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Tryndamere Build Guide by Miencookie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Miencookie

Tryndamere - Critting fast and hard

Miencookie Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Im miencookie and i will be doing builds on tryndamere, twitch,caitlyn and more!

Introduction of tryndamere:
Tryndamere can be really good at DPS, Tryndamere's passive is Battle Fury allowing him to gain 5 fury for each attack and 10 for a critical strike, :D Tryndamere's Fury allows him to build up critical strike chance, the more he has, the more critical strike chance he gets, this is really good because when there are no champions around you can easily farm and get this fury going. once at full fury Tryndamere also has a skill called "Blood Lust" allowing him to heal his health depending on how much fury he has.

Spinning slash:
Tryndamere's E skill "spinning slash" allows him to move foward while spinning, this could be used to get away from an enemy or OMG!!!! even catch up to one, this also allows you to spin through walls, allowing an easy getaway.

Undying Rage:
This is tryndamere's Ultime it allows him to become immortal for about 5-8 seconds. It doesnt allow him to drop below 1 hp, i suggest you use BloodLust around 3 seconds after this skill which then he will have more hp.

Mocking shout:
Tryndamere's W skill allows him to decrease surrounding enemy champions attack damage, if a champion has their back faced to tryndamere he can also use it to slow them allowing you to gain on them.

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Tryndamere needs the basic attackspeed item "phantom dancer" could be used for this, he also needs a bit of citical strike chance "infinity edge" could be used for this, tryndamere could also need a bit of AD and lifesteal as i use "bloodthirster" which stacks when you kill a minion or enemy champ, the stacks give him extra life steal.

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Tryndamere needs to farm or he could be in serious danger, if he doesnt have enough rage he cannot do much damage, farm up on trynd, try not to get scared of som1 trying to harass you (unless at really low health or level).

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Summoner Spells

Ignite could be usefull during battle as tryndamere it does damage over time so even if u die you still have the over time damage to finish them off. Exaust can also be useful for a double slow, use exaust then once that is finished use your W spell ( mocking shout )

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Pros & Cons

How can Tryndamere benefit my team and I?

Tryndamere is the one of the strongest, if not the strongest, melee carries in the game. This is because his attacks are based off of simply auto-attacking the enemies. Having said that, along with his Critical Chance from Fury, having high Attack Damage and Critical Damage matched with Attack Speed makes Tryndamere an unstoppable force. He is The Warrior of all champions in League of Legends no doubt. If played correctly, Tryndamere ability to carry reaches incredible peaks that can't be matched by any other champion.

Why can it be difficult to play Tryndamere?

Tryndamere utility is built primarily for his late game. He isn't another Pantheon running around with insane early game abilities. This is the biggest downfall to playing Tryndamere in my opinion. Tryndamere doesn't play well with all team makeups, so it's good to inform a team and have them work with champions around him. They need to be capable of supporting Tryndamere so that he's not rendered useless in team fights. He can be harassed easily, and there are many others who share his pain. The player has to make himself/herself beneficial to the team all game, and not when he/she feels like they've farmed enough for items. Only the best of the best will show themselves in high ELO games with this champion because of their ability to carry all game and not just partial game.

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Boot Selection

Boot Selection

Mercury's Treads:
Mercury's Treads feature the highest value of Tenacity of any item and is in a tie for being the least expensive Tenacity item in League of Legends. It would be wise to purchase these because Tenacity works on every type of Crowd Control, except suppressions and knock ups, obviously, which is what Tryndamere needs most as he is easily harassed. Having 35 Tenacity results in 35% reduced Crowd Control duration. Enough said.

Berserker's Greaves:
This item provides 25% Attack Speed. If you don't care about or want Tenacity, then this is your second best choice. These boots are good if you need something cheap that will give you basic Movement Speed. You can sell them when you start bringing in more gold for Mercury's Treads at a later time. In my opinion, they are the most useless boots in the game.

Ninja Tabi:
Ninja Tabi is the only item with Dodge Rating in the League of Legends. The tabi should be considered your number one choice of boots when presented with an opposing team consisting primarily of physical damage and little to no Crowd Control. However, it is built usually by tanks, as it gives Armor and the ability to Dodge.

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With everything I do, I'll admit, I take some pride in doing so. No matter what it is, I feel as if I have to perform at peak performance. With that in mind, I also think about the viewers who will read my guide. As soon as new updates are released, this resource is where everyone should come to for updates and questions. This guide has been standing for over a year now, and I have encouraged several players to take Tryndamere up for play and have answered many of their questions along the way. Head to the threads for questions and either I or someone else will be sure to get to you with a response as soon as we read the post.

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As much as I would love to help the community with this, I simply can't. I have to vastly change how I play depending on what champions I'm up against and how they're playing and what they're building and what team composition my team has and what we want to accomplish.

Sometimes you have to afk farm.
Sometimes you have to be aggressive.
Sometimes you have to teamfight.
Sometimes you have to afk push.
Sometimes you have to tank.
Sometimes you have to play cleanup crew.
Sometimes you have to tower dive.
Sometimes you have to defend.

I'm sorry, but it is impossible for me to tell you everything on such a case-by-case aspect of the game. If you seriously wish to improve and discuss how to do well in a certain situation, I'll be glad to help. Just try to keep the questions short for me. It's a lot of work. :)

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Trynamere's story

I just used this for extra letters..

There are those who choose not to live in one of the great city-states of Valoran. Instead, they live in remote locales, often as part of a nomad or barbarian tribe. While perils abound in these untamed lands, there is also great freedom in being removed from the politics of Valoran. Tryndamere was born a member of one of these barbarian tribes in northern Valoran. Even as a young boy, it was obvious that he would grow in martial prowess to become one of his clan's greatest warriors. However, as his clan moved south between the Howling Marsh and the Ironspike Mountains, they came across strangers in black garb, brandishing symbols of a beast's skull. Despite Tryndamere's pleas, his elder went out to speak with the strangers; they cut him down mercilessly. From there, they began to slaughter every man, woman, and child in the clan. Tryndamere, the sole survivor, hid under the bodies of his dead parents. Upon their bloodied corpses, he swore eternal vengeance on those who took his people from him - the assassins of Noxus.
To train himself, Tryndamere voluntarily served under all the great chieftains of the barbarian tribes, learning the ways of the barbarian warrior. Not only did this make him the man he needed to become in order to exact his revenge, it has also garnered him friends and allies among the most powerful barbarian leaders of Valoran. This recently allowed him to unite the barbarians into a single, powerful force - all under his command. Now he has joined the League of Legends to earn enough influence to find a permanent home for his people... and to slake his rage on the champions of his hated foes.