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Warwick General Guide by Spikizoid88

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spikizoid88

Warwick Jungle

Spikizoid88 Last updated on February 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Always go with armor and magic resistance. It enables quick jungle with minimum damage at early levels. It also helps end game tanking. For the quints and the marks you can choose between armor penetration and attack damage for your marks or quints whatever you prefer. I prefer to go solid ad and less armor pen. for myself. Warwick can solo baron really easy at level 18 with the full game build. You should beat him with at least 800 health or more. Remember you still need the golem buff to beat him! I prefer to get teleport to get help to teammates fast... You can change teleport with any other summoner spell you choose. If you think this guide is isn't good try it first if you use the right jungling technics and can gank well with warwicks 6 move then you should play amazing with this guide.

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Jungling Routine

I usually jungle blue first have someone leash. If you can don't use smite on the golem. After you beat the golem go do wolves and still do not use smite. Right after go and hit the wraiths. At this point you should be level 2 almost 3 still with your smite. If you follow the abilities guide you should have 1 point on hungering strike and 1 on hunters call. You then take out the lizard king dude. With smite it is easily accomplished and you have both buffs now. Go get the mini golems at the bottom of the map and the wolves and the wraiths should be back. After them should be close to 4 or level 4 Jungle now and gank as you please. remember as you continue to jungle and play to grab blue and red as soon as they come back. If you time your game right you should get them back around 6 7 or 8 depending on how fast you level. After you get them the second time you should have the ninja tabi or mercury's treads and wriggles and go take on the dragon for the first time. Once that's done jungle and gank as much as you please. remeber! dragon and the buffs will come back when your 11 or 12 and again when your 15 or 16 and again if still in game at 18. So remember to continue to farm those locations. Then at level 18 if you have the full game build or if you have every item except the randuins omen you can solo baron! Try to obtain the full game build but if your short on money you can do it without randuins omen. You must be 18 or you will get killed! But you can solo baron fairly easy.

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Does this guide work?

I have never gotten under 10 kills and over 4 deaths with this build. however it might vary for you. Feel free to change your own masteries and runes as well as items builds to make your own builds. I came up with this on some random day and it works great! Comment and let me know what you think! It really does work on time i got ganked 3 on 1 and we were all level 14 i was able to kill 2 of them and my team was able to come in and kill the 3rd and i still had over 500 health. (had 3000 to start). I was told i was beast and i think people think you are amazing at Warwick will this guide enjoy!


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