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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shotacat

Udyr - Fur for Fun! [Tank]

Shotacat Last updated on January 28, 2011
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DISCLAIMER: This is a build for a laning Udyr, which is how I prefer to play him. I am aware of that his might is far greater while being in the wilds, but this build will be sacrificing that power for our preferred play style.

This build was created for tanking, and supporting. This build hasn't been tested in Ranked Play, but I will leave that up to you, fellow gentlemen! You should also note that this build was created out of many different builds I've tried at Mobafire, and thus I have altered it to my own liking.

Udyr is known for his many different roles through the League of Legends, and how hard he is to play, but from what I've noticed he isn't harder than any other champion.

This build is friendly even at low champion levels due to it being a laning build. I am aware of that a jungling Udyr will surpass this build, but this is the way I prefer it.

Beginner friendly.
Excellent survival.
Good damage.
Great support during team fights, but also during ganks.
Primal Udyr must be the most awesome skin through the whole league.


Dependant on the red rune.
No ranged attacks at all.
He will not be able to carry the team alone.

That's how awesome he is!

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Item Build

Early Game:

You start the game with a Regrowth Pendant and a health potion. This is to ensure that you won't have to back. The item that is built right after that is Philosopher's Stone in order to always have the required mana to take down a target, or simply stay in lane. You will also need a pair of boots, which will be Mercury Treads in this build. This is because Udyr has no problem with survival, nor movement speed, but crowd control tends to bring him down rather quickly. We will also build a Heart of Gold to bring even more money in. It will also be used for Randuin's towards endgame.

Middle Game:

Catalyst is next on the list. It will provide you with increased survival, but also an increased mana pool. This will be made into Banshee's Veil which will protect you further against crowd control, but also spells in general. Sunfire Cape is also built in order to buff up your damage while still being a tank, but also in order to protect you against their carries.

OPTIONAL: You may also build Sunfire Cape before Banshee's if the opposite team is filled with attack damage heroes.

End Game:

We're approaching the end of the game, and this is where you will upgrade your Heart which you bought earlier into Randuin's. This will give you team a huge advantage as enemies may no longer escape from you, no matter what. After Randuin's is bought, survival should no longer be a problem versus anyone, thus we begin building Trinity Force. This will give your team an extra slow, but it will also make you able to shred down their carries in seconds, while still being close to invulnerable.

You shouldn't get any longer than this, but if you do, you should be aware of what to build yourself.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells

Ghost is an excellent contribution to Udyr's movement speed. With this he will be able to catch anything, and even run from anything. I'd say you should get this even if you don't like it.

You might ask why I would get Ignite on a build that is focused on tanking and not DPS? This is due to how awesome this is for countering champions like Taric and Mundo. It's also an excellent skill to use when finishing people.

Optional Summoner Spells

Flash is awesome if you're not interested in taking ghost, and if you feel like Ghost isn't enough you might even want to pick both of them.

Cleanse is something that many players can't live without, thus I will speak about it in this guide. It's godlike against teams with heavy CC, or teams with -any- CC in general. The only reason I am not using it is due to how I forget about it whenever I pick it.

Teleport is rather good when it comes to going back to your lane after a gank against you, or simply when you want to create a gank yourself. You're free to use it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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This is the build I've decided to go with. A wise man once said that removing your weakness is a huge jump, while empowering your strengths isn't to much help. This build focuses on giving Udyr the infinite mana that he will need in order to always stay within combat, while still buffing his movement speed. While having Monkey's Agility at three stacks, you gain 9% dodge. You also get 2% dodge from the mastery, and each time you dodge your movement speed is significantly increased.

The reason I am not going the whole way down into the Utility tree is due to how worthless cooldown reduction is for Udyr. You will gain way more by having 30+ hit points and 2 damage reduction at all times.

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DISCLAIMER: If you wonder why my rune selection is the same as Restrictnine's, It's due to that I've overlooked his choices and agreed to that it is the optimal runes for Udyr.

I've chosen to play with Marks, and even Quintessences of Alacrity due to how terribly slow Udyr attacks. This will buff up his damage, but also make his fire breath appear more often.

With this build Udyr will run around with over 200 armor, but his magic resistance will stop growing at ~100. This is no longer an issue if you use these runes.

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Skill Sequence

Tiger Stance is one of the bread and butter skills for Udyr when you build him towards damage, but this build is made for making Udyr into a tank, thus this skill won't be taken before the end of the game.

This skill is worthless in terms of killing champions, but in terms of destroying towers, this is your best choice.

Turtle Stance is what makes Udyr into an awesome tank. You should use it whenever possible in fights. You may also use the E-W combo in order to escape with the increased movement speed and the shield.

One point is also taken early in order to ensure that you will be able to stay at the lane.

Bear Stance is one of the best skills through the whole game. It gives you increased movement speed, and also a stun - in the same skill! Use this whenever you want to score a kill together with your team, or even escape from the grasp of the enemy team.

Be sure to hit every enemy target at least one time, as they will be stunned for one second as long as you don't hit the same target.

The bread and butter skill for Udyr. This will give you the ability to bring down opponents and creeps with ease even with tank items. Run straight in with Bear Stance and activate Phoenix Stance as soon as possible to ensure a kill.

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Early Game

You want to take one point into Phoenix Stance right away and begin last hitting creeps while hiding behind your creeps, and in the worst case scenario - your very own team mate. If you want one of those early kills, run straight in with Bear Stance and activate Phoenix Stance as soon as they're hit. You want to use Turtle Stance right after Phoenix Stance has activated its breath in order to be able to escape to safety.

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Middle Game

Gameplay doesn't change much here. Charge straight in with your team and stun them with Bear Stance, and as soon as they're stunned jump into Phoenix Stance and whack away. If things doesn't go your way, activate Turtle Stance, then Bear Stance as soon as possible in order to be able to get away. When you feel your mana is no longer an issue, you want to switch stances whenever possible in order to keep your passive buff up all the time.

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End Game

If you've made it here, you should have got the point by now. Run straight in with Bear Stance and change into Phoenix Stance. Whack at them for a few seconds, and switch back and forth between Phoenix and Bear stance in order to keep the pressure up. You're also free to use Tiger Stance if you want an extra hit, but it shouldn't be needed, nor do I advise you to do it.

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This is a guide for a Tank Udyr. With these items and the description given you should have no problems at all escaping from, killing and laughing at the opposite team. This build is not to be confused with the jungle version of Udyr, due to how his play style changes rather heavily if you're jungling.


Restrictnine, for his excellent guide about Udyr, especially the part about runes.

, for making an tasty build for Amumu, which I have now used for Udyr with positive results.

Please vote and comment in order for me to be able to improve the guide.

NOTE: Comment is needed in order to be able to vote.