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League of Legends Build Guide Author TehBrainNinja

Tristana -- My Way

TehBrainNinja Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, I was getting tired of trying out other people's builds of Tristana and getting completely wrecked when I played as her. So, I decided, why not go back to how I was playing her? I'm a support character when it comes to start, but at the end I'm putting out massive enough damage that I don't care that I'm an assist rather than a carry. Now, when it comes down to it, I would rather be on the back lines making them eat my damage rather than be stomped down because I don't have any kind of back-up.

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I choose mostly Armor Pen and Attack Speed because this is what I prefer to focus on first. Tristana can't take down champions too quickly if they easily stack armor against her. You need to get through that especially since she's more of a beast in my opinion when she's buffed on Attack Speed. Once you are firing like crazy, then you can build your damage up. Boosting Attack Speed before Power helps when you're taking down minions and towers rather than a champion who wandered too close to your line of fire since when you first start out it's about deterring them from coming closer and farming minions for gold.

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I focus on physical damage with a little Gold and Exp boosting. Simply because, it's kinda hard to get it when you start. Unless you can kill steal like crazy, it's very odd for this build to pick up most of the starting champion kills.

Cripple helps your Exhaust spell which allows you to take a champion down faster because their resistances are weakened along with their movement speed. Spatial Accuracy lets you hop into a battle faster lowering your Teleport's timer. Good Hands is just good all around keeping your death cooldown lower. Build these with just about all of the physical attack Masteries and you have a little Megling beast ready to ambush anyone.

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These items can be shifted around somewhat. Honestly, before I buy the Black Cleaver or the Bloodthirster I buy a second Dagger for the Attack Speed. Other than that, I generally follow this pattern unless I need more armor then Madred's Razors get pushed up a bit. The Avarice Blade is especially good for generating gold if you can't get a champion kill off early.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer this sequence over many others because I like to evenly bring Rapid Fire and Rocket Jump together after maxxing out Explosive Shot. It helps throughout those team battles to have both somewhat even, especially when you can combo them together. Buster shot is a great final hit item, or it's best used to push fleeing enemies back into your fellow champions' attacks.

Using Explosive Shot first is crucial because a good portion of damage that Tristana has is splash damage. This is the damage that comes from destroying a minion, creature, or champion with a final shot from her base cannon which will cause that object to explode and damage everything around him/her/it. Also, Explosive Shot is a good DoT when you're in a team fight and someone just might get away. Hit it on your targets that will heal or run as soon as they get to that very last health and watch them die to it as it drains their life away.

Rapid Fire is better to help gain that extra damage on anything and everything and, in my case, turrets. I'm a turret capping machine and almost always will I have the most counts for taking down buildings. Sometimes it's negligence of my opponents' part when they don't chase me down noticing that I'm blasting away their tower.

Rocket Jump is good for one of two things. First, it's a great way to escape from an ambush. Just when someone thinks they have the jump on you, boom, you've popped a good distance away and can start running at full speed. Second, if you time it right and jump on someone with low health then they are dead and it recharges Rocket Jump for a second attack. Please, oh please, do NOT use Rocket Jump to initiate fights unless it is to push a group into turret fire. Rocket Jump combos well with Buster Shot as you can jump behind an enemy champion and push them into your turret's line of fire.

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Summoner Spells

I like Teleport and Exhaust. I don't know why but almost all of my champions use it. First and foremost Teleport is great when you need to be that last person in to gank the **** out of someone near a tower or in the middle of a minion fight. Exhaust helps out, especially with the Cripple Mastery slot in giving that final blow against one of your victims. It also leaves them open to a volley of cannon fire. Boom!

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Alternate Takes

There are a few things that I find useful when facing some other champions that just don't fall to base damage.

Sometimes you'll find yourself against that mage champion that takes you out in two hits. It might be ideal to pick up a Hexdrinker or a Spirit Visage in loo of The Bloodthirster or Madred's Bloodrazors. If you don't need armor as much as you thought, drop the Madred's Bloodrazors for another the Bloodthirster as their passives aren't unique so they do stack. Also, on occasion I will drop the Madred's Bloodrazors for Stark's Fervor to help the group as a whole rather just myself. It is completely up to you, however these are a few options that I use.

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Use your Rocket Jump either to bounce out of a fight or jump in for that last blow; this also will restore it's cooldown to zero. Rapid Fire is great for taking down those last minute turrets or finishing off a wave of minions. If your Explosive Shot is maxxed, even a double minion wave that has gathered at a turret will be taken out with a well timed and well aimed Rapid Fire.

Exhausting champions when they hit about half health can usually end with them being slain. Because of Cripple's aid in lowering their defenses, timing your attacks can drain them of their health much quicker than they would like.

I like to stick around a tank character if possible. Tristana is squishy throughout this build, even at the end with Madred's Bloodrazors. She's best to be seen and not stepped on.

All in all, Tristana starts off as a very squishy cannonneer with a giant target on her forehead. It's easy to get ganked and it's likely to happen since no one really wants you to get your damage up. If you can keep behind the Minions or your fellow champions, then you can slowly get your gold up and start to get everything in perspective.