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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrimReaper

The Critical Mass Beast

GrimReaper Last updated on September 13, 2010
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Now at first glance most will say, "This build is WAY too expensive." Now I will be the first to admit that this build is VERY expensive. In fact, if you get everything, this will cost you....calculating...16000g, that is alot. I know this, you know this, but if you follow it, you will be fine with the amount of gold. Some of you will think that some of my items make no sense, such as the Tiamat, but the Tiamat is a beastly minon farming tool. Hitting up to 4 enemies as once, and killing them, and will give you gold up the Ying-Yang. (haha)
ok for the game breakdown.

    Early Game:
    1) Buy the Brawler's Gloves, with the runes and the Mastery Build, you start off with 10-15% Critical Hit Chance.
    2) DO NOT GET TO FAR FROM YOU'RE TOWER!!! You are very prone to getting ganked. For some reason everyone hates Tryanamere. :(
    3) Go back to your base when you get, oh 1100-1500g. To get this amount you can Jungle, farm minions, or kill champions, doesn't matter. I like to farm minions or jungle, because you cannot hit hard enough, fast enough to do the damage that you need to, unless you have someone helping you, which is rare in non-arranged games. Most people, although you can bring most champions down to 25% or less, even fighting 2v1, odds against you, will just sit there and watch you die, it is infuriating, so i like to farm minions and take my opportunities where and when i can. Once back at your home base, purchase Zeal and another Dagger. This should put you roughly at 12-17% Crit Chance, 1.1-ish attack speed, and around 350 movement speed. Now i bet you are thinking that you can start attacking Champs without fear....
    4) Well since by this time, unless you got First Blood, if so congratulations, you should be lvl 6, welcome to one of the most broken Ults in the game, Endless Rage. Now you can start engaging the other team's champs without too much worry, but you have to be reserved in activating it. Do not activate it unless you are at 15-20% health and you cannot kill the champion before he or she kills you. If you activate Endless Rage then engage the enemy, it will usually burn out before the end of the skirmish, or you will kill him or her without needing it activated, thus you wasted one of the best Ults in the game for nothing, and you have to play defensively for another 100 secs before you can go back on the offensive.
    5) If you follow my advice, and start really harassing and killing the enemy, your gold income should have at least doubled, if not tripled, with the killing for champs and being able to lay waste to the enemy minions with out to much interference from your lane enemy champions, you should be able to get Cloak of Agility, which will increase your crit chance by another 18%, give you a critical hit every 1/3, roughly, attack. BUT BE WARNED!! With your ablilty to harass, you stand the very good chance to be ganked by the champions from the other lanes, if you see enemy champions missing for more then 10 secs, retreat to so brush or to your tower until the MIA champions are back on the grid.

    And now for the Mid-Game:
    1) By now you should have Zeal with a Cloak and a Dagger, or Phantom Dancer, hopefully a Phantom Dancer, because you are going to need Damage, a lot of damage.
    2) Once you get the Phantom Dancer you will be chilling with a 32-40% crit chance, 1.35-1.45 attack speed, and running at 390-405 movement speed, making you move fast, good for chasing down your prey and getting away from ganks, attack fast, no explanation needed, good critical hit chance, again no explanation needed, so now you need Attack Damage, I Always, ALWAYS, go for Infinity Edge, although the 4080g is steep, the passive and damage/crit main is an extreme plus. Get the Pick-Axe first, the extra +25 damage is a must for the continuing of your rampage. Now you can chose between the B.F. Sword or the Cloak. They're pros and cons to each, so you will need to use your best judgement of the situation at hand.
    3) At this point you are probably being harassed heavily by enemy ganking and such. So, unless you are having no opposition at all, go jungle and kill all the neutral creeps, but keep a close eye on your tower you are protecting, and teleport back to it when ever a wave of creeps, or a champ or two shows up and start attacking it and clear them out for gold and prizes (haha)
    4) So after some time of this, you probably have Edge now, so now you can chose between Taimat or Sword of the Occult, if you are killing champs without dying very much, the go with Occult, if you need gold, go taimat.

    And For the End Game:
    1) Well, if your team is going well, you are probably about to win, if your team is having a bad day, you might be losing, if either of these scenarios are applicable to you, stop reading, you dont need any more help, your game is over, but, if your game is a brutal death match where no one is gaining any ground, and teams are trash talking to each other, then welcome to the Black Cleaver.
    2) By now you should have both Occult and Taimat, and with Edge you are probably doing 132-232 damage and 425-600 crit damage, probably mostly critical hits as well, with 55-65% crit chance or higher. so you should be racking up gold and kills. so now you should pick up the Cleaver, which will put you up to 207-307 damage and 600-800 crit damage,
    3) By now if you still haven't won or lost, go for another Cleaver or a Bloodletter, up to you.

    Key Items that you must get:


    any other items you get is completely up to you, if you are struggling to stay alive, do not get Occult, instead go for Bloodrazor or The Rageblade.

Well that is it, i don't expect you to get all the items i have listed, for you will probably win before you can get them all, but if you do, you will be doing 850-1200 crit hits every time, you can kill almost any champion in just a few seconds.

I hope you enjoy my build, i sure do, please rate and comment, thanks and have a good day,evening.