cooldown enables scouting the map to be done quicker and allows for me to have to ward less.

Taking the Tier 6 option of reduced summoner cooldowns greatly increases my survivability and map scouting as CV has a short cooldown so i can spot ganks and flash is on a shorter cooldown so i can escape easier.

For the defense tree I take in tier 1 Resistance and hardness, maxing both these for the survivability options.

In Tier 2 I take Strength of Spirit for the mana regen and health regen as they both allow me to sustain in lane better.
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The runes used are straight Magic resist Marks, straight cooldown reduction Seals and straight ability power blues, with armor per level quints. This grants some straight out defense to keep you alive and sustain in team fights.
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Summoner Spells

I take flash for the escape method and cv for the vision, its helps a lot to coutner ganks and watch for dragon and baron control. By specing into reduced cd on it, you are able to keep it up in a pretty much constant fasion.

I've tried ghost for escaping, i dont think it worked as well and really hindered my gameplay. As far as switching out CV you could go for ignite but i prefer having the ability to counter ganks and watch the map without having to ward very often.
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Starting out with mana manipulator allows for a good sustain in lane with your laning partner, though there are two options to take here, if you are laning with someone who doesn't use mana then the meki is a better option over mana manipulator, but if you are laning with someone who uses mana then the manipulator allows for great sustain in lane.

The second choice of chalice of harmony allows you to have a constant flow of mana, with that and mana manipulator, you can pretty much never run out of mana and are able to sustain in team fight rather well.

The third item being here will of the ancients is used for its aura bonus, though once again there are two options here. If you are playing with an AD heavy team then it is best to go with Starks Fevor as the Melee lifesteal outweighs the spell vamp, however is you are playing with an AP heavy team then the spell vamp is more benificial.

The fourth item, Frozen heart is a necessity and is key to this build. The cooldown reduction allows you to spam even more then before, adding onto that the aura of a 20% move speed reduction to your enemey, this is extremely deadly when used in combination with your skills, combining your speed aura with the slow proc from power chords in conjunction with frozen heart is a deadly combination when chasing.

Later on upgrading your mana manipulator into a Soul Shroud will give you some added survivability in team fights and still sustain that mana aura, which i find is rather handy.

The abyssal scepter is once again used to buff your team in team fights as the Magic Resistance reduction on the enemy team really helps with nuking, the added ap is just a bonus i find.

Usually i dont buy boots, but when i do its usually level one boots dont bother upgrading because usually by the time i get around to it the other teams surrendered or we've gged it.
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Skill Sequence

    Aria of Preservance - Starting out with this allows me and my lane partner. I do max this first in the end

    Song of Celerity - Taking this at level two allows me to slow for ganks and the added move speed helps with escaping for both my lane partner and myself and it also helps with chasing down targets. I max this second in terms of leveling skills.

    Aria of Preservance - Again the heal to sustain my lane partner and myself.

    Song of Celerity - This still allows for good escapes and the added slow from power chord procs is very nice for ganking. Like i said the move speed i find really helps early on, i prefer to take it over the damage.

    Aria of Preservance - Still maxing out heal first, since it saves so many lives in team fights and by now the laning phase is over so team fights are starting to count more.

    Crescendo - Of course the ultimate at level 6, 11, 16

    Aria of Preservance - Still maxing out heal first, since it saves so many lives in team fights and by now the laning phase is over so team fights are starting to count more.

    Song of celerity - Im still taking this before the damage as it really does save lives in team fights and also gets people kills as they can chase and get away very easy with this leveld highly

    Song of Preservance - Still maxing out heal

    Hymn of Valor - Now i take the damage, as it heads towards late midgame the damage really helps out in team fights, though i try not to proc it for Power Chord, as i prefer the utility from Celerity and Preservance

    Crescendo - Its the ulti, take it at 11

    Song of Celerity - Once again the utility is nice from its proc and maxing it fast I really find helps

    Hymn of Valor - Start maxing this, switching between Celerity and Valor each level.

    Song of Celerity

    Hymn of Valor


    Hymn of Valor

    Hymn of Valor
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Creeping / Jungling

With this build i really dont creep much unless my carry isnt in lane. It relys on ***its in order to get the gold for items, so the itemisation maybe slow but its worth it in the end.
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Team Work

This build is built for supporting in team fights, with heal and speed maxed out quickly you really provide some nice ***it for your team. Crescendo when used right, can prevent an escape or save a team mate, back this up with speed aura and the slow from its power chord proc and you can really save lives.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Crossofdefeat
Crossofdefeat Sona Guide

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Sona Aura Support
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