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Build Guide by some00guy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author some00guy

Vladimir tank/AP build

some00guy Last updated on May 1, 2011
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OK so whats up?

little about me this is my first build. i based runes and masteries off of this build this build

so yep rest is all me this build is for a tanky/AP vladimir working with his passive makes this build very effective.

some reasons why Tank vlad is bad, ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST? where it do? so this is a problem and will be covered in the "Items chapter"

Alirght so why the health build? because vlad does massive damage without high ap, so why not just increase survivability. its true you want get nearly as much ap through his passive as if you went straight ap. the health will help to increase damage, how well you last in team fights, and massive spam of your E.

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-fast early game
-high damage
-easily escape
-good ganker due to pool

-no armor/MR
-long CD at low level
-can be a disaster late game

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so the reason for the runes is complicated is simplistic seeing as vlad's Q is ~2.5 second CD at 5, CD runes are ok but not necessary if you feel going straight AP and ignoring this build completely then go away....jk get Greater seal of Focus instead of Force this will give you decent CD at level 5 for skills. An explanation for the other runes, is because of the early and mid game importance. this will be cover more in the next chapter below. SO the quints are for early game and have very little use after that.

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Skilling order

Transfusion is a necessary priority below Vladimir's ult because of the crazy damage and spammablity(made that word up). The reason i get pool last is because you should be in the front of a fight to use it all the time. the 20% life cost is crazy so spamming that ability is plain stupid. tides of blood is a great farming ability and a nice way to do AOE damage frequently. SO the reason for AP runes is because of your spells they have decent ap ratio but also give you health early game, due to Vlad's passive.

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how to lane and why ghost/ignite?

solo lane is pretty easy move fast use transfusion to last hit if your opponent is too scared, but be aware that a 10 second cd at level 1 can make people run in after you use it for an an burst damage. on solo lane if i see my top and bot are pretty much in control of their lanes, or good friends who can call an mia, i will get Tides of Blood (his E) second just to increase my damage output and farming capabilities.

You have a jungler? well GREAT! vlad is one of the best 1v2 laners i have seen. he does a great job healing himself, and has pretty good damage output, his pool prevents most tower dives if timed right, and also is a great way to help your jungler gank.

2v2 i personally love to go 2v2 only because i like to sit in the brush run out transfusion and hit tides of blood, then run back into the brush. this combo causes high damage and heals you yay!


some people argue that flash is the bets choice here. i disagree vlads blood pool is a much better tool then flash and ca be used with ghost, so this creates a very fast escape if timed correctly, also getting the ghost mastery is a much helpful tool.

ignite, my personal preference for that last hit tower dive, or maybe the enemy vlad is being a jerk, perhaps they have a mundo. in ranked games, if i can see they have neither if there champs or similar healers. i try to get CV or Fortify.

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Item Reasoning

SOOOO. amplifying tome early game is nice for solo and double lane, because it gives you decent health back, and damage from Transfusion the only other item i would recommend besides this is regrowth pendant(only get this item if you feel the Opponent mid is gonna wreck you, or you laning partner is terrible). Sorc boots are good for the magic pen, and Merc is my second choice if they have a lot of CC but normally unnecessary. HEED THIS WARNING! Mejais is only good if you or your team IS POSITIVE IN KILLS, same with leviathan. you are wasting money and time if you are not positive or your team is doing well. Some people will say a double snowball is stupid and makes you a target but to be honest, when the other team realizes you have both i hope you have fed Mejais enough that leviathan will come quickly. I get Warmogs because of the MASSIVE health it helps because of your passive and survivability. Next is Rylais well a slow ap and health? yes please. next is randuins the active is nice but not the reason we want this item. the armor health and CD is beautiful, this should be swapped for Force of nature or Banshees if they have a high AP team. Rod of ages is my last item. i get this or rahadons depending on how the mejais and Leviathan have been fed.

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please dont post stupid comments or unnecessary feedback. this is too help players not to make people worse, so destructive criticism is unneeded.

thank you.