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Warwick Build Guide by Xericles

Warwick- Feast on their Flesh

By Xericles | Updated on April 12, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Warwick
  • LoL Champion: Warwick


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Hi, this is my first build that I have made on mobafire. I have three main builds options here, one is for offtank magic dps. The second one is for a more tanky warwick if your team is too squishy and you need to initiate. The last build, is a less healing build because of the lack of spirit visage, but it has the most damage compared to the first two.

I play Warwick as my main jungler and my name in game is Xericles. League of legends is just for fun, so I still have yet to play ranked very much. Personally, I believe my build encompasses Warwick's strengths to the fullest and the builds generally only cost about 14000 gold for each one. This cost is mitigated by the fact that a heart of gold can be purchased to make it easier to reach a full build.
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Pros / Cons


+ Can gank pre-level 6 with red buff and ghost
+ High magic damage late game with maladay/madreds combo.
+ Good survivability
+ Good chaser withBlood Scent
+ Hungering strike hits for up to 20 percent of health late game healing you for a ton
against health tanks primarily. The magic pen and reduction helps it reach those heights.
+ Good initiator with ultimate that can lock down a carry.
+ Build not too expensive (14000 gold)


- Ult can be canceled (that is why we get a banshees)
- Movement speed buff only procs when an enemy is under 50 percent health so it can be hard
to escape if your ghost is down.
- No real consistent damage till malady/madreds
- Without red buff pre-lvl 6 cannot really gank effectively.
- Can tend to get mana-starved early to mid game without mana buff.
- Melee champ, therefore, can be kited by ranged champions with slows, etc. ex. Ashe (randuins helps a little with that- at least the auto-attackers)

As far as the tankier build goes, you sacrifice some damage for increased resists.
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Using the runes ....

9 x Greater Marks of Destruction-

9 x Greater Marks of Alacrity-
9 x Greater Seals of Resilience-
9 x Greater Glyphs of Shielding-
3 x Greater Quints of Destruction-

3 x Greater Quints of Swiftness-

...I can jungle either with 15 armor pen or additional attack speed runes to make jungling even easier for warwick and with the Destruction runes I can give him some magic pen to continue to dish out damage when it comes actually fighting champions.
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I go 13 - 1 - 16

In utility I go all up to runic affinity and awareness, because you want the jungle buff duration because warwick is a good user of both buffs and you want the experience to level up to your ult quickly. Also, I go for the movement speed masteries in utility to help his normal movement speed. Sometimes it can the difference between dying or escaping or simply finishing off a kill.

I like 13 in offense for the bonus attack speed, cooldown reduction, and magic pen mainly.

I use 1 in defense for the smite bonus gold.

Masteries can be somewhat adjusted I guess if you want more offense, utility, or more defense. I just like to get the bonuses for whatever summoner spells I use.
For example, move around the the awareness points in utility for more move damage in offense or more resistances in the utility tree.
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Summoner Spells

I like ghost and smite for several reasons.
Ghost I like because it allows you to gank right after you get red buff because all you will have is a cloth armor and maybe a potion or two. Otherwise ganking can be hard with no boots or ultimate. It also just adds to your chasing ability withblood scent.

Smite is self-explanatory. I want to clear the jungle quicker, get the gold bonus, and be able to smite baron and dragon when needed.

Other spells that can work areexhaust (but you should have red buff most of the time),flash,ignite, and maybesurge are the main other options. All the other spells not mentioned can work but really do not support the character's strength in my opinion. Also,cleanse can work, but it more situational based on the team you are facing.
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Items for Primarily First Build

Focus on getting movement speed after the madred's razor to make ganking easier.

After that I focus on abusing Warwick's attack speed withMadred's Bloodrazor and penetrating their magic resist withSorcerer's Shoes.

Shortly after I getSpirit Visage to help with his passive, his q, and his ult healing.

TheHeart of Gold helps to get semi-early for the gold per 5. Next, build into items like Malady,Randuin's Omen, andBanshee's Veil to finish your build.

