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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axis the Dragon

Two Shots is All You Need

Axis the Dragon Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Alrighty then, let's get down to business. We have here Tristana, the Megling Gunner. A powerful DPS Champion who isn't necessarily very powerful early on. Her biggest asset, I find, is her passive - because of it, Tristana has the longest natural range of all Champions in League of Legends. Isn't that sweet?

Item Choices

Berserker's Greaves is an obvious choice - you're a DPS Champion, and DPS Champions require attack speed. 'Nuff said.

Infinity Edge on physical damage Champions is like the Rod of Ages rule on Mages - it's not just a viable choice, it's a necessity. +75 Damage and icnreasing Critical Damage from 2x to 2.5x? Great.

Madred's Bloodrazor. Oh, the beauty of the Bloodrazor. This item is also known as the bane of tanks. You're burning a percentage of their life per attack. PER ATTACK. I'm not sure how this item ISN'T viable. If there are no tanks on the other team, I tend to get

Black Cleaver


Last Whisper

instead, though Madred is still and excellent choice.

Attack Speed, Critical Chance and Movement Speed. The stats themselves speak for the item. With the current build and Rapid Fire, you'll reach approximately 2.4 attack speed. Also, since you'll be chasing people down a few times, the extra movement speed might prove quite useful. Critical Chance is simply wondrous with Infinity Edge.

More survivability, more Damage, and slowing your target upon hitting them physically. What more could you want from an item when you're a ranged DPS?

The Bloodthirster is mostly a situational item. If you prefer dealing more damage, consider getting Black Cleaver insetad. But essentially. the Bloodthirster gives you more Damage and more Lifesteal. Excellent.

Early Game

Doran's Blade

and one

Health Potion

should help start you off. Doran's Blade is an excellent item - extra Life, Lifesteal and Damage - and the Health Potion is a must.

Start off by getting Explosive Shot. I know a lot of people that get Rapid Fire to "farm minions more effectively". While this is a valid choice, I prefer zoning out my opponent (or opponents, if I'm in top or bot lanes) and harrassing them with Explosive. Also, ES becomes your biggest farming tool as soon as your attack speed start climbing.

Harrassing with Explosive Shot is your best bet. If your opponent gets in too close, fire off an Explosive Shot and one or two auto-attacks. That should prevent them from trying again. If they do, keep going - they'll run out of Health Potions faster than you'll run out of mana because of your Glyphs of Clarity, and the auto-attacks will hurt that much more because of your other runes. And guess what? You'll be lifestealing a little because of your Doran's Blade. And once they're low enough on health, you can Rocket Jump-Explosive Shot-Autoattack-Ignite to a kill before level 6. Sound good?

Mid Game

At this point, you should already have your

Berserker's Greaves

. While I did not show this in my build, getting at least ONE

Avarice Blade

is actually quite crucial. You'll be keeping at least one with you until you hit either Frozen Mallet or Bloodthirster. You can sell it for your Phantom Dancer too, as well, but I usually keep it even after I get PD.

After getting Buster Shot, you should be starting to gank the two other lanes. Because of her Rocket Jump's slow, you can easily get in position for Buster Shot and Ignite if necessary. If you already used Ignite, that's 10 AP, meaning 8 more damage on Rocket Jump. Doesn't seem like much, but it does help.

Late Game

By Late Game, you should have

Infinity Edge


Madred's Bloodrazor

and at least


if you haven't gotten to

Phantom Dancer

(which you should have, by Late Game). Why Phage before PD? Since PD doesn't give Dodge anymore, Phage's HP bonus is only going to be that much more useful. After PD get

Frozen Mallet

and, if the game lasts long enough,


. You're going to need that Lifesteal and Damage.

By now, you should be destroying tanks with your high damage, and squishies just get blasted into oblivion. That is Tristana's role - to kill EVERYONE while behind a wall of tanks and melee DPS Champions. If that Ryze over there got to you before your team got to him, you're overextended or out of place. If he has to go through a Malphite, Rammus and Jax, you're doing it right.

Very Late Game

Games usually don't last this long. However, soemtimes, they do, and once everyone is on equal footing with full builds, it all comes down to team composition. If they have a Lux, Ezreal and Veigar on their team, you're going to be in a world of pain. Lux's laser can easily go under 30 seconds cooldown, and that late into the game, it'll rip your health bar in half. With an Ezreal's ulti, it's only gonna hurt even more. And don't get me started on Veigar - an AOE stun is enough to ruin your teamfights.

However, you're Tristana. Meaning you have epix range and even more epic damage - use this to your advantage. While your tanks are in there taking all the hits, make sure you're on the sidelines destroying health bars. And be careful of stealthies - at this point, no one has any room for Oracle's Elixir.