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Sona Build Guide by BunnyFun

Sona for Dominion

By BunnyFun | Updated on October 29, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Pros / Cons

* extreme burst
* supports by default, even playing aggressive AD your songs still help those around you whether you choose to enhance them or not
* Stun is a fight winner
* power cord with AD build = ouch
* great with teamwork, good defender on points
* if you are ignored at all during team fights the enemy will pay dearly for it

* Same as classic, susceptible to champions who can jump on you and stun you in a hurry
* some games people decide Sona will NOT beat them period and you end up constantly piled on the moment you show up to any fight
* can have many troubles with a skilled Shaco
* not good for charging headfirst into battle
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So I constantly hear Sona??? Why Sona?? Sona in Dominion LOL This is my first guide, feel free to suggest things :)

Truth is anyone who knows will know the dirty little secret that Sona when built and played aggressively can be a nightmare. I use an AD Sona build that is meant to have a little bit of AP from her spec and Trinity Force to give her nuke that extra bump. Fact is her nuke is nasty whether you buff it up or not, so no reason to not build up her already strong AD powers and make her a burst machine. People often turn and run when Sona removes over 1/2 their HP bar in one nuke + power chord attack.
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Armor penetration runes since we are focusing on being an AD Sona. Fact is many times you can't sit around toe to toe but your ability to kite and constantly power chord someone is plenty and the armor pen really helps. Dodge is what I use but honestly almost anything can go here and be fine, a good option are flat armor runes to make you much more durable when taking top to start the game. Cooldown runes, flat or level based either one are good, we are not support Sona but much of Sona's power comes from playing those songs in a cycle fast as you can. For the Quintessences I shift back and forth between more armor pen and speed, forced to pick though I'd go with the further armor pen.
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We are aggressive range using burst Sona of doom. So load up on the offense and the other 8 points spend at your discretion. I normally use the +5% xp to rush my abilities up, good hands or perseverance are really a matter of taste, but I love Ghost so will always enhance it.
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I start with Phage, crazy perhaps. But you can reach top in time for the battle still and the extra HP and damage help most in that very first battle. After that boots of speed and a vampiric scepter. From there I almost always go with Boots of Lucidity to speed up my casting and from there rush my way to Trinity Force. That is what I consider the basic core. After this it depends on the game but most games I will go right into building my Infinity Edge. At this point your offense is pretty stout and it really turns into a matter of purely how the game is going.

If you need some extra resistance from CC, build Cloak and Dagger. I don't see many people using this item but it is cheap in cost, gives you resilience and the extra +20% to crit works great for this Sona.

But to sum up ever game I try to have Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Trinity Force, Infinity Edge and Vampiric Scepter. From there use your discretion.
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Skill Sequence

Hymn of Valor to 5, asap

Upgrade your Ult every time you can of course.

The other two are completely up to you, up whichever when you want and how you want. Even though I listed the Aria first here, I more often up Song of Celerity before it. More speed on Dominion is a key to winning.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost, useful for escaping, for catching people, for rushing to a turret to defend it, for rushing to cap a turret, the uses for this spell on Dominion are endless.

Exhaust, extremely useful spell. It will turn 1v1 fights in your favor, prevent people escaping, great spell. Of course others are useful so if you find something works better for you use it and share why?
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* People think of Sona as a squishy very easy kill(which is true at times, lol). But use this to your advantage, constantly kite them, draw them onto a turret with you then stun them or exhaust them. I bait people onto turrets with me to die constantly, Sona can win even 2v1 this way easily if overly aggressive melee charge you and they are very prone to charge you. Something about Sona just screams "kill me" to them.

* Sona can kite very well, watch for when enemies give up the chase, your nuke and your power chord auto attack will reach way out and touch them. You can make people pay for underestimating you in a hurry.

* Dominion so make sure your main focus is on the turrets and defense not rampaging around trying to kill everyone. Be liberal with your stun, unlike the classic map there are much less game tilting team fights to save it for. So use it to mess up every single person who thinks they can beat you 1v1 or mistakes you for an easy gank.
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I could post a very long list, but these give the idea of just how well you can do if you use her right.

League of Legends Build Guide Author BunnyFun
BunnyFun Sona Guide

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Sona for Dominion
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