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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omnidream

Speedy death

Omnidream Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Okay this is my first build so please forgive me if it's a bit sloppy. Basically the way this build is set up is so that Tristana can solo fairly well starting out and allows her to harass enemy champions and push lanes at the same time.


Starting out with Vampiric Scepter allows Tris to stay in her lane longer before being forced back to base to heal which means more exp and more levels before the other team.

The second item you'll want to get is either Boots of Mobility or Madred's Razors. It depends on what champions the enemy team is using and what build. I normally aim for Boots first to prevent ganks and then grab Madred's to help push creep. I've seen so many Tris builds without Madred's and it's madness. The chance to blast creep is incredible especially paired with Tristana's passive, Explosive Shot.

The next move it to get some attack speed in there to help press those creeps and champions back, Stark's is a good choice for that, but you can also opt to finish out Madred's Bloodrazor first. Personally, I go for Stark's because Madred's Razors effects suit me just fine until mid game.

At this point i like to grab Phantom Dancer for the crit chance, the movement speed and dodge.

Frozen Mallet is one of the major items in this build because the biggest problem you're gonna have is enemy champions trying to run from your devastating attacks, you can't always rely on your own movement speed, you must cripple theirs!

In the end game if you have lots of money left, there are a few thing you can do. If my base is badly damaged, I tend to buy lots of sight wards or vision ward (depending if the ememy champions have invis) and set up an area that allows me to see all attacks before they even know they are attacking. This allows me to find out who to target and where and allows my team for some good late game ganks.

If my towers are doing fine and I have money, I sell my Boots of Mobility to make The Black Cleaver, and then I repurchase my boots. The Cleaver allows for a bit more armor penetration and really allows Tristana to cut into those annoying tank types.


The skill build is all up to the user, but I think this skill build is effective because Tris can be built to push lanes better than almost every other champion if done right.

To do so, she MUST rely on her passive, Explosive Shot. As stated before, Explosive Shot paired with Madred's Razor is godly for pushing back lanes. Explosive shot is also good for harassing enemy champions as it not only reduces health of time, but it also cuts healing/regen effects by 50%, which is especially effective on champions Vlad or Warwick. It allows Tris to do some decent early game damage to champions while the passive takes care of minions.

Another important skill is Rapid Fire, it covers for those early game moments where you need a little extra haste to press a tower or attack a champion.

My build doesn't focus on early leveling on Rocket Jump because in early game I only use Rocket Jump to run away from enemy ganks or to catch up to a fleeing champion rather than to damage champions (unless it's a sure kill on jump). The reason for this is because when I first started playing with Tristana, I found out rather quickly that if I start my attack with a jump, sometimes things go very badly if I seem to have bitten off more than I can handle. If I save my Rocket Jump, I can almost always jump out of range or over a physical barrier to escape. Many players call me a garbage coward, both on my team and enemy team, but staying alive is way better than dying in a blaze of glory.

Buster Shot is wonderful. With Buster Shot and Rocket Jump used effectively it's pretty hard to get ganked. Aside from it's defensive advantages, it makes an excellent weapon. It's always fun to jump behind enemy lines and Buster Shot a champion into your allies or into the range of a tower. Buster Shot is a life saver. If an enemy is using Nunu and uses an Ult on your team, a Buster Shot to the face will tell him clearly "No Thank you, we don't want any". Many times I've had to use Buster Shot to push back enemy champions chasing after my critically wounded allies. Don't worry about using Buster Shot at a bad time the cooldown is fast enough it really doesn't matter much.


Heal and Revive. I totally suck at targeting on skills like ignite and exhaust and most of the time ghost isn't enough for me to catch up to fleeing champions or to run away when I'm wounded. So the simple solution is to not use those spells.

Heal - Wow, free health, love it, because sometimes lifesteal just isn't enough and every time I don't have heal and I die with one shot left on an enemy champion I kick myself and scream "If only I had Heal you'd be dead"

Revive - Everyboy calls me a noob for using it, enemies, allies, my mom, everyone. I don't care. It's great. I don't care how good you think you are, I don't even care how good you actually are, everyone will die at some point in their LoL career, with Revive, it won't matter so much. I cannot tell you how many times my team has been obliterated and the enemy team has pushed our base. I click revive, I jump into the middle of them, and then rapid fire, and a Buster Shot (if needed), and every kill or assist Rocket Jump is back up to inflict even more pain. If for some reason the enemy team isn't roughed up after obliterating my team, I can use revive and defend a tower by holding off minions with Explosive Shot and if the tower is getting too low, I can force back champions with Buster Shot.

Anyways, this is my build for Tris as of right now. As long as I don't get tag teamed early or my allies aren't feeders, this build normally makes Tristana into force to be reckoned with.

If you notice any major errors or have any suggestions to point out, please leave comments and let me know.