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Talon Build Guide by vittoleon

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vittoleon

Talon- A solid anticarry

vittoleon Last updated on August 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I started playing Talon from the moment he released. Since then I've played nearly 200ranked games with him. I havent been playing that much talon as of late because his laning phase is not that strong top and its can be annoying to get your team to pick an ap top so you can go mid. However since very few people play talon he can still be a surprise effect mid when you one shot an ap and snowball with good roaming.

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Pros / Cons

+ very good burst
+ Good harasser in lane
+ Can farm waves with W with enough ad.
+ Very good and cool ultimate
+ Can kill enemy squishies in seconds and get away with it.
+ Escape artist (near impossible to gank if ultimate is off cd).
+ good anti-ap mid

- Needs items
- Expensive items
- Very vulnerable to cc and exhaust
- Can be countered hard with enough armor and oracle + exhaust.
- Can't go 1v1 against bruisers and is very reliant on his ultimate for burst.
- Hard laning phase top against some frequent picks.

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For runes I go with my standard armor penetration runes for reds and quintessences. I assume going AD reds and quints might work better with brutalizer and a last whisper but I dont have the IP to buy new runes just to test this. Armor yellows and magic resist blue's help me survive a lot early and in teamfights.

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I'm not very good at masteries but just go for the usual offensive masteries. Depending on your lane opponent you can go armor or mr on defensive tree aswell.

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For items you can start either with boots + pots or with dorans. Boots is the safer choice but against more defensive enemies you can get dorans and start pounding them from lvl 2 with W+Q+aa combo's and just get them down for a lvl 4 kill. If you went boots its usually a good idea to get a dorans or 2 when you b first (if you cant buy brutalizer yet) to get some health going.

Be sure to always have some healthpots with you. Talon has no selfhealing abilities so you will almost always need them. After boots and dorans you should rush that brutalizer. It will increase your dmg soo much you will think you got baron. Cdr arp and dmg are the 3 best stats on talon. After brutalizer get your boots. Cdr boots if you think you are safe, mercs if you have AP or strong stuns against you.

Then you can either go for the bloodthirster + LW combo for maximum dmg. However against teams with cc this puts you in a very risky situation. You can also go for trinity force but then you will need some lifesteal to sustain. The items really depend on how many kills/farm you have, enemy setup, your setup, etc. Basicly find a good balance between offensive and survivability, but heavily hanging towards damage because without it you wont be able to burst something down and you dont have the sustain do be useful without burst.

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Skill Sequence

I level W first because it does a lot of damage and helps you clear waves against hard enemies like garen and irelia. After W go Q for more dmg (since you're an assassin). E is a bit of a one point wonder and with brutalizer and cdr boots you dont really need the reduced cooldowns of higher ranks yet.

You have 2 possible skill sequences. The first one is E - W - aa - Q - R. This will silence the enemy giving you time to do your W and Q then you ult giving him no chance to do anything back. If possible stay in stealth for a sec or 2 (Run towards his escape route) so your Q and W get off cd if you have to finish him off.

The second skill sequence is W - E - Q. This is more of a harass sequence. You first poke him from range then charge in (this will stack bot passive and E dmg bonus then follow up with an autoattack + Q combo. If done well you are out of melee range before he even knew what just happened to him (or can do anything because of the silence.)

Once you have brutalizer dont be affraid to use your ultimate to clear waves if you want to back to buy. The cooldown is short and it will almost be up again when you return.

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A great passive for an assassin. You will not notice this in fights but dont worry, it's there and it's hurting. Works great with your W and trinity force/red buff.

A great damage boosting spell. Use this to harass, to last hit if needed and in your combo's. It does good damage and resets your attack timer. Spam this when you are hitting a tower to boost your damage. At lvl 2 this spell does amazing dmg in little pokes combined with an autoattack. ABUSE IT.

IMPORTANT: When facing stealth champions this reveals them for a short time. So if you face akali or other talons or other champions that have these short invisible spells time this well to counter them.

Your first spell to max. Aoe, good damage, low mana cost, slows, decent cooldown. Overall a great spell. It works a lot like sivirs boomerang. so try to hit your targets twice with it (It's almost impossible to not hit someone twice with it tho)

This spell will make casters hate you. A charge with silence and damage buff all in one. Early levels the cooldown on it is very long. But lategame rank 5 with some cdr you can almost spam it.

One of the most interesting and fun abilities in the game. On activate it throws out daggers around him damaging champions and minions and giving stealth and speed boost for a few seconds. When you attack or activate ultimate again or the stealth is over the blades return to you damaging everything again. Great ultimate to clear minions, amazing burst ultimate, very nice to avoid being focused in teamfights and great for chasing and escaping. you Will need some practice to use this in the best way possible.

