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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fiopia

Tryndamere, Jungle Madness

Fiopia Last updated on May 31, 2011
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The main reason I created this build was because I've had too many bad experiences with Laning Trynda in the past.
Where as u get harassed so hard early games u can't heal enough with BloodLust(Q), u can't get enough CS, and u're pretty much useless until mid-late game.

Seeing that as a decent problem for my beloved Champion, I tried out various builds and I was suprised to find that Jungle Trynda wasn't only viable in Normal (for those who aren't ready for Ranked yet) but also in Ranked games up to my current Rating(1600+-).
Without further a due, I present to u, Tryndamere, The Jungle Madness.

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[*] Marks (Red): Attack Speed: It allows you to keep jungling at low %Hp early game, maximising your damage output and boosting your overall Attack Speed mid to late game.
[*] Quints (Purple): - Attack Speed, Combined with Marks(Red) this will give a grand total of 25% increased Attack Speed flat, setting the starting total at 0.85 with Masteries included.
U can also choose to get either Armour Penetration or Crit Chance, but I like the extra Attack Speed late game, and if you build 2 Phantom Dancers, you won't need that extra 6% Crit Chance mid-late game anyway.
[*] Seals (Yellow): Armour: Allows you to jungle at low hp early game, maximising your strength, combined with Attack Speed.
[*] Glyphs (Blue): You can take alot of different things here, but I prefer Magic Resistance, seeing that early game, u're most likely to gank Mid or Top lane, and Ap Carries in general, so the Magic Resist can save your life by taking that last spell or hit before u can Heal(Q) or Spinning Slash(E) to safety.

Other viable options for Glyphs(Blue) are:
- Cooldown Reduction, for that important 1sec to Heal(Q), Spinning Slash(E) to safety or Endless Rage(R) in teamfights,
- Crit Chance, if u choose to take Quints for Crit Chance as well, this will round up to around 10-12%, giving u starting Crit Chance of about 20-30%.

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Creeping / Jungling

Note: This set of Runes and this Route is to get u as fast as possible to lvl 6, so u can gank effciently as fast as possible. There are other routes u can do, but this one allows for CounterJungling in 80%+ of the cases, and it allows u to get Lvl 6 around the same time as Mid Carries.

The Route:
My route is generally this: Start off with a Vampiric Scepter(450g) for the 12% Life Steal and lvl'ing Bloodlust(Q).
- Golems: Start out in the corner and hit the closest Golem, followed by Smite,and kill him off, Keep your Stacks Bloodlust(Q) as high as possible (don't use them to heal yourself).

*After Golems you hit Lvl 2 and lvl Spinning Slash(E)*

- Wraiths: After Golems Spinning Slash(E) through the wall towards Lizard Buff(Red) and head on to Wraiths. When u get to the Wraiths u should have around 5-6 Stacks(Q) and u need to kill the smaller red ones so u don't lose your Stacks(Q), finish the big blue Wraith last. After u killed Wraiths, Spinning Slash(E) through the wall towards Wolves and Heal(Q) AFTER the Spinning Slash(E).

- Wolves: When u get to Wolves, finish the small ones first, to get your Bloodlust Stacks up to 8 as soon as possible.

*When the big Wolf is finished u'll hit lvl 3 and u should take lvl 2 Bloodlust (Q).*

Spinning Slash(E) through the wall towards enemy Wraiths and Heal(Q) AFTER Spinning Slash(E).
This should give u around 40-50% Hp and Smite should be up the moment u arrive at Enemy Wraiths.

Counterjungling Starts Here

When u are fast enough, with some practise, u'll notice that unless u are playing against a fast jungler, e.g Olaf, or someone that doesn't start at blue, the Wraiths will be there once u get there. Smite the blue one, and pull the smaller red ones a bit so u have time to kill them, because most of the time you'll have 1 or 2 small ones left when enemy Jungler shows up. Depending on the enemy jungler, his %HP and the amount of Wraiths, Finish them off, Go for the Early Kill, or Spinning Slash(E) away.

If u choose to kill him, and succeed, go ahead and do their Golems and/or Lizard Buff(Red), depending on your %HP.
If not, recall here.

