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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phwoar

Tristana, The Mega Gunner

Phwoar Last updated on January 22, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hi guys, this is my first build and it's of one of an old but probably under-rated champion. Tristana takes a while to get the hang of and rarely one of those champions you will do well the first time on. The guide is probably a bit over the place, so forgive me (: Trist essentially a glass cannon and people will target you. The items are just a GUIDE, you cannot use these items every game. Sometimes you will need to sacrifice one or two of them for a banshee's or another survivability item. I'll only take Berserker's Greaves if there isn't a whole lot of AP casters or crowd control on the other team. If something is threatening with a stun or slow, I will always get Mercury Treads. Other damage items worth mentioning are Madred's (which is nice for a bit of armour), Frozen Mallet (nice for HP as well as slow - not normally necesaary since you should be able to secure lizard buff) and Yomuu's

Tristana heavily relies on items as well, she is relatively weak early game, so having the 25 armor penetration and 21 points in offensive should help with that. In saying that, she is one of the only champions I ever complete or come close to finishing her build. You will need to farm well on Tristana, so taking the mid or top solo is definitely going to help. The seals give her enough mana regen to keep harassing and not run out of mana. You will notice not having those seals, though with some experience you can probably get by without them. The glyphs can be exchanged for CDR, but 7% isn't really a lot and the extra MR makes a big difference.

Start by grabbing a single health potion and a doran's blade. Don't fret if you have to lane with someone, Tristana can still excel as a laning partner and with enough experience you'll have no problems getting last hits. Don't forget to share a little with that melee champ in your lane though; they stand no chance last hitting against you!

Always make sure you check what your partner and your enemies' summoner spells are. It can save and WILL save you. Use your W and E to do a little harassing, but mostly just rely on your auto attack if someone steps into your range. Be mindful of how many minions are around. If the enemy has lots, refrain from damaging them but if you have lots, pretend to be carelessly close to them. You can use your W to escape if needbe.

Stay in lane till you have about 1200 gold, then you can call back and grab another two dorans blades, and some boots and another health potion or two if you need it. Don't forget to think about wards as well! Teleport is a terrific summoner spell on Trist, because it allows her to get the farming she desperately needs, as well as saving towers. Flash is just a favourite of mine, you may prefer Ghost more or Exhaust is good too, allowing you to solo someone easier.

The longer you can stay in lane, the better. Trist is extremely good at taking down turrets but that is sometimes detrimental when you've destroyed the turret in 10-15 minutes because it hinders the farming a little. If you are still in lane, don't go back till you have a lot of gold, but if not, upgrade your boots and then grab a BF sword next. Trist isn't a very good jungle, but by about level 10 she can kill the wraiths easy enough (use W to jump on them from across the walls) and by about level 12 you can comfortably kill lizard, which you should always make sure you have.

After your BF sword, get The Bloodthirster. You should be able to keep yourself alive to maintain the additional 40 damage and 10% lifesteal on it. Will full stats on it, you have about 200 damage so now it's time to get some attack speed. You will be able to get by until you have 2250g for your two attack speed items. Zeal also brings Trist's movement speed up to a normal champions as well. The attack speed boost should see you go from 1 attack per second to about 1.5, or 1.8 with your Q. Wit's End should be next, stealing mana and dealing an additional 40 damage, plus some MR will help out.

Never stand at the front of a team fight, and don't jump in or initiate with your W. Whilst it deals good damage, you will die instantly. Trist will usually be doing about 200-250 damage with her auto attack mid-game. Late game, with your IE, you can be hitting between 500-700. Suffice to say, you need to keep yourself alive as long as possible. If you're doing well, or even average, you will most definitely be the target of fights. Playing with someone like Xin, Veigar or any other high damager helps you because they will get targetted too! Don't be afraid to run back a little if someone runs straight for you. You WILL die and most assassins have the ability to take you out extremely quickly and then your team will lose the fight.

Trist's ult can be hard to handle. You never want to push someone away and remember there is a slight delay in casting in. I probably only use it offensively a couple of times per game. More often than not I use it to escape. You can and should use your ult to disable someone channeling, or to just push the tank away. Unless it's executed well, it'll actually hinder your team.

Now for some tricks of the trade:
* Your ult deals damage to one target, but can push many. This is why it should be used carefully.
* Always lead with your W. When I say that, I mean position it further in front of the champion rather than on them. It takes roughly a second to execute.
* The combo of W and R work well together to push a target towards your turret. Use with caution. You'll see what I mean when you start using it, it's quite difficult to hit them where you want to.
* ANY other movement/disable effect will ruin your W. That is to say if Singed is running after you you CANNOT use your W escape. When you use it, Trist stops moving, then launches, by which time Singed will have caught you and used Fling. This will result in you being thrown behind him anyway. Other's to watch for are Xin's Three-Talon Strike.
* You should be able to max your E skill in lane, and at that point it does 200 damage over 8 seconds. Most people don't realize this and it will help you get kills.

Well, that's all I can think to mention. Even if you don't like the item build, hopefully you took something away from this guide.