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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kenneth#31963

Tryndamere, I call it the spin-flash

Kenneth#31963 Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Ad/as PURE DPS--- Survivabilty

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Professions and cons

The pros!

    -Most crits in the game
    -Unstoppable with endless rage
    -Can do great slowing/damage reduction
    -Lower hp, more crit chance
    -Built in healing and crit damage
    -VERY fast
    -Great jungler near mid game

The cons
    -Dies fast if focused
    -Dies fast in early game
    -Stuns... blah
    -taunts... heh heh... I laugh when they do that. (Inside joke to all who play (Tryndamere)

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Build One- Pure Dps/Crit

Build one should mainly be attempted if you have the full rune page. Why you may ask, well, your going to need the crit chance along with the armor. This build is used for pure destruction. When you have this build on, the best thing to do is farm when your not trying to kill someone because it will add onto the bloodthirster stacks which give attack damage and life steal. Since you have two of them, you will become very powerful and great with killing fast.

I would NOT PREFER LIFE STEAL IN THE BEGINNING, Tryndamere gets more crit chance with lower hp and the more life steal you have, the less crit chancing your going to be getting. This is what blood-lust is for, to heal you when you need it.

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Build Two- Dps/Surviving

I normally don't use this much but if your having trouble catching people or having troubles dying too much because you have too little hp, frozen mallet WRECKS people.

First of all, it gives attack damage, second it gives your like, a lot of health, and then slows your enemy by 40% EACH TIME YOU HIT THEM with a melee hit. (It also lasts 2.5 seconds but hitting them won't stack time, but it will reset the time limit to 2.5 every-time)They will never get away from you, especially if you combine this with mocking shout. So while they sit there trying to get away you're just wailing on them with your massive sword.

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It begins

So in early game the first thing you want to do is grab a brawlers glove and spinning dash. If the opposing team has heal, I usually won't bother going to bot gank, if not, you can try.

Anyways, always go top with Trynd, or in 5v5, mid if you can get it. Why? You need your ultimate.

Step one.
First blood, if not gotten at the bottom, should be easily gained for you. Do NOT attack the enemy champion who is soloing with you because the minions will kill you. Wait until you have blood-lust, then wait until you have full blood-lust stacks. Why? Damage on basic is higher, crit damage is higher, crit damage is even higher because your basic damage is higher, and you can heal yourself with it, so basically you can kill them. Knowing all this, wait until the enemy has about 1-3 minions remaining then spin over and start attacking. Now a better way to achieve a kill with all this, is mocking shout, spin to them, use it when they turn around, (slows them) then go for it. If they get too far ahead, spin back to safety.

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Mid Game (Includes only 3v3 Jungle guide, not 5v5)

By now you should have picked up your boots along with a cloak of agility. Now you can jungle since your blood lust is a higher level and heals more, plus more crit chance= more stacks= more healing if needed. First thing to do before the big jungle creeps, is get 8 blood-lust stacks and then go. What you want to do now is find wraith buff first and get it. (Why you may ask, if you get caught jungling, you can run, if you need to gank someone close you can chase them to he**.) Next buff will be wolf, for that attack speed. Try to keep your health a little low to get that crit chance up for the time being. Now go to dragon. With 8 stacks you can heal when needed and plus your should have your ultimate if you need it. Once you get dragon if you have NOT used your ultimate, go gank someone. Mainly someone below you. If nothing, recall and buy your continued items.

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Late game

Now your once you have infinity edge, people fear you. (Not the spell, unless your fighting Fiddlesticks or other morons that do that) Why? You could be doing about 500-700 damage in crits to people, if they are squishy, eh... maybe 900-1.2k damage. Three hit kill. What you want to do now is basically keep pushing on until you win the game, keep jungling when you can, always keep up with dragon, and keep your ganks going. I will add more builds for more situations as time goes. I hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, comment below and ask, I will get to them.

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Extra Information

-If you are new to playing this person, I would recommend you be level 30, that way you have the full skill tree and access to the runes.

-Flash+spin is a great chasing/getting away combo. USE SPIN FIRST, then flash (Why? Spin has a cool down, flash has a longer cool down, spin and the time begins to lower, then flash, by the time you take a few steps spin will be ready again) Can also be use to jump two walls for a perfect get-away or a perfect chase. I call it, the "spin flash".

-Tower diving is possible with endless rage, not you only have 5 seconds and the hp of the enemy should be at least below 50%-40% before you try to pull this stunt. If they can stun you or have the ability to bind/fear/stun. Do not attempt this unless you are a high enough level to deal with it.

-The main tower ignores endless rage, you CANNOT dive the other team's BASE TOWER. You will die regardless if endless rage is active or not.

-Play smart, don't use your ultimate unless you HAVE too. I have gotten many double kills without having to use it. Don't use it too early and don't use it too late (After you die pretty much) because you can ruin your game score and feeding ratios. Timing is key.

-Spin dash, great wall jumper, test a wall if your not sure of it, but he can pretty much jump a lot of walls.

-Mocking shout is a GREAT DAMAGE REDUCER! It lowers their basic damage by 100!!! So if they are coming at you, use it anyway. Gives you a great tide-turn. And if they are running, well, hope they get courage to turn around and fight while their ad is still low.