U should have at least 400g, if u didn't get all of the enemy Wraiths, or none at all.
In the best case u should have around 650g, without early gank or junglekill, which would give u around 1000g.
Buy Brawler Gloves(400g) for the extra 8% Crit Chance and buy an Elixer of Alacrity(250g) for the Attack Speed to bring your Attack Speed to around 1.0-1.2 (In case u have 650g).
If u have more than 400g, but less than 650g, use the rest to buy 1-2 Health Pots(35g) or buy an early Ward(75g) for counterjungling.
Reset of Route:
- Golems: Save your Smite, which will be up again, and don't waste the pot here. Let yourself get hit some, save your BloodLust(Q) and go straight to Lizard Buff(Red) when u finish with the Golems.

*After Golems you should hit 4, if u didn't CounterJungle their Golems and/or Lizard(Red). Lvl Mocking Shout(W) and continue to Lizard Buff(Red)*

Kill the small ones first to keep your stacks at 8, use the health pot, and Smite Lizard(Red) if no one is around, keep it if their Enemy Jungler is near you. Only Heal(Q) when the next hit will finish u off.

- Wraiths: Wraiths shouldn't be a problem, as long as u can keep your BloodLust(Q) at 8 Stacks.

*After Wraiths you should hit lvl 5, lvl'ing BloodLust(Q) lvl 3*

- Wolves: Heal(Q) after Wraiths, BEFORE Spinning Slash(E),if u are low on %HP, AFTER Spinning Slash(E) if u are decent on %HP, go through the wall and head to Wolves.
Use small Wolves to get your Stacks(Q) back to 8 as soon as possible and head to Giant Golem(Blue) after, get it for yourself or for teammate, which is always better seeing that Trynda NEVER needs Blue.

*After finishing the small ones u will hit lvl 6, lvl'ing Undying Rage(R).*

=> After Lvl 6: This can be earlier if u had an early gank, jungle kill or counter jungle
This is the time when your ganking ability is WAY better than pre lvl 6.
U can use your Mocking Shout(W) and Spinning Slash(E) to get near team, save your BloodLust(Q) until u are very low, maximising your damage output and Crit Chance, then Heal(Q), and when u are almost dead again, use Undying Rage(R).

Note: If they get to their tower with low hp, don't be afraid to Towerdive them with the help of your teammates, it will be 3vs2 and if u have your Undying Rage(R) up, you'll have an extra 5sec to get the kill.
Once you have ganked top or mid, recall or go into Enemy Jungle.

Note: When your Endless Rage(R) starts, u can take around 2-3 hits before getting in the danger zone, after the 3rd hit, u need to get away, so Spinning Slash(E) or Flash to NOT get hit by that 4rd Turret Hit.

Case One: 1000g+:
You have enough gold to complete your Zeal(375g) and buy an Elixer of Alacrity(250g) to bring your Attack Speed around 1.2-1.5, and buy Boots(350g).
This will cost 975g, but it will be worth it.

Case Two:500g-974g:
I'd suggest completing Zeal(375g) first, seeing that u will profit from the 20% Attack Speed, 10% Crit Chance and 8% Movementspeed.
After that u can buy Boots(350g) or entire Bersearker Greaves(920g) if u have the money.
Most likely without an early kill or succesfull gank, U will have around 600g-750g, So u will have to choose between Zeal(375g) and Boots(350) or Zeal(375g) and Elixer of Alacrity(250g). Personally I think the Elixer is better because it will make your Jungle Time alot shorter than the increased Movement.

Case Three:<500g

U died, got counterjungled,failed to counterjungle yourself or failed your early gank.
This means u won't have a lot of money to spare so this means u need to farm quickly.
The best way to do this is to just complete Zeal(375g) or go for Dagger(420g) to speed up that Jungle Time.

From this point on u shouldn't need Smite to handle your own jungle, so keep it to counterjungle or use it to speed up your own jungle if there is no oppurtonity to use it for counterjungling.

After this point, most of the time teamfights will start to happen more often, ganks will be easier, especially with Undying Rage(R) up, and at lvl 10 u can start soloing Dragon, but more likely with the help of a teammate.

This is also the time when u will profit most from enough wards, so if u can, bring some with u so u can ward Lizard Buff(Red) or Entrance of Enemy Jungle(Near Wraiths) to make those 1on1 ganks much easier.

Depending on how many kills/assists u get, and the money u have when u recall, I tend to build B.F Sword(1650g) if I have the money and in other cases I go for Cloak of Agility(830g) and Elixer of Alacrity(250g), or Cloak of Agility(830g) and another Dagger(420g), or Finish Bersearker Greaves(150g or 570g) if u hadn't already.

