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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxPhaxen

Veigar HADOUKEN!!!

xxPhaxen Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay guys so I made this guide to help all the new Veigar players.

Summoner Spells
I choose Ghost and Flash as summoner spells because Veigar is really sqishy and if focused then he will be clearly useless, but Ghost and Flash help you escape and engage, therefore these two summoner spells are your best chose as Veigar.

Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions: I start with these items on Veigar at the beginning of the game because Veigar has really no damage from levels 1-6 therefore your best option is to last hit with your Q. Your Meki Pendant will give you great mana regeneration so you can use your Q spell non stop.

Sorceress Boots: You get Sorceress Boots because it gives magic penetration. Like all casters you will get these boots and it will make your spells that much stronger.

Deathfire Grasp: This item is really good with Veigar. It allows you to take away 1/3 of your enemies HP right away. Combined with your spell combo you should be able to kill EVERY SINGLE SQUISHY CHAMPION IN THE GAME.

Rylais Scepter: Okay so this item gives you HP and AP at the same time. The 2 stats that Veigar really need to perform well. You also get a slowing ability after you cast your spells so it makes it that much better.

Archangels Staff: This item is another good item on Veigar. I really like this item because it gives you mana regeneration and if you do not have the blue buff then you will run out of mana sooner or later, but this fixes that problem. And it also gives AP so you should get this item as well.

Zhonya's Ring: The best caster item in the game so far. It gives you a REALLY big boost into AP and it has an effect that lets you be invulnerable to everything for 2 seconds. Get this item so can deal a lot of damage.

Void Staff: The Void Staff gives you AP and magic penetration. This will allow you to do so much more damage and everyone will fear you. The magic penetration is also a nice boost as well.

I go the typical caster mastery build. 9/0/21. This will give you magic penetration in the offense tree. For the utility tree it gives you some mana regeneration, exp boost, movement speed, and cool down reduction. Those are all key things for Veigar since he needs it all.

Baleful Strike: This is your farming and harassing skill. You want to use this skill to last hit creeps as much as possible. It has a 2 second cool down at max level therefore you max this skill first.

Dark Matter: This skill is great. It deals a lot of damage and it has an AOE. It is great for using on the caster creeps when it is at a decent level so you can farm a lot better. You max this skill second.

Event Horizon: This skill is just OP. It gives a huge AOE stun to everyone who walks on the perimeter of it. You combine this skill with Dark Matter and you will be dealing a lot of damage. You max this skill third.

Primordial Burst: This skill is just the best on casters. It does great damage and for every AP the champion you use this skill on, it adds to the damage as well. So if a Karthas has 1000 AP, then you add that 1000 damage plus the original damage. I like to call this Giant Hadouken. You get points into this skill whenever possible.

Marks: For Marks, I get magic penetration. Magic penetration will help you do great damage to your enemy and is the best Mark choice for Veigar.

Seals: For Seals, I get mana regeneration. This will help you farm well in early game and combine this with the meki pendant, then you will be spamming all day.

Glyphs: For Glyphs, I get cool down reduction. This will allow you to use your spells more often and that means you do more damage.

Quintessence: For Quintessence, I get Health. The health boost is major on Veigar since he is such a squishy champion and since we are not getting Dorans Ring for your first item this is Major at the early levels.

Okay guys this is it. I hoped I helped all Veigar players and I wish you good luck. Please leave a comment below and vote!