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Vayne Build Guide by SpyMaster356

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpyMaster356

Triple Shot Killer Vayne

SpyMaster356 Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Hello all. This is the build I use for playing Vayne, and allows me to three shot most champs. Now before I go any farther, I must state that this is an unbalanced build. You will be squishier then jello. If that's OK, then read on.

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The items are chosen to give you the highest amount of damage possible, while also allowing you to run, if you come under fire.

I start out with Doran's Blade. This gives you 85 or so attack damage out of gate, and an extra 100 hp with 3% life steal.

The next thing is Berserker's Greaves. This allows faster movement and quicker attacks, allowing Silver Bolts to stack quicker.

Black Cleaver is the third Major item as it grants more attack damage, speed, and armor reduction.

To further increase the attack speed and movement speed, grab a Phantom Dancers.

Now my build branches here:
if you are being focused (and you very likely will be if you already got 10 kills)
then grab a Bloodthirster first then a Infinity Blade. Otherwise get an Infinity Blade then the BloodThirster. this will give you lots of Attack damage, and critical chance bonuses and a fair amount of life steal.

Lastly sell your Dorian's blade for another Bloodthirster.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner Spells, I recommend Exhaust and Ghost. This is so that you can chase down runners, and help do some crowd control.

For the others, I will put my other recommended or lack there of:

Clairvoyance: Not recommended: Although it allows you clear a large part of the Fog-of-War, another spell can be more usefull
Clarity: Not recommended: Vayne's mana level is very good, and I rarely run out of Mana Late-Game
Cleanse: OK choice: Useful for when running from a enemy who has CC
Exhaust: Highly recommend: Great for both escaping and chasing down enemy champs
Flash: Good choice: Best used as a getaway spell
Ghost: Highly recommended: Chase em down, and get out a there.
Heal: Good Choice: Vayne is very squishy, even more so with this build.
Ignite: Highy recommended: If used at the right time, ensures a kill
Promote: Not recommended: One of the more useless spells, and other spells are more usefull
Revive: Not recommended
Smite: Not recommended: Not enough opportunities to use it to warrant it
Teleport: Highy recommended: Great for hopin' around town so to speak

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Skill Sequence

For skills, this is the order you should get them:

Tumble (at levels 1,7,8,9,10)
Tumble is your most useful spell. Great for dodging most skill shots, AoEs and attacks, with a 2 second cooldown at max level. It grants bonus damage for your next attack and resets your auto-attack timer along with also procing Sliver Bolts

Sliver Bolts (at levels 2,4,5,17,18)
Although it deals % true damage, it doesn't scale well. That said, I highly recommend that you take it early, as true damage is better then basic damage.

Condemn (at levels 3,12,13,14,15)
Deals a good amount of damage, and a stun if the champ get's hit into a wall. Max it second.

Final Hour (at levels 6,11,16)
It's your ultimate. Level it when ever you can. It grants Bonus attack damage for it's duration and give a 1 second stealth to tumble and triples Night Hunter's bonus movement

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While playing Vayne, you must remember that she is very squishy. To that point, you want to "peck" at champs.

Laneing Phase

Mid Lane

Although not the easiest, Vayne is a very good Mid lane champ. Most of the time it depends on the opposing champion's character and skill level. If playing against a largely skill shot champ (Ezreal, Ahri, Sivir) or AoE champ (Veiger, Brand) you should do quite well. Keep tumble at the ready and use it when an AoE is used.

If playing against melee champs, try to hug the turret more often, and try to keep them off your turret.

In both cases, watch for ganks, and don't over extend. A well timed gank will leave you dead.

Bot/Top lane

When playing bot or top, Try to get a tank to help you. Nautilus, Blitzcrank, Singed and Volibear are all extremely good lane-mates. Tumble and attack any champ that they pull/toss back. Look for any opportunity to use condemn.


NOT RECOMMENED. Vayne with this build does not have the damage resistance or output to successfully jungle. Although Late game, she is quite excellent in the jungle, and can take down most champs quickly and relatively easily.

Early Game

Once you get Black Cleaver, you can attack more freely and deal more damage. This will allow you engage in most team fight, but NEVER go in first. Try to get champs who are alone and have no backup or support.

When fighting, the quickest way to set off Sliver Bolts is to Auto-Attack, Tumble, Condemn. Final Hour has a short cool down for a uilt, so try to use it when you need extra damage, or needing to chase an champ.

It is not recommended to turret dive at this stage in the game, unless you barely enter turret range.


By now, you should have your infinity (or bloodthirster), and thus dealing "tons of damage." At this time you want to hang around in the jungle and gank those who are passing through, jungleing or have over extended in their lanes.

There are a few champs that this build can't remove from play (Mordekaiser, most Shacos) and should be avoided, unless you have others with you.

Team Fights

In team fights, try to focus those with damage output or cc. Tanks also go down relatively easy, due to Sliver Bolts's true damage.

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Pros / Cons

-Massive damage
-Quick movement
-Easy kills

-very very Squishy
-usually focused
-expensive build

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In the End

That is my build, and it works quite well. With that said I welcome any criticism on this build. Especially in the runes area, as I don't play around too much my runes.