Rest of the build I complete Phantom Dancer(1240g with Cloak of Agility(830g) already bought) and Infinity's Edge (3000g with Cloak of Agility(830g) already bought) as soon as possible, and after that it's basically your personal choice.
I tend to build another Phantom Dancer(2885g) for the Movement Speed and Crit Chance (100% after 2 Phantom Dancers) and with the Elixer of Alacrity(250g) your AttackSpeed should be around 1.5-2.0 around lvl 15.

After that I build depending on enemy team, If u have problems with the tanks, build Black Cleaver(2850g), If u have problems with Carry, Build BloodThirster(3200g), If u don't have problems at all, u could go for Starks Fervor((2750g)for TeamFights) or something else that seems best depending on the situation.

Recap: Item Order:
Best Senario: Early Counterjungle, Early Gank, Early Kill => Alot of Gold:
Vampiric Scepter(450g), Brawler Gloves(420g)+ Dagger(420g), Zeal(375g)+ Bersearker Greaves(920g), Cloak of Agility(830g) + Dagger(420g), B.F Sword + Completion Phantom Dancer(400g with Cloak of Agility(830g already bought), Cloak of Agility(830g) + Pickaxe(975g) or Complete Infinity's Edge(2180g) at once, Frozen Mallet(3250g), Phantom Dancer(2885g), BloodThirster(3250g) or Starks Fervor(2750g).

Skill leveling:

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells: Flash & Smite
Smite: Well for jungling: Early: Sustainability, Mid: Counterjungling, Late: Ensuring Nashor or Dragon, or Counterjungling.

Flash: This helps u get that early gank, pursue someone that uses Flash, or helps u escape a possible counterjungle or gank.
With Spinning Slash(E) & Flash u can cover half a jungle (2walls) in a mere second.

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Pros / Cons

- Massive Damage
- Snowballer
- Easy farm starting mid-game
- Good survivability
- Good escape
- Fear factor when Ult is up
- Anti-Carry (and most other squishy Champions)
- Doesn't EVER need Giant Golem Buff(Blue)

- Insta focus
- Less usefull when Ult is not up
- Squishy against Ranged
- Closing Distance can be hard Early-Mid Game

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Last but not least I'd like to point out some helpfull hints & tips that might save u when u start playing Jungle Trynda.

- Be carefull around certain enemy champs: Malzahar, Amumu, Karthus.

Karthus: Mainly because his ult is a perfect counter for when Endless Rage(R) ends.
Malzahar and Amumu: Because they can either force u to use Endless Rage(R), or prevent you from making Endless Rage(R) effective.

Most of all, a combination of the 2 is deadly: If u get Suppressed (R) by Malzahar, forcing u to use Endless Rage(R) and then get AOE Stunned(R) by Amumu or Ultied(R) by Karthus, the chances are big that u'll die.
The same will happen if u get Ultied(R) by Karth, or AOE Stunned(R) by Amumu, and then get Supressed(R) by Malzahar or Ultied(R) by Karthus.

Most other champs will become your best friends, if u play your cards right, and u will have a fieldday taking them down, since your Mocking Shout(W) and Spinning Slash(E) will allow u to catch up with most enemy Champs, especially when u have 2 Phantom Dancers.

- U can use Spinning Slash(E) to get through almost every single wall on the map.
- Timing the useage of BloodLust(Q) and Endless Rage(R) is critical for maximising your strength, with practise you'll become more familiar with how much you can take depending on build, enemy champs and situations.

- When Team Fights start, don't be a rambo Tryndamere and rush in like a fool, you will get insta focussed, and need to Endless Rage(R) and leave the teamfight before you can do some actual, usefull damage. Rather stay back a bit, bait a bit, and when the Team Fight has begon, go for the Squishies and Carries to take out their main Damage Output(DPS) and/or Crown Control(CC). E.g: Annie/Soraka/Janna/Teemo, are easy targets from the moment they have used their Stun/Heal/Tornado/Blinding Dart. Once they are dead, the tanks will be easy to finish.

Also very important to take in consideration: If u need to Endless Rage(R) and Spinning Slash(E) to safety, don't just recall and leave the teamfight, instead try to Heal(Q) or heal from Creeps/Jungle, and get back into the teamfight if there are still some Enemies standing. Even without your Endless Rage(R) you can still be of use if killing people off with a critical hit, or helping teammates get the kill by slowing them with Mocking Shout(W).

That's about it, Good Luck, Have Fun & be sure to try out this build ;)
Comments & advice would be appriciated,
Thank You.