Note that if you flash behind enemies while stealthed the blades will follow you. So if someone flashes out of your ult to survive move towards them in stealth (+40% speed) then flash behind them to finish.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is an obvious choice and combined with your ulti speed boost, your E charge and your yuumuu's this makes you either extremely hard to kite or extremely hard to catch.
Exhaust and ignite are both good spells. I use ignite because it gives you more kill potential which is never bad on an assassin and it gives you a way to get kills on high selfheal champs like irelia and warwick.

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First of all talon should never be picked first. Right now he is a counterchampion and he is very vulnerable to counterpicks.


Top talon has a lot of hard lanes. Mainly because the combination of wriggles and ninja tabi basicly make his burst useles against bruisers. Against most opponents you should be able to farm but you will most likely not win the lane. However if you do force them back to shop you can push their tower fast (Q is really good for pushing) then you can start roaming jungle and mid. If you cant trade with your lane opponent try clearing waves with rake if you have enough ad (careful if you dont cause then you will leave caster minions on really low health).

Dangerous lanes are Irelia (HELL), Yorrick, Lee sins, Malphite, renekton, shen. +- any champ building armor will be hard to trade against, but these champs will also be able to deny you a lot of creeps because they outsustain/harass you or just straight up burst you down (renekton, lee, irelia).


Mid is a better spot for talon if you can get one of your teammates to go ap top (ryze, kennen, swain ,etc). However, you do not counter ALL ap carries. Some ap's like xerath, morgana, ryze, sion will actually be able to either survive your burst or make your life hell before you are ready to make their life a hell. Against most ap's be careful first levels, once you have your full combo at lvl 3/4 you can start harassing with your combo (W, E Q) and at lvl 6 you can burst down most casters. The good thing here is, if you kill them once, you own them. There is no return for ap's against fed talon. If howered your ap plays defensive and just farms you must abuse your strong ganking potential to gank bot and toplane and contest as many jungle as possible.


Can work at lower elo/ fun games with offensive support like taric/alistar/leona, but in decent ranked games the poke will just be too much to handle and you will lose out too many cs.


Because of talons weak toplane and the difficulty to get your soloqueue team organised enough to go mid I more and more move myself to the jungle. As you would expect your jungling is a very gank oriented style. Especially camping mid and bot since top will not be killable without red or HEAVY overextending (or really strong laner on your side).

I usually start boots, ask for a HUGE pull on blue so I dont have to smite then do red and gank mid at lvl 3. Your full combo with red gives a 100% flash/low health. (bit like shaco). For a build it depends how good I gank. If I get kills/assists I usually get 2 dorans into normal talon build, since wriggles just destroys your midgame. However if your lanes arent giving you kills you will have to get wriggles or gp5's to keep up in gold since talon isnt a very fast jungler without it.

If your early went well you can +- play like a normal talon game and snipe people in teamfights. If however you didnt manage to get much done and you are behind (you will be), focus on splitpushing towers and disrupting enemy teams play (you're +- a shaco at this point).

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Team Fights

In teamfights it's your job to take out the dangerous squishies. You ARE NOT a tank, and you are DEFINATLY not the engager. If you want to engage play Irelia. position yourself before a teamfight so you can jump straight on the most fed carries (Ap carry is best with your silence). Wait for engage, then jump in with E, do your W for slow and damage then your Q, if they switch to you cast your ultimate so they cant target (if they dont have oracle else still do it for the burst), position yourself in a spot where you can escape and release the second part of your ultimate. With ignite if they arent being spamhealed or they dont have armor/giants belt they should be dead. The tricky part here is the use of the ultimate. To make it work best you have to position yourself so you hit as many people as possible with the blades. This requires some practice so dont be ashamed to spam your ult in normals to look for the best use.

If after that you have good health jump on another low health target or second carry and keep hurting. Keep your flash to get out. With this build you have enough burst to take a carry out and get away or at least force a lot of damage so your real carries can do their work.

If you have been focused after your jump on the carry flash/yuumuu's active away and wait for a chance to swoop back in later to clean up. Talon is one of the best cleaners in the game easily matching akali. With your silence charge you can kill other low people before they can react.

If you are low you can easily stay around the fight and try to catch someone alone who tries to recall or farm up. Therefor its very important to have enough wards in jungle area's so you can move around knowing where everyone is.

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Talon isnt in a great spot right now, he is turned into a very game-specific counterpick which has a lot of trouble against too many opponents mainly because of his lack of sustain and the huge amount of armor items early game for bruisers. Lets all hope for a slight buff OR a wriggles nerf soon.