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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shogari

Sona the... Tank? Wait, what?

Shogari Last updated on April 14, 2011
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At this point you're likely thinking, "WTF is this @#$%?! I'm outta here" Just bear with me a moment, it'll make a bit more sense. Take a minute and just give it a chance. This build is not meant to give Sona nice, busty..... er, bursty heals or damage. (Freudian slip) It is not going to turn you into a solo killing machine. It IS meant to turn you into an indispensable addition to a team fight that virtually guarantees all five of you walk away and steam roll your way down mid like an unstoppable force. I've been having a lot of success with this build. It's something your opponents will not expect, and will hate you for as they fall to your team's onslaught.

This build adds to Son's preexisting auras, gives her the durability to stay in the fight, and the resources to keep spells going fast and furious. You won't be the hero, but deep down, you'll know you were the reason your team was a freight train.

Yes, you can build Sona so she packs a punch.... but that is not what she is intended for! If you want to get kills, pick a DPS champion. Sona is a support champion, and this build supports like no other.

During the laning phase, you'll not be doing a lot of pushing, but neither will they. Your job will be purely to keep them at bay. Harass and heal is the name of the game. Do your best to score last hits, using your Hymn if need be. Sona is not great for earning a lot of gold, so you'll need to make every bit count.

Once you've built Frozen Heart and Aegis of the Legion, gather up your team and start to move as a group. You'll be pushing towers and getting kills like nobody's business. Momentum is now the new game. Cycle your Auras nonstop to maximize the effect. Wait until the fight has started and launch your Crescendo. I've seen too many Sonas pop their ultimate too soon. Wait until you've got them surrounded. No sense of having them stunned when they wouldn't be damaging you anyway. Keep yourself positioned at the edge, and keep moving! Circle the outer edge of the battle and watch them fall.

*Important* Make sure you inform your team. Let them know about your plan, and make sure they are going to be willing to group up and bring the team fight to the enemy.

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Pretty standard here. Magic Pen Marks to make your Hymn of Valor Pack and Crescendo pack a bit more punch. Mana Regen/Level Seals to keep your mana up into late game, and Mana Regen Quintessences for the early game. Finally, CDR Glyphs to keep you cycling auras faster. It's been my experience that more heals with Sona are as good as, if not better than, big heals.

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First, grab a Meki's Pendant. This will help you stay effective in lane long enough to make the 630 gold it takes to buy Tear of the Goddess. Your mana regen and cooldown reduction at this point should let you build up your mana pools pretty quickly. Boots of Swiftness are next, as they will let you better escape/chase/help a teammates/etc.

This is where things deviate from the norm. Frozen Heart is a wicked item to pick up. With your Glyphs and Masteries, you will now be at about 36% CDR, which will make your life a lot easier. The debuff to your enemies will mean your allies stay up longer. Aegis of the Legion, along with your Arias aura will do a lot to blunt the damage your team takes. Banshees veil for the pesky casters and now you can handle physical and magic damage. Guardian Angel will put you right back in the fight if you do happen to be taken down. Finish of you Archangel's Staff and you will notice a nice jump in your damage and heal outputs...... if the game is still going on, that is.

If you are starting to dominate, you might want to swap out Guardian Angel for Abyssal Scepter/Will of the Ancients/ Stark's Fervor (depending on team compositions). Just to help end things a bit faster.

I'm currently testing adding in Abyssal Scepter sooner into the build for a bit more oomph to heals and damage.

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Skill Sequence

Grab Hymn first for early lane harass. Aria next to heal up you and your laning partner. Grab a point in Song so you can start building you mana pool effectively with Tear of the Goddess. Max Aria first for survivability, Hymn next to help your team in a more offensive manner. Song is last as you shouldn't need to do a lot of chasing.

Once you have Tear of the Goddess, you should be popping spells almost constantly while you're still in lane. Clarity and mana regen will keep you topped up, and the boost to your mana pool will bee a good help later on.

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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance is way more amazing than I first gave it credit for. Clairvoyance the enemy summoner platform right off the bat, and you should be able to set up your own lanes to best counter their setup. Use it in lane to prevent ganks. With the short cooldown, you should never be caught off guard.

Clarity is mostly for the early game. It will keep you in lane, healing your partner and harassing the enemy. Unless you're about to go back for items, you'll usually want to pop it the second it's up. Late game, if you do find yourself low, likely because your team hasn't stopped for a more than a few seconds, top yourself up and keep going.

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If you wanna be the hero, this build is not for you. If you want to win, do it up. Sure, you might not get the glory, but consistent victory is far more sweet.

Also, this is my first build so criticism is appreciated, so long as it's constructive. I'll update to fill this out and improve it, both content and visuals. Give this build a try, you might be surprised!