If you don't need the magic resist shred from malady, it would be more optimal to go for wit's endinstead. Because of the extra magic resist you will receive.

Banshees Veil helps keep the enemy champions from disrupting your ultimate.
Randuin's Omen helps all around with health a great passive against ad's and a great active to disrupt the enemy team.
Madred's Bloodrazor takes advantage of the magic resist reduction ofMaladay and the magic pen from runes and boots to dish out tons of damage with your ult and Hunter's Call/ Hungering strike abilities.

After both of the attack speed items have been purchased, Warwick gets about 2.1 attack speed when using his Hunter's Call is at max rank assuming he is max level as well. Also, because of masteries and items he gets about 19% cooldown reduction. Therefore, with blue buff, he gets 39% which is right under max by 1%.
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Situational Items

If they are all ap or all ad make sure to adjust accordingly by substiting items likeRanduin's Omen for more magic resist items against all ap (with Wits End or something like that). For ad, substitute Banshees Veil for Frozen Heart or Sunfire Cape.

Note: I don't get Wriggle's Lanturn on Warwick because he doesn't need it and his attack damage does not bring back in enough lifesteal later on to warrant it a item slot in my opinion. It can be used early on if you want but I would sell it later on if you want to go that route. The free wards are the best attribute about it and make it a great jungling item, but it is up to the situation. If your team needs free ward coverage early to mid game it is great.

For the tankier build,if enemies seem to be getting away all the time, your team has no slows, and your carry needs red buff- consider getting a frozen mallet . Another item that can be a good choice on warwick at times is guardian angel .
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Skill Sequence


Basically, r>q>w=e except for starting with one early point in w.
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Basic Jungling path

I buy a cloth armor and one or two health potions at the start and sometimes I buy a ward.
(In reality, that is all you will really need at the beginning of the game with no leash, otherwise, one or no health potions with a leash. If you want, you can start with more potions, because if you gank and get injured you can quickly heal without having to auto-attack minions. Having those potions definitely helps when covering someone's lane till they come back and you are getting out-ranged and being harassed by Caitlyn, etc.)

I start at blue or

wolves, leash or

no leash. Making sure to smite blue buff only and not the wolves when you start. You need to save smite for blue buff and red buff in the beginning.

For when you get to the blue buff, wait till about your second or third hit on the golem to use Hunter's Call to take advantage of your passive the most. After you get blue buff you can spam your abilities as much as you want till it expires.

Next, I take out the wolves, unless you already did before the blue buff. Focus the large one first.

Then I transition over to the wraiths after either the blue buff or the wolves, focusing the big one down first and then the others.

Around this time, your smite should be almost back up again and you can get the red lizard buff with some ease. Around this time, look for opportunities to gank. If no opportunities to gank arise, then just keep jungling by killing the mini golems. Now either go buy boots or keep jungling by moving on to the next spawned creep camp on your team's side of the map. Buy, gank, and keep repeating till about mid game. Also, make sure to cover for an open lane so the experience does not get wasted.
If you want you can steal some of the other jungler's jungle, note that it can be a risky maneuver.

Note: It is actually more efficient to start at wolves, because you can kill them before the blue buff spawns. To make it easy on yourself, get one your teammates to help you with both.
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Unique Skills/ Teamfights

Hisultimate is what makes Warwick strong. In fights, try to focus the squishy carry if you can. If successful, you will put your team in a good position to win the team-fight and push your team towards a victory. With the second build you can initiate, otherwise try not to so you don't get focused right off the bat. Wait for their carry to get out of position with your team members close to you to back you up. If done right you should kill their carry and thus putting your team at a huge advantage in the team-fight.
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Anyways, this my build for Warwick as a magic dps off-tank jungler. Thanks for reading and vote if you want. Please use reason if you are going to downvote. Remember, games sometimes require you to change a build around based on how the game is playing out so the build order is not set in stone. Build around the enemy team composition and get armor if their ad carry is fed and magic resist if their ap carry is fed.
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